Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Homemade Applesauce Tutorial~

Hello sweet ladies, 

After I got home to the farm I could hardly wait to start on my applesauce and get it cooking. I also put on a big pot of chicken pieces to cook..... so I could start canning it tomorrow night. As I was working in the kitchen with the north window open I could her the roosters were doodling, the birds where singing each sound that was familiar to their kind and the crickets were chirping. I could also hear the breeze blowing through the evergreen trees right outside the window. Love all those sounds. Peaceful!!!!!!!!

This is the machine I use to make my applesauce. It is easy, quick and takes hardly any time. It is called a Norpro Food Strainer/Sauce Maker. 
I found one here  if anyone is interested. You can do other things like making tomato sauce and tomato juice. Other things like jams and jellies. I have not used it for that yet! 

I would not be without one..........ever!!!!!! I have had one for at least 30 years. 

I washed my apples, cut in 1/4ths. You do not have to core or peel, for this recipe if you use this machine. I like it that way....... just for that reason. It is fast and easy. 

So you have cut them into 1/4 ths. Now put them into a big pot with some space at the top to fit all the apples. I add enough water to cover the apples about 3" from the bottom. Now turn burner on med. heat. You don't want to burn or scorch the bottom of the apples. Cook until tender. 

After it is finished cooking, scoop out some apples and liquid..... a few cups at a time. Pour into the funnel. Push apples down with the wooden plunger.  

Turn handle and it will come out of the screen, keep adding the cooked apples until they have all been squeezed through the sieve. I use an old 2" enamel cake pan to catch the applesauce. And a little bowl to get the apple peel waste.

I take the peel and put it back through for a second time. It is amazing how dry it comes out the next time around. After it is all finished I pour the applesauce into another bowl. To sweeten your applesauce, you can use honey, raw sugar or regular sugar. The pink comes from the color of the red peel. I don't usually can it, we like the flavor after it has been frozen, it seems fresher. I spoon into freezer bags and take as much air out as I can. Lay them flat and put into freezer. Something we really enjoy is to scoop a few tablespoons on top of vanilla ice cream. It tastes just like apple pie without the crust. Really good!  

I hope you enjoyed the 

If you have a recipe please leave it in the comments! We would love to know!

Hugs and may the Lord bless your day!


P.S. I haven't forgotten to show you the Potter's Shed...on Sunday night! 


  1. Good Morning Sweet Praying Friend
    That applesauce looks so yummy.
    And made with such love.
    I never had it on ice cream but I sure can't wait to try.
    Thanks for sharing your tutorial.
    Blessings & JOY


    1. Hi sweet praying friend back! It is sooooooo good on ice cream! Let me know what you think!

  2. I have that very same kind of machine. Doesn't that make it incredibly easy! Good thing I canned a ton of applesauce last year, for this year we got a hard frost after the tree had blossomed - and got no apples. :-(

    1. Isn't it just the neatest machine? I also had one called a Victoria, I think it was. It is so wonderful to have on hand! Sorry about your apples!

      Hugs sweet friend, me

  3. I make my applesauce the same way. My strainer is from Victorio, but it's the same basic design. I never thought to run the peel/core stuff through twice--I'll have to try that. I often find I don't even need to add water to the pan when cooking the apples, so much juice comes right out of the apples. But one does have to watch the pot and stir often.

    1. Hi, I have another machine like yours. It is older and had to get a new one. It will be so fast for you now. In fact we used to cut the apples all the night before and put them in garbage bags, then I would cook them off the next day! Worked wonderful! It is so good!
      Hugs sweet friend, me

  4. Replies
    1. Heehee, you will not regret it and it isn't very much! Smile!

      Hugs sweet friend, me

  5. Harvest...Ahhh What a wonderful time of year, my dear friend.
    I'm just sure I can smell your apples cooking. Oh, the sweet smell fills the air!
    God's richest blessings to you,

  6. I was wondering if you could record the farm sounds and sent to me. All you hear here is generators, air-conditioners, and vehicles. No sound birds, no crickets, no... And if it rains, that would be great to hear too. Please enjoy for me. I can’t wait for a quiet morning at home with a cup of coffee the windows open and the birds at the bird feeder!! That will be almost heaven. Love you.

  7. I do applesauce the same way though I use a food mill... old fashioned type... but works the same way. I love that you don't have to peel or core and that there is very little waste. The chickens love the leftovers. Thank you for sharing you life and faith here on your blog.

  8. I can't believe I've never thought of using a food mill or strainer for applesauce. I've always peeled/cored my apples first but I've never gotten that pretty pink color and I'm sure it loses a lot of the nutrients. Thank you for the idea!


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