Saturday, September 8, 2012

Autumn Is In the Air Today!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

Today it is so and just perfect to get a lot of things done. After having such a hot summer.....the morning has been welcome! I am so thankful that our weekend is going to be so pretty. I will busy on every inch of this farm today! 

Last night my sweet man took me to dinner (Chinese) and Hobby Lobby. I found some things that I needed for the Potter's Shed and for our Home. Toooooo much fun! I found candles, silk flowers , leaves, berries and some more CHRISTmas lights. I have an idea......I will do a tutorial of it today. I set the table out in the Potter's Shed and I will have a crafty day......all by myself. Wish you all could come.....but it will be kind of like you being with when I show you what I am doing. It will be a sweet and Jesus......praying for you all! 

We also went to Walmart and ended up seeing someone that we knew.  The wife said that you know when your old when you go on a Friday night and go on a date and end up in Walmart........bahahaha. I am not old! Heehee! I needed to pick up some 100% tea towels and ended up finding these! Aren't  they beautiful? They were under $5. I will use matching crochet thead and crochet a scallop on them. Sweeeeetttness! 

It is going to be a Potter's Shed Day.........eekkkk! Can't wait.....just me and Jesus under the big blue sky!!!!!! Craftin' my day away! It will be wonderful!!!!!!! I will be thanking my...........

God for my day! I will also be getting it ready for some sweet company. A Momma and Daddy with their 5 children. He is a pastor.......they always need some extra encouragement don't they?

I will also be fixing up my little wagon also........ it is on it's last leg, but it doesn't matter.......I like it a lot!  You see it when you drive up the lane to our farm! Wish you all were driving up it today........some day.......hope very soon that will happen.
A Prairie Flower Farmgirl Party in the Real!

We had so many ladies sign up for the Peach and Strawberry Jam party.......that it will take me a bit longer to add everyones name. When I open it up so ladies who don't have a blog (which I love including EVERYONE) can enter,  it takes me some time to add each email to the list! Sooooooo I will do that after noon and then let you know when I get it done. 

Hugs to your day.......I'll be working on a tutorial today......I hope it turns out as pretty as what is in my head! Can't wait to show you!

I love you sweet ladies.........but not as much as Jesus loves you......that is a good thing to have the Savior love YOU!



  1. Sounds like you are going to have a great day.

    GOD BLESS!!!

  2. Dear Linda,
    I entered your blog and left with a happy heart! I love your little potter's shed and am blessed that you share it with so many fortunate people! Have a wonderful wkend and a worshipful Sunday.

  3. I am so blessed to be LOVED by GOD!

  4. Linda, we are having a lovely cool dy here in Iowa also. Can't wait to see what you're working on! And who wins that delicious jam you made!


  5. Hi ~ I had to chuckle when I read about your Friday nights, sounds just like ours. Love your pictures. wondering if you have any bittersweet to sell, I spotted some in your photos. thanks

  6. I love that little wagon! Your Potters Shed is such a blessing! I wish I could travel back to Kansas and see you. Trying to sort my Princess House product so I can sell it. I am going to price it low so I hope we sell a lot! Nick runs in Joplin, MO next Saturday! I am so sad I can't go and watch him run!
    We have a cooler day here too!
    Little rain yesterday and always noting the goodness of our Lord.
    Thanks for the smiles
    Hugs Anne

  7. It has still been so hot here in Oklahoma...until today! I haven't been quite in the mood to start decorating for fall yet. I love the colors of the wash rags and am really looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
    Enjoy the blessed weekend!

  8. Hi,
    I found your very sweet blog through Pinterest. I have looked this whole page over and pinned the whole wheat rolls made in a jar. Thanks so much for that. I will have to try them.
    Hugs, Cindy
    I hope you have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!

  9. We had a cold and wet late afternoon and evening saturday at the fair with our sweet son, daughter-in-love and 2 grands! Woke up with a sore throat, hope they didn't! It was so sweet to be with them though, and that our son invited us! Wish we had a hobby lobby near us, it sounds like a fun shop!
    Linda, what are you going to do with the wagon? Did you punch holes in it for the rain water to drain? would love to put one of ours outside! Let me know!
    Hope you had a simply wonderful Saturday!
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Good morning! Your blog is so PRETTY. I love your photography, and the scenes from your home are beautiful.

    It will be such a pleasure to follow your blog and have the fellowship of other Christian women.

  11. I, too, was able to visit Hobby Lobby on Saturday afternoon! It was newly expanded, remodeled and looked so nice! It was huge--had to search for my daughter and SIL!♥♫

  12. Oh I try to stay away from Hobby Lobby! They take all my money! LOL! Such a treasure here visiting you and being encouraged each visit. Your home is precious. God is using you for wonderful things Linda! My hubby said he hopes we can come visit you on of these days when we come out to see Nick run! Pray he can transfer to KWU at Salina and cut 2 hrs. off our travel time! The coach is a wonderful example of the Christian faith. He reminds me so very much of you.
    Blessings, Anne


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