Friday, September 14, 2012

Black Swallowtail Caterpillars Are Back!

Hello sweet ladies,

Thank you for all the comments. I haven't been able to post as I would like. Work has been stressful and then when I get home there has been much to do. We received a little over a 1/2 of an inch from the night before and yesterday. It came down very slowly, so it was soaked by the ground. Everything is looking so beautiful in the fields and this last week the weather has been cool. The soybeans will be blessed by all the moisture. Thanking the Lord for his provisions.

The sky was a flame last night. It was looking like Indian summer around here. I enjoy each part of every season that comes our way. God is so detailed in His creation. I notice! 

I went to the garden last night and the tomatoes are getting huge. I will be able to do some canning. I have some young ladies who want to learn. I will enjoy teaching. 

I made a simple bouquet for this tin hanger. It turned out sweet I thought. I put it o the wood door of the silo. The Potter's Shed is getting ready......for of my favorite things to do. Entertain. I think company will be coming......I will take pic's. 

Thought you would enjoy this pic. These are all Black Swallowtail caterpillars. They will be going into cocoon stage real soon. I will take pic's of their developement. It is an amazing thing......another one of those God designs that is so detailed. They come this time of year and eat on dill and parsley. My friend had tons of them to share. I made up jars for each one of my grandkid's family. They will watch the process.......I will share about New Life in Christ.....again. Smile........I love to tell them the story!

Well today is Friday and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Hope your day is sweet and know that I am praying,



  1. Oh Linda I am so happy that today is will soon be home for the weekend! I can just see you floating through this day! smile... You are always so busy...but know you will enjoys your labors on the weekend! I can't wait to follow the caterpillars...what an amazing God we have!


  2. Nice post! This brings back memories of my kids and I collecting monarch caterpillars and watching them hatch out into those gorgeous butterflies! We do have an amazing Creator. And to think that he has anything at all to do with sinful mankind. It is mind boggling and humbling. The love and mercy!

  3. is unusual to have the black swallowtails here, and after several summers of having them I've planted parsley just in case they come back. Only saw one early this summer. One year I took some to school and we watched them through their instar changes and finally hatch!! What a miracle. Wish I could send you some of my beautiful parsley for them to munch on.♥♫

  4. Amazing the similarities between the black swallowtail and monarch caterpillars. God's creation never ceases to amaze me!

  5. You are so blessed to still be able to harvest from your garden! I had one little tomato plant that produced only a few blooms and nary a tomato!! It was either because it was so extremely hot or maybe I just got a bad plant. We were so disappointed not to have any fresh tomatoes!


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