Monday, June 7, 2010

A Place of Honor

As a Grammie, I don't want to miss opportunities to show my grandchildren that I care about them! Some might look at this picture above and not give it a second thought! When I look at it I see a picture in my mind of him working very hard to make a special gift for his Grammie. Scavaging around his yard gathering up supplies to make something very special for me. Glue was the only thing he needed to complete his masterpiece. He had to wait then . . . . . . . until the next time he could come out to the farm. Mac (my grandson) was so excited, when he got here. He started digging into his backpack, telling me that he had something very special for me. Carefully he presented me with "The Bird". When I first looked at it I was not sure what it was. Now if you looked at it you might not have been able to recognize it at first, either. He started to tell me all the different parts of "My Bird". I love it! He is a genius, if you ask me and I told him so. He was so proud of his piece of art. It had a little tiny part of a feather on the top of it’s head. He asked if I could see it? He used a walnut for the body and seed for the head. Not sure what he used for the tail, but it doesn’t matter. It is his heart that concerns me. The other part is that I am very grateful, in his eyes. My grandchildren love to look at my blog and they are always saying take a picture of this or one of that. They tell me that I, need too put this or that up on my blog. So here I am. I have found a very special place on my shelf for my sweet gift, "The Bird". I know he will want to see that it is there, the next time he comes to the farm. I won’t disappoint him. I am sure you mommas and grandmas have some of the same kind of stories. I would love to hear them.

Our church had church in the park last Sunday morning. It was so beautiful to be outside looking at the blue sky and sitting on the lush green grass. Hmmmm wonder what it was like when Jesus taught the multitudes. I think I would have liked sitting on the side of the mountain. Yesterday was the first time for our new Pastor. He was preaching in Acts 2:42, when the first church started.

As I was listening here came a Momma Duck and her 4 babies. Now I was still listening to the sermon. Promise, but I had to grab my camera and take some pictures of what was happening before my eyes. Sterling Lake is a beautiful lake in our town. We have lots of Canadian Geese and lots of ducks with babies in the spring. I had to take pictures for you to see. They were all close to their momma and then all of a sudden one of the babies took off and all the other babies followed. I think he was not listening to Momma Duck. He went over to some of the houses by the lake.

Aren't they the sweetest? See the naughty little duck take off?

Well blogger had problems this morning, so I didn't make the dead line. So I thought I would still put it up.

Love you all and hugs to ya!



  1. Oh I love those precious gifts from my little girl and my grandchildren! I always tell them how lovely they are and they give me hints as to what they are...LOL! When I guess they start grinning ear to ear:-)

  2.'s clear someone loves you..your grandson made you a special something by hand :) :) :) That's so sweet and I loved how you displayed it, took a photo, and made him feel special :) :) :) My dad still has some of the little things I made him as a kid, too :)

    I love the idea of church in the park. Here in Oregon, a lot of the churches in my area will have summer services outside. It's nice weather and people are really relaxed and listen in. Plus, they do have hamburger/hotdog cookouts on occassion too... :) :) :)

    Those Canada geese are funny and cute. We have some that visit our area too. Where I used to work, there were three in particular that liked to visit the duckpond and swim with the time two of them double-parked behind these vans. It's really funny trying to shoo them away becauswe they just didn't want to go...eventually they must have flown off or waddled off..not sure which.

    Oh, I loved seeing the picture of the Bible with writing in it..notes :) :) :) it..:) :) :)

    Have an awesome week, Linda ;) :) :)
    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Nice post. Made me smile.

    I was having blogger trouble too this morning.

    Oh...I got some supplies. I think I'm ready to try some needlework for the first time!

  4. Your bird is precious. I have a print of my son's feet that he made in preschool it is very treasured.

  5. What a special gift from Mac, that he loves you so much that he took the time to make something he thought you would love! I have a few of those precious gifts from my childred and am eagerly awaiting some from my grand babies!

    I love the idea of having your church service outdoors in the park! I am going to suggest that our church does something like this when our 'summer' arrives!

    I wonder if mamma duck gave her wayward baby 'a good talkin' to'? But aren't they so cute!


  6. Oh I love your gift...aren't they just the best?? And having church services outside had to be amazing!! Love the duckies.... Thank you so much for sharing all your news..

    xoxo Gert

  7. Hi Linda..
    Sweet Parsley of Seasons of my Mind sent me over to see your blog. She said it was sweet, special and crafty..and that i would like it. She was so right..I love it. I just have one small problem. I can't see the print in your posts well,just to catch a word here and there.
    I can see the comment print just fine...I do believe my eyes are getting older. :). Not me of course..I'm still young,and invincible...hahahaha, actually, I'm getting older,my eyesight obviously is going on me..and I had a terrible fall and fractured my pelvis. *sighs..
    I'm going to take your button and post on 2 of my blogs,I want to make sure I can find your sweet site again.. Come for a visit.. and

  8. Hi Linda,

    So sweet the bird of your grandson! I think he has an original mind!
    I have got a lot of colouring pictures on my fridge in the kitchen, so i see them every moment.
    These are the gifts of my 6 grandchildren. They all call: Voor oma, Voor opa, or voor opa en oma together :)
    I still have some of the little things my children made for us as a kid, too :)

    Love the idea of having your church service outdoors in the park and the pictures of the duckies.

    God Bless your day.

  9. I look forward to the day when my little grandsweeties bring me handmade treats! Aren't the grands the absolute best?!!

    What is it about having a worship service outside that makes it so special? I think you hit on it when you mentioned Jesus teaching the multitudes. I so enjoy an outside church service.

  10. There's nothing like a grandchild to give one the feeling that she just may be the "best ever" after all. And there's no greater mission than cooperating with the Lord in molding the heart of a little one.
    And by the way, if you ever get to Central Arkansas, stop on in. Our door is always open. We'll have a special tea party! In His joy, Gloria

  11. This little bird is such a tresure! I love how your little grandson worked so hard and thought this out so careful to give the bird to you!
    And I love the scripture you shared. Church outside... where all God's creation sings His praise, but in a different language.

  12. How precious Linda! Very cute too :) What a blessing to receive such a gift :) Church outside must have been so nice and I LOVE the book of Acts :)

    Have a wonderful day in the Lord today!


  13. What a wonderful gift. Can't you just imagine his determination as he worked to finish it for you? Loved that you had church outside!

  14. What a great thing creativity is that is being scheduled right out of our children these days and how wise we are to recognize and praise it when we see it ! I loved your grandson's bird :) Keep up the encouraging!

    Loved the pics of the lake too! Our whole family still misses the 4th of July celebrations (the turtle races, picnic and fireworks over the lake) we spent there and that was 8 or 9 years ago. Do they still do them? Sterling sure should be proud of that part of their heritage!

    Our pastor just announced that we'll do a service outside in July, August and Sept. and I'm looking forward to it. It seems such a natural place to worship Him!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  15. Beautiful pictures. We, sometimes, have church outside in the summer also. I think it is so nice. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  16. Oh my Linda, That little bird he made you is just so precious. It will be a keepsake for sure. Aren't grandchildren just the sweetest? Mine always bring me art work or some little gifty. They so enjoy the giving. Especially when they see we are grateful!


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