Sunday, September 23, 2012

We Can Be Forgiven.....Any Time!

Hello sweet ladies......

trust your day will be blest this SONday I am remembering that His mercies are new every morning.....

I was meditating on this verse this morning. This pic was taken early just as the sun was coming up. Looks a lot like when the sun goes down in the evening. His paintings are so beautiful.....I find myself seeing more of His detail as I get older.......I stop more......see more......think more of His sweetness. I can also look back and see His faithfulness....... even when I didn't want to have anything to do with His plan for me. I am learning it isn't about is all about JESUS

This morning my sweet man brought in this wounded know the ones that I thought were chicken eggs.....the ones I bought at the Yoder Auction....and they ended up being duck eggs...not my plan? Well two of them keep flying out of the pen......sweet man puts them back in every evening. They must have flown out again last night. He was found with legs straight out and all dirty and feathers matted to his body with mud. Doesn't look like it in the picture, but he is a stinky muddy mess! It was very cold last night here on the farm and so that didn't help matters much. Now he is in the box and not to happy about it. His feet are messed up a bit now, so that makes it hard to care for him. I am trying to help him, but he doesn't understand that. Reminds me of when I am needing the Lord's attention.....and I don't let Him do what is best for me. God is using this wounded duck to help me understand a little deeper of His constant care for myself and my loved ones. I am sometimes a slow learner.......I don't want to be....but I find that I am. 

The other day it was very cold. I was out in the cafeteria with my sweet man serving. I served this one student and then went on to another. There looking at me face to face was a someone with a black ski mask. My heart dropped. I was really taken off guard. With all that is going on in our just freaked me out! I know this is funny but I looked at both of his hands.......thought know what? I am giggling a little bit now, but not at that moment. I then in my brave voice said......."what are you doing?" He said......"I am safe.....I am safe"......I said then take that off please!" He knew I meant it. I was a little upset by this point.... that He wouldn't of thought...... maybe this wasn't a good idea!!!!! 
He kept saying I am sorry!!!!! I am sorry!!!!! I asked him to please not do that again. I was kind of like a mother bear....protecting her cubs! Anyway the next day I was in the bakery......he came by and was standing out the door. I went up to him and talked a little bit more.....he was precious.....kept saying he didn't mean anything by it.....said he had a daughter and would never want anything like that to happen to her. I said, are married?" He said no......but I will......the little girl is 2. I said more......I told him to give the momma honor if he loved her......he said he did.....I you don't. I said I know that I sounded forward, but men are leaving women all the time to do their thing.......he listened......I wasn't sure how I was being was okay. I was again being a mom......he was black...I am white.....I loved him because Jesus loved him. I told him about my sweet man.....that I was also an unwed mother....alone....raising a little boy by myself. That our son was now 40 years old and said that God knew that we needed a man to protect us.....and he gave us my sweet man and his Dad and that the grill guy Phil adopted our son. Just like when Jesus adopts us. This young man stood there....and said that was nice. Later on that day he came up to both of us at the grill. Told my sweet man he had heard wonderful things about him that morning and he was a good man. I smiled.  The next day he ran up with kids all around and said, "I just want you both to know...... I love you".....he was off. I was so griped with emotion and I had to leave.....the tears were falling!!!!! I was bold for Christ that morning......I am not always.....I was thankful I was that morning. I also had asked him if he knew Jesus.....he said, "yes mam I do".....I said, then please do what He has called you to an honorable man! I told him that he was Christ's bride......he had to think on do I. Almost forgot to tell you......the reason he was wearing a mask......he was cold.....he is from southern really was very cold out.......I understood better the why.

perfectadjective |ˈpərfikt|having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be

I heard this song this morning,

"Worship the Lord, feast at His table......taste of His Goodness.......I did that this morning......we had a sweet
that I would just trust Him choice. 

Hugs to your SONday sweet are precious.....
in His sight and mine! So thankful our paths crossed......

it was a gift!



  1. I love that silly duck! What a mess he made of things and there you are helping him heal!

    I am glad you were brave and approached that young man. I had to tell my co worker what I thought! She went to the LDS church because her husband wanted to. Her daughter communes with nature! Doesn't need a church or the Lord! Oh boy! I let it roll. I said none of us will ever get to be where we need to be without trusting God. I asked for lots of prayers about your scare with the breast cancer returning! It did not but she needs to watch the cyst they found! Sometime you have to speak from your heart! I do!
    That young man is so confused. We need to pray for him and you were so sweet. Being a single parent too I understand your feelings and lots of young people today are so hurt and confused. Do you know the country song by Big and Rich, "That's Why I Pray"? It is so truthful. Without the Lord we are nothing. The song says we don't make a house a home and for many how truthful it that statement! My niece Stacies is expecting a baby with a man who is on disability but has three college degrees and 6 other children! She has created a worse mess in her life and that of her three kids. Please pray. Her health is currently fragile and she was forced to stop working! I am not sure what they will do! Eddie needs to be a man and get into the work force. I am stunned sometimes at the ways of the world and we are the weird ones according to it all! Amen! I will be weird for Jesus! He is all I know will save me. I feel like you do too that the older I get the more I see His beauty around me! Hugs to you sweet friend! Anne

  2. Wow, what a great story. So glad your friend listened to you that day and you were bold. It's hard to do that sometimes. But we need to help other people and get them to understand the way to go is with the Lord. I remember last week I was saying hello and how are you to one of my hardware store customers. He said fine. Then said, does it really matter how we feel? Does anybody care? I said I do and I would listen if he needed me to listen and care and pray. He smiled and nodded in agreement. Sigh! Yes we should care how people feel and it doesn't have to be a greeting just in passing! Hugs and have a great week in the Lord!

  3. Dear sweet Linda,
    Thank you for sharing your story. It's wonderful to see God used your testimony to encourage this young man. It does take courage to speak out and I know that you did with total humility. You were sent to help this young man find his way.
    Blessings and love to you, my precious friend,
    Carolynn xo

  4. That was a wonderful account of your willingness to speak up for our Lord Jesus Christ. What a great opportunity and I'm thankful that the Lord gave you such courage and grace. He is a GREAT God and I love him, as do you. Praise the Lord. I will try to remember to pray for this man.
    Thank you for sharing this.


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