Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Weekend On the Farm

Hello sweet ladies,

All day Friday it rained........when we got home the Potter's Shed was wet and everything around the farm! 

It didn't matter that it had had a earthy atmosphere and that was fine! 

I had these little homemade lanterns along the side of the shed. I took wire, wrapped brown floral tape around it. Wrapped one piece around the top of a regular mason jar then attacked a loop long enough to so I could hang it from this holder. Tired a simple piece of ripped homespun fabric, put a little votive inside the mason jar....perfect for what I wanted.  Looked so sweet against the hanging lights that were all around the Potter's Shed.

 Finished in the shed by taking a window and placing little votives with leaves set under each........ 

I was finished! We were ready for company!


We took them out to the Refuge Cabin where they were going to stay. 

I had the candles lit all around.

We showed them the little bedroom upstairs in the loft. You have to climb a ladder to get to the two lofts......that makes it kind of special. 

My sweet man started the fire. The evening was perfect. Not cold, but not real warm out either.

The Lord gave us a gift as the sun went down! We sat and talked, roasted hotdogs and ate s' can it get better then that. The fellowship was wonderful...... we talked of the Lord, what was going on in each of our lives! A memory made by all!

If you ever come to Prairie Flower Farm.......we would give you an experience like this! It is a peaceful place! 

It is time for church.....know that you are me.....but mostly Jesus



  1. love your farm and your little cabin - someday I would like to make the journey there.


  2. Oh wow, please can we come and visit you?! That cabin looks so delightful!

  3. Oh Linda..this is wonderful! Who wouldn't want to come and spend an evening with you? smile... Love, this!

    God has blessed those who know and visit your farm!


  4. I love how you go the extra mile to make people feel welcome. Your ideas are so creative and you seem like such a loving person. I really admire you, and your family.

  5. Linda, you made their week-end so special! Everything looks soooo beautiful!
    God is great, He has given you such a special gift!
    Blessings to your week!

  6. Oh how charming, Linda - you really made things extra-special for them!! I too, hope to get out there to visit you some day! (((Hugs)))

  7. What a special place fro your guest to stay. Sooo cozy!!

  8. Your farm looks lovely. Its quite inviting. I would love to keep you guys company. If you'll have me. :)
    AVETMISS Compliant

  9. Your "refuge cabin" is absolutely adorable! What a wonderful weekend get-away you provided your newlywed friends.

  10. How beautiful.
    I can feel and see God's love all around.

  11. You'd have to PRY me out of that loft! Everything IS as beautiful as your heart, Linda. May God bless your heart with even more beauty (if that is possible)!

  12. You make me wish I were there, Linda!! Very lovely.

  13. Oh...How lovely! Your Refuge Cabin is like a great big hug from God! You have provided such a safe place and such a precious testimony of God's love for this dear couple.
    Blessings...sweet sweet Blessings to you!
    Carolynn xoxo

  14. Such a beautiful refuge! I love your photos Linda! I am always chasing the sun in the morning! Today it was hiding! From the cold! LOL! I asked God where my photo op was! He thinks I am silly chasing the sun because I nearly ran off the road yesterday! So I Have to behave! It is hard to catch that sun at the very first moment!
    Gorgeous post!
    Hugs Anne


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