Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Harvest Finished!

Good morning precious ladies!
Our son is getting ready to dump a load of wheat into the wheat truck.

Grain coming out of the unloading auger. I got this at the end, when it was coming out. Usually it is really pouring out of there. Really pretty.
Here is the wheat going into the wheat truck. There was a lot of cheat grass this year. The co-op said that a lot of farmers had problems with it.
There have been a many a children over the years in this same wheat truck. Very special memories!

Wheat harvest is over! I want to thank each and every one of you that took the time to encourage and pray for our family during this time. When it was late at night I would read them to Mr. Phil and the girls. It was such a source of blessing! It really strengthened us and we are so very grateful for you all! Some of you prayed for the weather and breakdowns, it didn’t rain and we had very few breakdowns. We are so thankful for you that you would pray! The yield was not good and there were lots of reasons for that. This last several years have been very difficult ones for our family, but lots has been learned! The Lord has been our focal point and we have tried so hard to not loose our focus of what is really important in our life down here on earth. Due to the loss of both our Dad’s, trying to keep two farms going has about worn us out. As some of you know the other farm was sold a few years ago and soon the farm we live on will be ours. We have worked so hard for the last 30 plus years and after Grandma Jo died we kept Grampa busy on the farm. We always told him we would help him farm (he couldn’t keep the machinery running or do different things, so Mr. Phil did that for him) as long as his health permitted. He was a sweet little farm man! He had the cutest smile and our daughters who came later in our life absolutely adored their Grandpa Jack! Then life changed for him and us and we had to be on call 24/7. Life really changed, but helping him live in his farmhouse was so important to us and to him. It gave him purpose, but he would say to me as he sat in front of the big picture window on his door watching all the farmers drive by, “I wish I could farm again Linda.” He had done it all of his life and it was gone. Just thinking about it brings back a flood of memories and tears. I wonder if Jesus is telling Grandpa Jack and Grandma Jo that we are still keeping the farm going? If He is I know Grandpa Jack is pleased that Mr. Phil and his family are still pouring their lives in the land to make the best of it. Oh sweet memories of yesterday and life being lived out today! Farming is a hard life, but sweet living! Last night it was 10:45 when we took in the last wheat truck to town. My precious honey by my side. We spend time praying for different things when we drive or just talk sweet nothings. The night was cool and the windows were down and you could here all the animals and birds a chirpin and talkin. The moon was out shining on all the cut wheat fields. Beauty again given to us by our creator. A good reminder to keep our focus on Jesus, the one that willllllll light the way to our path. I don’t have to ever worry about what he will have for us in this next chapter of our life. It is His business and I can rest in that. Do I worry? Yes, but I don’t have to. Yesterday I was listening to a sermon. The pastor was saying that God has His eyes on each one of us. Thinking about that.................. He has “HIS EYES” on me, my family my fiends, my blogger friends who have shared the hurts, their sicknesses and their real needs. What a comfort that gives me. I hope it gives you the comfort needed for your time of need.

Our youngest daughter Taylor is the best little cook. She is so helpful during harvest baking and keeping everyone fed. A must for harvest, is Grandma Jo's Snickerdoodles. It just wouldn't be harvest without them

This is the best recipe. Enjoy!

Grandma Jo's Snickerdoodles
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup shortening
2 eggs
2 3/4 cups unbleached flour
2 tea cream of tartar
1 tea baking soda
1/4 tea. salt
2 Tb. sugar
2 tea. ground cinnamon
Heat over to 400 degrees. Mix 1 1/2 cups sugar, butter, shortening and eggs. Stir in flour, cream of tartar, baking soda and salt. Shape dough by rounded teaspoonfuls into balls. Mix 2 Tb. sugar and cinnamon: roll balls in mixture to coat. Place about 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake until set, 8 to 10 minutes. Immediately remove from the cookie sheet. About 6 dozens.

When you fix these cookies and eat them, remember to thank the Lord for the farmers. They are real families, that work long hours to help put food on the worlds tables. It is sad, because our government is making it harder and harder for us little people. Just pray! Thank you so very much for encouraging us!
The Stubbs Family


  1. I am enjoying your posts on your wheat harvest. My family and I used to live on a farm in Eastern Montana. We grew wheat, barley, and oats. Your posts are bringing back a lot of memories, pleasant memories. I love your blog.


  2. Stubbs Family...I'm so thankful your wheat harvest is safely finished. God is good.

    At the beginning of 2010 a young friend of mine gave his followers this thought..."For starters, something that is bringing me hope is God's ability to provide. Whenever I focus more on the mountain mover rather than the mountain itself...the outlook is brighter and the pressure is off me. ;-)"

    I have this hanging above my desk and refer to it often. I just need to focus on the mountain mover!!

    Have a God Filled Day

  3. That looks very much like life around our town!
    Just this morning, I thought I should bake some cookies, but wasnt sure what kind to make! I think you just answered my question! Thanks !!
    Happy Summer !

  4. Hi,
    Beth, Glad you are getting to remember some special days. You can't ever get it out of your system! So glad you are coming to Prairie Flower Farm blog. I am enjoying your comments.

    Shirley,You are so right! God is good! All the time. Thank you for the encouragement. I will put the statement somewhere to remind myself and family. I love it that our God isssss a mountain mover. I know I have to just depend on him to get us through!

    Stephanie, so glad I could help you out! smile! Eat one for me! They really are nummy! I went over to your blog. Cute family! We have a daughter that just graduated also.

    Went out with my special man and got the fence ready for the horses. It was so quite and peaceful out in the pasture. Loved it!

    Blessings sweet ladies, Linda

  5. I love the photo of harvesting machinery! Isn't it amazing!

  6. Oh such wonderful photos my friend, yes indeed the life of farming is not an easy one, and it is feast or famine, I know we have been there.
    Keeping you in our prayers always, and all our dear farmers that make their living from farming, such an uncertain business, takes lots of prayer and faith to keep going.
    My all time favorite cookies are the Snickerdoodles, I do love them an usually can eat at least 6 at one sitting, Hugs my friend

  7. God is soooo good isn't He! No rain and no break downs---whooo hooo!!! I Praise Him for your harvest :) I bet that final trip to the elevator last night felt pretty amazing. Such hard work finished for this season. Way to stay the course!

    I understand that sense of being the "little people" in regards to the powers of darkness. Hate the evil not the people continues to be a lesson that He has to teach me.

    It is indeed a privilege to lift you and yours up to our Father :) Thanks again for helping me put bread on the table for our family!!

    with love,

  8. Thank you to you and your family for plugging-a-long and do the farming so the rest of us can eat. Wheat is the staff of life...I have many pounds in my family food storage and I am so grateful to have it, grind it and use it to nourish and feed my family. God Bless Families Like Yours! Thanks!

  9. Hello Linda!

    Thanks so much for sharing. What a neat post. I have never seen wheat harvested. I have seen hay cut and baled but that's about it :)

    Thanks for sharing about your Grandpas. Very touching. I love how Taylor keeps with harvest traidtion in making Snickerdoodles. Very sweet indeed :)

    Have a blessed day!

  10. Dear Linda,
    thanks for sharing this...what a great reminder...and I've been thinking about this today while my dad was having his heart looked at...so far, so good. He has one more test tomorrow and then has to wait for results!!! I love our farmers!!! They work hard for us and don't get enough thanks!! I'll continue to pray..and just remember when those trials come to tell the storm how big your GOD is :) :) :)

    The wheat pouring out that spout/chute thingy into the wheat truck was really nice :) :) In it's way it was very beautiful...and looks like fun just to watch!!!!

    Thanks for blessing all of us. I'll continue to pray that God will bless your family and the farm!!!! Love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)

  11. Linda, I always look forward to your blogs and messages from the Lord. You are right we are in his hands!! Am glad your harvest is over and all went well. Nothing worse then break downs I remember those only too well:)

    Have a blessed evening and keep your writings coming:)

    xoxo Gert

  12. Linda ~ Thank you for sharing from your farm! Snickerdoodles are my very favorite cookie. I am going to save this recipe and try it very soon! Sweet blessings! Teri

  13. I can't believe you've already finished! We're supposed to START at the end of next week. Can you believe we live in the same state? You should come over and read my fabric story. I think you'll like it.

  14. You just can't take the "farmer" out of a person once it's in there can you?
    I love the wheat. I bet you would just sit there and see God's greatness in those long wavy grains... beautiful.

    PS ~ I love sinckerdoodles ;)

  15. Being the daughter and granddaughter of farmers, I do so appreciate those of you who keep us fed! Thank you, Linda and family!

  16. Thank you for another special posting. Your words are a blessing to me. Snickerdoodles are also near and dear to my heart. My 86 year old aunt, Mrs. Ronald Anfinson, worked in the Betty Crocker test kitchens in the 50's where she introduced my Grandma's snickerdoodle recipe. She is credited in the 1963 "Betty Crocker Cooky Book". My Grandma's family was from the Pennsylvania Dutch region where I believe the recipe originated.

  17. Dearest Linda ~ You are such a sweetie and you write so beautifully of your faith in our Great God! It is a blessing to belong to HIM!

    Thank you for all your hard work as a farmer's wife...I think I understand a little about what you mean about it being hard for the "little guy"...my Howie has always been self-employed and it is definitely a journey!! :) But the LORD is FAITHFUL and never leaves us nor forsakes us...HE provides ALL our needs!

    Blessings to you sweet friend!


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