Saturday, September 29, 2012

Going To Be A Busy Day Today!

Good morning sweet ladies,

I thought this would make you smile! This morning I went to let the girls out. They were ready to eat. Two hopped into the scrap bucket and the tails were all you could see. Is that not the cutest pic? 

I wanted to do a post this morning of our evening last night.......not happening! My time is running out......we have some more young men coming to help put up the round pen and so we have to make use of the time. I will do a post........thought later. Last night was so fun. 

Here is a pic of the Potter's Shed, the sun was going down so it is a little dark. The evening was beautiful! God blessed us! 

One more thing........again when I got home I went to let the girls out and I went to see if Missy Red had another little one. I couldn't believe my eyes! Another baby.......for our guests to see! SWEETNESS!!!!

Hope you have a nice day!




  1. I left a comment at FaceBook! These girls are silly for sure! What a delightful photo! Love to you today and always! Pray for Nick. He ran in the OSU Cowboy Jamboree this morning. Pray his heart will stay in Kansas and he will follow his heart to KWU! HUgs Anne

  2. Are those hens mad at you for posting such an unlady-like photo of them? It IS funny though.

  3. Glad all went well last night..(as I knew it would....) and to have another exciting! Sounds like you are in for a real busy day!

    Stay well...


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