Sunday, September 2, 2012

Such A Busy Last Week! Have a Blessed SONday!

Good Morning sweet ladies,

Did you know that you are our Father's cup of JOY? You are! He created you to have fellowship with. What a precious thought! Yesterday morning I listened to Mark Driscoll, while canning........I enjoyed as he talked about the body of Christ....the Church. It was interesting to hear and then think about what is happening here on Prairie Flower Farm. Lots of fellowship for sure. Prayer needs being prayed for and that to me is huge. Please continue to leave comments or emails if you have a need. Ladies here will pray or if it is personal leave an email and then I will. 

What a last week! I was not able to post since last Wed. night. As soon as I got home I had so many things to do........and before I knew was time to go to bed! I did miss posting though! 

Last week two new baby chicks were welcomed to Prairie Flower Farm.......makes the week real special when that happens. 

Yesterday morning I went down to the milk house to let the "Girlies and Roosters out. Went to lift Missy Red and here was another little one......just hatched. 

A few hours later baby was all fluffed up! It was a warm day yesterday, so it was along the side of Momma sitting close by. Probably to hot underneath her. My little grandson Reid was out to the farm and wanted to go down and check on the new baby. Asked him if he would like to name it. He said, "Grammie", silly boy........the name will be "Grammie"! 


Thursday night I used some of the bittersweet I picked and fixed up my willow wreath that is on the milk house.......thought it turned out so pretty! This afternoon I will be decorating some more. Finally was able to buy some more CHRISTmas lights to decorate the Potter's Shed. I will be getting it ready for entertaining. Talked with a young family at the college last Friday. They have 5 kids from age 2 1/2 to 17 and they come in ever so often to eat in the caf at lunch time. They are coming to the FARM! Can't wait!!!!!! I will have the Potter's Shed ready! The girls and I will have fun decorating the table! 

Over the summer we have bought 4 boxes of peaches.......a special for the girls and I is to have peaches and cream for a snack! The last two boxes we bought last week are Colorado Peaches........they are our favorites. They are very very juicy. 

I started early in the morning and made up 5 more pints of Sandhill Plum Jelly. Put them up on the shelf for CHRISTmas gifts. Then I started working on one of my boxes of peaches.......

 I don't have my summer kitchen yet, but that didn't stop my sweet man. He moved the stove from the garage over by the house right by my kitchen window. Then I could keep an eye on the water bath canner. No chance of rain in the forcast, so it will be fine. I was able to get 10 quarts of sliced peaches. I usually cut them in half, but my peaches were so big that I had to cut them in slices. They are going in my cellar for the winter months. 

I ended the day by going out to my garden to pick some basil. 

We always put pesto up each fall and freeze. It is so easy to make, then we put the pesto in little baggies (twist the bag so all the air comes out) and then put bags into in a freezer bag. That way if we are making pasta or pizza all we have to do is take out a single bag. Works great! 

2 cups packed fresh basil leaves
2 cloves garlic
2/3 c.  virgin olive oil
Kosher salt and ground black pepper, to taste 
1/2 c. parmesan cheese 

Combine basil, garlic, cheese and oil into a food processor pulse until coarsely chopped. 

Pesto takes about 5 minutes to make. It is soooo easy!!!!!!

Well as you see it was a busy week and weekend. Today after church I will make up Strawberry and Peach Jam. Heard it was delicious. I will let you know!

May Jesus Christ..........touch your life today......and let you know He cares so much for you and yours!!!!! A love that is beyond what we can ever imagine!!!!! He says that He will never leave us.......thankful!

Hugs to your SONday!



  1. I am stopping by here to say hi, then heading to church to hear more joyful words of promise.
    You are very productive, canning and making pesto, and the 2 cute chicks. How good your dh is to move the stove. One is named Grammie! Happy SONday.

  2. Good morning! I loved your sweet post for today. I have pesto growing in our graden...and I didn't know what to do with it...except enjoy it's fragrant aroma! Now I do...thanks for posting your recipe!

    1. So glad I could help. It is wonderful on toasted artisan bread, with chopped tomatoes and onions on top of the pesto. It really does smell good. Again, I don't use the pine nuts. They have a icky taste to me, but not to all!
      Tell me how it turns out. Hugs, me

  3. Good day! I ordered my box of delicious peaches from my neighbor girl direct from Palisade, Colorado-a fund raiser for our 4-H clubs here in Morgan County. They are the best!!!

    1. I think they are also. We have eaten so many!!!!!! Very good! Hugs to your day Marilyn, Linda

  4. Loved hearing about your week. My daughter and I canned grape juice this week. We hope to get a few more tomatoes canned. I'd love to have an outdoor kitchen someday also. Trying to start our homeschool this week. A little later then usual, but my high schoolers have been very busy helping with harvesting.

    I'm praying for your week, Linda.

    1. Hi Michelle, I did grape juice a long time ago when my boys where little. We are all done with home teaching in our home unless I would find an orphan! Smile! That is probably the best education for your nigh schoolers! Wonderful!

      Hugs, me
      Thank you so much for praying for us. I have to work tomorrow along with my sweet man.

  5. My comments aren't posting! I am not sure what is happening! But I love all the photos and I enjoy listening to you tell you farm tales! Have a beautiful week.

    Hugs Anne


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