Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's A Good Day!

Good Morning sweet ladies, I was able to go out this morning and walk around the farm (in my nightie of course). It was nice just to see what has been going on since we have been so busy with harvest. I took some pictures so you could see that it has been quite busy.

Yesterday was the first day of Summer, did you know that? Wow the time is going by so fast.

Anyway, I have a little news from the farm.

Mrs. Puddle Duck is going to be a mommy, I guess she is a mommy, she has little life growing in each little egg! Hmmmm, that makes my heart smile! This time she is serious! Look at the feathers! She was so busy picking up sticks around the farm during harvest and I didn't even notice she was building her nest. The wheat truck was whizzing by her all the time and no one even saw her. She built her nest right by the little Milk House.

Notice the feathers that she pulled out all around her? Now, I am not sure if she only has duck eggs or maybe a few chicken eggs also. Mrs. Americana can't go and lay in the Milk House anymore. She keeps trying to get Miss Red off her nest, every time! That is so not nice and so she has to stay out. I had to put Little Miss Fluff in a cage also, because she wanted Miss Red's nest too. Soooo Miss Americana has been laying her eggs on the steps. Haven't seen any, lately, so I think she might have been sharing Mrs. Puddle Ducks nest. I'll see if there is an egg today on the step. They have shared a nest off and on. It will be a surprise. Mrs. Puddle Duck is not moving this time! She puffs all up, if you get close to her, she is going to be mean I think. She started hissing at Taylor. It is so neat how the Lord puts inside each animal how to protect their young! Good thing! He is so good. She is all protected and hidden where she built her nest. She is a smart Momma!

Look who came to visit uninvited!!!!!!!!!! I went over to go check on the tomato plants. Here is another tomato worm, he took advantage of harvest time. I didn't have a chance to check the garden, because we were all so busy. He got big. Kind of neat 'big" guy, but dangerous to a tomato plant!

Took a pic of some of the tomatoes. They may not look big from the picture, but they are huge!!!!!! Salsa is just down the road. Just a little bit more time is all these tomatoes need. I can wait.

Went over to check the Moon and Stars watermelon plants. So cute! See the little stars? They make me smile every time I go to the patch!

Coming back to the house I passed my coneflowers. They are not all in bloom yet, but they will be soon. I put a whole row next to the south side of the Milk House. They are getting fuller and fuller each year, as they are spreading nicely! I like! If you were here I would pick you a bouquet. Really wish I could for real! Do you have a favorite flower?

Well, I am off with my honey. Work, work, it's never done! Smile. I am taking some "stitchin" with me. The group I am in called the Dozen Quilters have been sending me the blocks I requested for my month. I am taking a Grandmother's Flower Garden flower and quilting it to a 8" square. I will be designing a quilt pattern when I get all the blocks done. I use the hexagon papers that I sell along the side bar. It is so easy and they make perfect little fabric hexagons. I am so hooked on this project! Take them everywhere I go! I can't ever sit doing nothing! What do you do when you sit? Any little hand work going on? I would love to hear!

You have a wonderful day today! The Lord made it and He said it is good! I believe Him!

I have a special prayer request. ONe of my special blog friend followers has a son who needs prayer. His name is Jason and he has soft cell sarcoma. He is discouraged and so is his Momma. It is so hard to see someone suffer in pain like this. Please ask the Lord to build up Jason's faith. He needs strength to fight this battle. My heart goes out to this family. They need the body of Christ to stand in and do battle for them at the Throne Room of the Lord. I don't always understand prayer at times, but I know it is what the Lord has asked us to do. So lets do it together! Thank you so much! Jason's Momma, Michle could use a lot of prayer also. She has been so faithful to her son as she sits and has to watch him suffer. I love her heart, so does Jesus!

There will be suffering down here, but there will be a day, when all of those who want life in Christ, will have noooooo more suffering ever again. I am thankful!

One more thing, yesterday I got my email reply, that
Little Cabin In the Woods had a new post. I laughed so hard, I could hardly read the post. It was good for my soul.
You must go. Everyone needs a really good laugh sometimes! She will not disappoint you! I still am trying to figure out what "her man" is looking like these days! Heehee

Love you all, hugs from the farm!



  1. Even with Mr. Worm you are still having more luck than I am with my tomotoes!

    Take care.

  2. Parsley, I want to share! You live how far from me? Wish I could just hop in my car and come to your house! Isn't heaven going to be so fun? All us bloggin friends! The Lord isn't going to know what to do with all of excited ladies! We will be saying, I want her mansion next to mine. He will have it all figured out before we get there. That IS a GOOD THING!
    Love you bunches and I mean that and I hope you KNOW that!

  3. I am so completely blessed every time I come to visit! I want to be your neighbor in heaven!!! Here on earth too!! I just know we would have wonderful visits, talking about the sunsets, watching our tomatoes as they start to blush... I'll pick some wild flowers for you and bring them over in a mason jar with a surprise dessert for you and your family. Tee-Hee.
    You were right!! Boy did I laugh at/with Little Cabin In The Woods! We have had our own Bad hair experiance this week! Oh My!!! Anna got the safety scissors out of the art supplies and cut her own hair! ~Sigh
    Love your company,

  4. Carissa, You made my heart smile. I also had a "bad hair" experience. I cut our oldest son's hair before going to evening church a long time ago. He kept saying momma,"you won't do a good job." I said, "yes I can". I cut the front wayyyyyyyy to short. He sat in the very last row. My honey and I always marched our little boys up to the front row of church. We were brand new baby CHRISTians at the time! He still complains to this day. Haha, if that was the only thing I did to him bad, I feel like I did good! Have a good day! Praying for your momma and daddy's house situation!
    Blessings to your day!

  5. Oh Linda..thank you so much for your wonderful post! Your tomatoes look so beautiful!! Yum..yum! As you know I love all your animals! Can't wait to see the baby ducks--our friend in Seattle, WA has some already and they are darling!!!

    Have a blessed day.. will pray for Jason and his family...

    xoxo Gert

  6. Hi Gert, You are sooooo welcome! I am with you! I love baby ducks! They grown so fast though!

    Thank you for praying for Jason, you are a sweetie!

  7. Linda, thank you so much for the prayer request for Jason and me. My husband and I are so thankful for the love of special people. Thank you followers of Linda's blog for your thoughts and prayers, I truly am a blessed woman and mother. God bless each and everyone of you.


  8. Hi Linda, count me in for a trip to your know we came fairly close last November on our drive from CA to IL, went through Wichita but was pushing to get through before the weather stopped us...on the way home a couple weeks later we went through Tulsa instead of OKC so missed you again..Next time!
    I have bad hair days every day..story of my life..and ugh that worm is just ugly to me. I know he/she is one of God's creatures but why does he have to make some of them so unattractive lol?

  9. Love reading about your farm life adds a smile across my heart. We farmed for many years and retired a few years ago and I sure miss our vineyards, flower and veggie garden and most of all farm life.
    Life is Good down on the Farm. LenZie

  10. I want to visit you and eat one of those yummy tomatoes when they are good and ready to be picked from the vine! I visited Little Cabin in the Woods. She had me laughing! Great blog and very funny story! Thanks Linda you are a such a gem! Hugs Anne

  11. Praising God for your harvest and everyone's safety. Praising Him for T.H.E. Harvest ~ may it include all of our LOVED ONES, please Lord.

    What a beautiful family you have, Miss Linda.
    May God's mercy be profoundly evident in all of their lives with blessings of love, joy, health, peace and His Light be a beacon of hope to all who come in contact with them.

    Praying for Jason and Mom ~ Heavenly Father....I lift them up to Your Throne of Grace and ask for HELP and HEALING. You are the Source and You are the Great Physician. Give them strength beyond measure for the journey and a peace and comfort that passes all understanding. Have mercy, please Lord...for You are merciful.

    Yes, how glorious and comforting to know that His eye is on the sparrow....for He knows when each one falls ~ and how much more His beloved children are in His sight ~ a vision that is full of grace, love, compassion and faithfulness.

    May your "nightie walks" bring balm to your soul and encouragement to your spirit, and be blessed, dear one, as you are indeed, SUCH A BLESSING.




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