Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prairie Flower Farm is Having a Party

Hello Prairie Flower Family!

It was one year the end of this last March that we turned one year old here. You all have given me so many wonderful memories and the fact that you would even come and read anything that I would write, blesses my heart. Your encouragement has been precious! Thank you so much! So here we go, because we have a lot here for you today. The party will close next

Thursday June 10th at noon.

I thought I would go back over the

last year and have different items that

I have worked on or items I have for sale in our


The first prize is


to be spent in our store.

second prize is our Tea Pot Cozy

Third prize
Prairie Flower Clothespin Bag made out of our
fabric line "Farmer's Market"
Fourth Prize
Miss Honey Bunny Snuggy E-Pattern Download

Fifth Prize
1 yd. of our fabric line called,
Winter Is In the Air and little Pail.

Sixth Prize
Americana Flag Ornament

"Prairie Flower Farm Blogaversary Giveaway!"
Here are ways you can enter and receive votes. Please do not feel any pressure, do what is comfortable for you!

Let the party begin!

1st vote,

leave a comment, please tell me what you might like to see

in the future on Prairie Flower Farm Blog

2nd vote,

sign up on the side or tell me you are already a follower

3rd vote,

become a subscriber to our emails

(if you already are, just tell me please).


Sign up for facebook or tell us if you already are

5th vote,

please put us up on your blog Use our button along the side if you like

or tell

someone we are having a BIG party!

You can comment on all of these on one comment if you like.

Please leave an email address if you don't have a blog!

Okay now for the freebie! This is our thank you today!

Here is the second free download "Winter All Year Long" for

our "Summer Thyme Yellow Work Block".

August we will send out, the Fall Thyme Block (green Work) and in October the “Winter Thyme Block” (Blue Work). I hope that you will have fun with these designs. In November I will post the instructions for the wall hanging, so you can be ready to sew up your "Winter All Year Wall Hanging"! Just another way to say you are so special to Prairie Flower Farm!!!!! Please let us know what you do with the design! We would love to see.


Brand new from our store is our

Miss Clarice's Vintage Apron Pattern

In paper form or

in e-pattern form.

If you buy e-pattern you print it off

and tape the papers together. We have made it

real easy to follow the instructions.

Colored tutorial pictures.

14 Paper Hexagons available at our store

Click here to go to our store to see The Apron and Paper Hexagons!

On the side bar we have 2 tutorials. One on how to make up a paper hexagon flower

and the other is how to make your own bias tape. Making bias tape is the easiest thing to do!!!!!! and you can do it in your favorite fabrics.

All you ladies bring so much sunshine to my heart!!!! Thank you for being a part of Prairie Flower Farm! This is my big Thank You! Hope

you enjoy the party!

Can you taste the ice cold pink lemonade, that has strawberries cut up in it?

mmmmmmm NUM!

Be sure to sign up for our "Garden Gloves" on yesterday's post. We sure have

a lot going on here at the farm. It all seemed to happened at the same time! : )




  1. Wow, that's alot of prizes to give away!
    I've truly enjoyed reading your blog since I found it a couple of weeks ago.
    So I guess that makes me a follower.
    bless you on your "birthday"!!

  2. Wow! I love parties.

    I love your site and ideas. Love free sewing patterns and all. I love crafty things to make ideas.

    Thanks for the party.

    I posted your party icon in my side bar.

    I'm a follower

    I'm a subscriber

    I guess that is about 4 votes WooHoo!!! Thanks

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com


  3. Hi Linda!
    I have been following your blog for several months now. I also follow you on facebook. I enjoy reading about your family and the animals that are obviously so important to you. I grew up on a farm and enjoyed many of the activities you speak of. I dream of having a farm of my own, but in the meantime, I enjoy reading about your adventures with animals and gardening. I especially like to read about your little barn where you entertain guests and share your excellent hospitality. I haven't been able to entertain in quite awhile, but I appreciate the way you make us feel welcome as we "participate" in your hostessing events. You are obviously a dear, dear, friend to those around you, and we partake of your friendship through your web journal. Thank you for including us in your daily life and in your relationships, such as with Clarice. What a joy she is! I aspire to be as kind as inclusive as you are and to impart to my guests as you do so readily to yours. You have such a warm and inviting way about you. And I also enjoy looking at your creative endeavors. I appreciate your gifts!

    Happy Blogaversary! I pray that God prospers everything you put your hand to, and your next year will be more abundant and more satisfying than your last.
    Blessings on your house and barns!
    Shauna Bagenstos

  4. Happy blogaversary, Linda. I am starting to feel greedy signing up for everything. I am a follower, I subscribe to your email, I love to tell people about you, and I can't figure out how to get you on Facebook. I'll look and try again. In His joy, Gloria

  5. Wow...what a wonderful giveaway!
    I would love to be entered! I follow your blog and also subscribe by email to your blog.
    I love the patterns that you share with us...especially the embroidery ones - thank you so much!


  6. Okay, I opened my eyes, looked around, and found how to join facebook. Before I just went to Facebook and tried to figure out how to send a friend request. Go figure........

  7. What a happy day! I would love to see more finished products for sale in your shop. I am
    not very crafty and appreciate the talents of people who are...Handmade items are what I enjoy purchasing for myself and others.
    Possibly, stationery items, clothing, etc.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  8. I am already a follower of your delightful blog...
    Again, many thanks!

  9. Also, I am already a subscriber to your emails!
    Merci, Cindi

  10. Wow, what a lovely give away! Thank you so much. I am already a follower and love to read your posts!Thanks so much for sharing. And your free pattern is so sweet!
    Be blessed

  11. Facebook fan of Prairie Flower Farm.
    Many thanks to you!

  12. WOO HOO!! this is sooooo much fun!!

    1. comment: keep the encouragement coming; love all the farm posts and recipes!
    2. i am an email subscriber
    3. i am a facebook follower


  13. I just signed up for email subscriber!

  14. 1. I'd love to continue to see products for sale in your shop. (I'm not very crafty).

    2. I'm a follower

    3. I'm a subscriber to your emails

    4. I've happily joined you on Facebook :)

    Congrats on your anniversary!

    aunthoney at frontiernet dot net

  15. I have my party hat on.....
    Congratulations on your anniversary!

    I would'nt change a thing....love your ideas, pictures, patterns and tutorials!
    Your blog is very fun and welcoming!

    Hugz, Dolly
    come visit I am having a give away too!

  16. Happy bloganniversary!!!!! I would like to see you have some prairie bonnets and prairie dolls . I love your site and am a follower and receive your emails. Please enter me in your party!!!!

  17. Good afternoon. Wonderful party & fun give-away gifts, bless your heart for doing this!
    Been a follower and now new email subscriber (had missed that earlier), will try to put your button on my blog. I enjoy tutorials and reading about your farm animals. I'm new to chickens and learning a lot with my flock of eleven. Oh, recently closed my FB account.
    Thanks for holding the PARTY !!!
    Four chances for me?

  18. always such a lovely read here and so many treats on offer .. happy days to you all xxx

  19. Okay Linda,
    Before I get started, I wanted to let you know that when I put your giveaway button on my blog it links back to one of your old giveaways. I thought you may want to know that.
    Now for the good stuff. I would like to see more of your wonderful patterns. I've been a follower of your blog, follower on Facebook, a subscriber... now let's see what else, oh yes, and I have your blogaversary button on my blog! Whewwww!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog.

    Happy Blogaversary my dear!!!


  20. Hello, what a wonderful day to have a party! I so enjoy being here. I am a follower and a subscriber to your emails and did not know you had a facebook, so will join that also. May you all enjoy your day! Hugs from Arkansas!

  21. hello I love the pattern Summer Thyme Block and thank you

    yes I am already on your list

    Deanna Cox

  22. I'm already receive your emails. Such a great anniversary party.

  23. I love your blog so much. God has blessed you with great talent. Thanks for sharing it with us. I am a follower, receive your emails and have you listed on my blog.

    Thanks also for the free downloads. I love snowmen.
    Nancy Mosley (fletcher6@dishmail.net)

  24. I love your blog and am a follower. We are all enjoying your anniversary party! Please put my name in for the giveaway. Blessings, Rose

  25. Am I glad I found this blog it is so giving to say the least. I have put your blog button on my blog and I know I will be a follower. The prizes are great hope I can win one.

  26. Wonderful day for a party! It's raining here...can I come to your house? :)
    I'd like to see recipes to use your home grown produce...I just made the strawberry/rhubarb jam you recommended...YUM! Seems, you do just about everything right!

  27. I'm an email subscriber as well

  28. Wow! what a wonderful giveaway! Let's see, I am already a follower and I see you on facebook and I also get the newsletter. That is how I found out about this fantastic giveaway.
    I love, love, love your patterns. Thanks for sharing them.
    Looking forward to your next year of blogging.

  29. hi there and Congratulations on your year, it is a good blog and I love, I want to enter the giveaway too, sooooooooo
    Thanks for the party.
    I posted your party icon in my side bar.
    I'm a follower
    I'm a subscriber
    I'm a face book follower too
    I love all the things our have created too, have a very blessed day, Barbara

  30. What a lovely website you have.
    I sub to your e-mails and
    I always like to learn , "How To Do"
    so more of that would be great!
    happystamping (at) yahoo (dot) com

  31. Forgot the first vote! I would love to see more of your patterns, hear more about what you are up to and if possible that you would maybe share your recipes??
    I think I made 4. I don't have a blog so.....

  32. More of the same is what I would like to see. I like news of what is going on on the farm recipes, crafts, how to articles, gardening etc.
    I am a follower and an email subscriber.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  33. Oh my what a generoud heart you have and what fun!

    I thought I followed your blog already but I'm making sure I have it down now. Dogmomdiva told me you were so nice. I can see it's true.

    What I'd like to see...anything that teaches me about my new blogging friend. ;-)

  34. Okay...I checked and now my little picture shows I'm following.

  35. Yeah...party at Prairie Flower Farm :) :) :) So excited...I did the five things already...so I didn't know if I should comment on it again here or not..If yes, let me know..and yes, I'm happy to put the button on my blog..I have the Prairie Flower Farm button as well as the button for the "blogaversary" :) :) I love these buttons..they're the best thing since sliced bread...and the prizes you have a are beautiful :) ) My favorite is the tea pot cozy :) :)
    I'll post a link on my Facebook page to your blog again today...it's so much fun :) :)

    Hmm...as far as new ideas for posts..I don't know. I like everything you do...everything..I do like the crafts the best...but I also like the cooking tips, stories about the farm, the Scripture pictures..definitely more of those please :) )...and when you write about Jesus and life experiences :) ): It's really good.:) )

    Okay..thanks so much for letting me post here. It's an honor for me :) :) :)...and a boatload of fun too :) :) :)

    Love and hugs, Heather H:) :) :)
    email: heather94deutschland@yahoo.com

  36. I'll tell everyone on my post tomorrow about your big party for that additional entry. Thanks for the fun!

  37. What a lovely blog party, and what wonderful gifts! Happy Blogaversary Linda :) !

    I follow your blog
    and will blog about and post your blog button
    on both my blogs!

    Many Blessings,

  38. I'm a little 'slow' when it comes to technology but I THINK I just signed up for your emails. I saw a thing on the right column.

    If you read this and don't see me, please let me know. I hope to get the needlepoint patterns!

  39. Congratulations Linda!!!! I qualify for all of the votes. BIG fan!!!! In the future I would love to learn and see from you any advice you would have for being a chicken farmer. I have a barn shed that I would like to turn into a coop and have just a few chickens and would love to hear some of your knowledge your willing to share. Thank you!

  40. What an awesome giveaway!
    I love your blog!!
    I follow your blog
    Facebook friend
    Signed up for emails
    Added your button to my blog!!
    There, I have all entries!! Yahoo! I would love to win anything from your cute little store!!

  41. Happy blogiversary! What a lovely giveaway. Everything is precious. I'd like to see something along the line of country dolls...the primitive type. I'm all for the suggest in the comment before mine, too...I have chickens and can't really learn too much about them and their care.


  42. How wonderful!!!! I *love* my clothespin bag I have from you!!! I use it a lot! :o) I would LOVE to win one of your other prizes as well!!! :) I am a blog follower and am also a fan on facebook! :) And something I would love to see on your blog is maybe a sewing video tutorial or something of the sort...for us, not so talented, sewers!? :o)

  43. Hello again, I subscribe to your emails, am a follower of your lovely blog, we are friends on facebook, and in a little while I will gladly add your button to the sidebar of my blog. Everyone who love pretty homemade things should know about you!


    And God bless your day. You've certainly blessed mine. :)

  44. Thank you for putting my name in, Linda. For the future I too would love to see more of your beautiful stitching patterns and that you would continue to bless us with your wonderful blog.

  45. Hello,
    What a great party, your prizes are so nice. I love the tutorials.
    I am a follower
    Signed up for email
    Put your button on my blog
    Guess that is four votes! Thanks for the chance to enter.
    Happy 1st year Anniversary!!!! Look forward to many more great posts.

  46. Happy 1st day of June, Linda!
    And Happy Blogiversary!
    I just love your blog and wouldn't want to change anything about it, but I would love to see more patterns. (I'm heading over to your store to buy the Miss Clarice's Apron Pattern!)
    I am a follower, I subscribe via e-mail, I just started following on facebook, and I have your *party* posted on my blog and on my sidebar!
    This is an awesome party!
    And, Thank You, too, for the Summer Thyme Block. You are beyond generous!
    Be Blessed!

  47. Hello Again,
    I tried to put your button on my blog, I can't make it work. So will tell about your party instead on my blog.

  48. I love the blog the way it is. I'm always looking for sewing ideas and recipes.
    Thank you for your sweet and generous spirit.
    Jeannie Schlitt/jsschlitt@sbcglobal.net

  49. How wonderful that we can connect and be encouraged through blogs!

    I so much enjoy stopping by Prairie Flower Farm and have signed up for e-mails to your blog, have your button on my blog and am a facebook friend.

    Thank you soo much for taking the time to share your heart and "your little piece of heaven" on the prairie! Happy Blog Anniversary!


    Malinda Banuelos


  50. Love your site- and cant wait to read your blog every day!It is so unlifting! May God continue to bless you and your family

  51. I love your blog! The first time I visited I subscribed so I wouldn't miss a thing! Both of your buttons are on my blog sidebar so I can spread the word about your Party, too! I'd like to see some kitchen things! I'm also a follower and on Facebook, too! Wonderful items for your give-away! Happy Anniversary!

  52. Hello!

    I would LOVE to enter your giveaway, and congrats on your blogaversary!!!!

    I am already a follower so that make two entries, and I added your button to my blog:
    So that makes 3 and I signed up for your e-mail so that makes 4 right?!! :)


    Miss Antoinette

  53. What beautiful items to give away! I am now following your blog.
    Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you!

  54. I absolutely love your site, I look forward to receiving your email everyday. I also a follower. Your site is beautiful and its wonderful to find someone that is so strong in their faith. Also, wondered if you have ever considered maybe doing some scrapbook items that are related to quilting and sewing, needlework? That would be fun. When we scrap our pic's of our projects to have some stickers, etc. to go with it. Have a lovely evening and will be looking for tomorrows post.

  55. Came upon your blog by way of Gooseberry Patch. I love all your patterns and crafts. The embroidery patterns are great. They bring back alot of memories for me. Embroidery was one of the first crafts I learned.

    Thanks again,


  56. Hi Linda,
    The button works great now! :)


  57. Hi Linda,
    I love parties. I have bookmark your blog so each day i can see what you are up to.
    You have a couple cute giveaways. Anyone of them i would love to win.
    I live in Pa. pretty far from you. We are having hot sunny days here.
    Well, have a great week.

  58. Happy Anniversary! I love your blog but I love your encouraging words even more! May God bless you abundantly as you witness for His glory!


  59. Hi Linda,
    #1 I just became a follower :)
    #2 I really like the tutorials and the simple patterns like Winter All Year although I've had trouble downloading this last one :)
    #3 I look forward to your email each afternoon!!!

    Congrats on the blog anniversary!!! you are a special person and a real blessing :)


  60. Great party and congratulations on your blogversary.
    Love the tea cozy, clothes pin bag and apron; how feminine yet useful...just like us, eh?
    I'm a follower and you're on my blog, giving updates when you post.

  61. Congratulations on your anniversary. would love to win any of your prizes, they look wonderful. thanks.

  62. oops forgot to leave you my email address, i don't have a blog. love yours though. i am already a subscriber to your emails. i'm going to join your facebook page next. have a wonderful party.

  63. 1st of all Happy Bloggy Birthday!!! i have constantly found this blog to be an inspirational and a joy to my life and I am very glad to know you Linda. I would love to see more beautiful pictures of your farm and your ongoing projects! You are just too talented! As for votes, here goes, I am a follower, I received your emails and I am a Facebook Friend and very lucky to be so! God bless you awesome lady!

  64. WOW there are lots of goodies here I love your BLOG there is always some great inspirations here. Thanks for all the freebies too I love them all!!!! Congratulations on a wonderful blog for one year!!!

  65. Happy blog b'day!! Your blog is always lovely & I enjoy it whenever I come & visit!
    I am a follower already!
    Have a lovely day

  66. I am already a follower of your blog and posted your button on my sidebar. I love your blog and enjoy downloading some of your beautiful crafts. Thanks for all you do and happy anniversary. To another good year!

  67. Dear Sweet Linda ~

    I would love to be a part of your blog anniversary party! You are so generous! I think just seeing more pictures of life at your farm and of the simple and creative things you make to be a blessing to others would be wonderful!

    Blessings to you!

  68. i just love your little blog, or big blog i would love for you to decorate our new house in about a month or two, wow how beautiful it would be

    i'm already a follower

    here's my comment

    i just subscribed

    and i posted your button on my blog

    i also signed up for the yellow thyme stitch, is there anyway i could get the first one as well.

  69. Hi Linda..Happy Blogaversary!! Plus put me in the drawing, I am a follower of yours, I am on your Facebook, just signed up for your e mails and I have your button on my blog!

    Thanks for all you do!

    xoxo Gert

  70. Congrats to you Linda! Your blog is awesome! I follow you and I get e mails and I have your button my sidebar. I like anything you do with teapots in mind and aprons! More! More! I am also on FaceBook with you! Happy blogaversary to you! Sweet friend you are the greatest and I wish many blessings to you and yours! Anne

  71. Congratulations, Linda! This sounds like so much fun - both patterns are adorable.

    For my votes:
    1. Comment
    2. I get your emails
    3. I 'like' you on facebook

    Thanks ~ Heather

  72. Congrads on one year of blogging. Your giveaway is so generous. I am a follower, email receiver, a facebook follower, and have your party button on my blog. Thank for all your time and sharing.


  73. Happy blog anniversary Linda. I love your blog and all your little adventures on your farm. Hope you have many more.
    I follow
    I subscribe
    I wish you a happy and blessed day.

  74. Looks like the party has begun and all your dear friends are here to celebrate with you! My internet connection is so slow but it was worth the wait to see all your creative creations. Truly the Lord has given you a precious gift my friend....♥ I am delighted that you share it with us!

    One of the questions you ask is what I would like to see here on Prairie Flower Farms. I must admit that you have thought of most everything imaginable but I do enjoy finding ideas for quick and easy gifts to make as well as party favors that can be used for Women’s Ministry.

    Here are my "votes":

    1. I left a comment
    2. I am a follower
    3. I subscribe to your delightful emails!
    4. I am on Face book

    This is Connie of California and I'm wishing you a wonderful anniversary with more to come!

  75. I would love to see some kid sized products/craft ideas.

    tesnjen at aol dot com

  76. How much fun!!!!!! These are great things, so pretty. I am by the way a follower and a subscriber, also here is my post on this http://reillyclan11.blogspot.com/2010/06/another-give-awaybut-big-on-this-time.html
    Thank you for the fun of this.

  77. Thank you for sharing all the sweet things and doings! I am signing up to be a follower, I must already be a subscriber since I got an email (can you tell I'm challenged technologically??)and I have loved your clothespin bag and deep market bags ever since I saw them. I would love to see another tea cozy, the one of which I also am madly in love with. How about a basket liner with ruffles, or table runner or centerpiece mat?
    Thanks and keep up the warm and lovely blog!

  78. Great giveaway, thankyou! I would like to see more kits rather than just patterns, and it would be nice if you could show international shipping costs also.

  79. I am a follower on your blog.

  80. I am an email subscriver too!

  81. Good Morning - If I've figured correctly I should get 3 entries...I follow your blog on My Yahoo & I subscribe to your newsletter. What I'd enjoy seeing more of on your blog are pics of your home & decorating ideas :)
    Thanks so much for your generosity & congrats on your anniversary!
    Smiles, DianeM

  82. I just recently stumbled across your blog and have so enjoyed it! I love all your pictures and stories and encouraging words.
    My youngest daughter has just begun showing an interest in sewing, stitching and crocheting so I hope to use some of your sweet patterns.
    Our family adores chickens, so the story about the little duckling hatched by the chicken was such a fun story to share with my children. We all love it!

  83. Linda,

    Miss Clarice's apron is so pretty--glad to see you finished it. We have enjoyed all your posts. Abby (10 yo dd) loves the posts about animals. I love the craft posts. Your embroidery patterns are so nice--thank you for sharing.

    It would be nice to have you show those of us who sew but don't know the little tricks of quilting how to make a small quilted piece like a placemat or table runner.

    Please put in 3 votes for me since I'm a follower and receive your emails. Thanks!

    Lord bless you,

  84. Tooting my Party Horn! Happy Blog Birthday!
    I am a follower, I am on Face BOOK.. i LOVE YOUR PATTERNS,.. kEEP THEM COMING!

    Great Giveaway!

  85. Hi! Your things are so adorable. They make me smile!

    1. I love the embroidery blocks. Keep them coming! :)

    2. I am a follower

    3. I subscribe to your email

    4. I just "liked" you on Facebook

    Thank you for your party! Happy Anniversary!

    -Mrs. Team S

  86. I love to see tutorials and I love to see what you've made.

  87. I put your button on my blog sidebar. I feel quite confident in sending my readers to you.

  88. Love your stuff, all of it. I'm going to have a good look at Clarice's apron. I was looking forward to it.
    One for the comment.
    Two for following.
    Three for liking you on facebook.
    congratulations on your anniversary!

  89. Count Me in this...

    1: Your tutorials I agree they are a primer in motion

    2: I am already a stalker..oops I mean follower

    3: We dont do face book but I twittered about your party

    4: I have placed your button on my new blog come check it out:


  90. i love everything you do so whatever you pick next will be great!!

  91. i am a follower

  92. i like you on fb

  93. I would love to see more stitching patterns and tutorials. I love everything though!!
    I am a follower.
    I have a subscription to emails
    I signed up on Facebook
    I put your button on my blog: http://littleeggfarm.blogspot.com

  94. Stumbled upon your blog......LUV IT and so excited about your giveaway!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  95. Following you now on FB!

    Sweet Blessings!

  96. Following your blog!

    Sweet Blessings!

  97. Now a subscriber!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  98. Linda, I would love any tutorials you have on gardening (vegetables or flowers). I'm new to it all. I also just signed up to follow your blog, I already subscribe to the emails, I am on facebook, and I actually have 2 Prairie Flower Farm buttons on my blog (mrsslingscabin.blogspot.com). Thanks so much for the Summer Thyme Block pattern. Because of you, I have started "stitchin" while I watch TV in the evenings. I love it! Have a blessed day!

  99. WOW! this is a BIG party :) and I want to join, please?? lol!!
    #1. leaving a comment
    #2. I am a follower (you know that already)
    #3. I already subscribe to your blog
    #4. I'm also a FB friend
    #5. I have posted about your party on my blog :)
    Thanks sooo much for the fun, Linda!! I finished my first block, can't wait to start the second one♥

  100. Prairie Flower Farm blog button is posted on my blog:


  101. I am a follower of prairieflowerfarm.blogspot!!!

  102. Linda, I love you blog and anything you want to show us is great,I agree maybe some recipes and tutorials on using fabric like one of the gals said, table runner or anything with fat quarters if you do that..
    I am a follower
    I have your regulr buttonon my blog
    I have your party button on my blog
    I follow you on facebook
    I will post this on my blog..

    Have a wonderful day

  103. Linda,
    I am in love with your blog! I signed up for emails and recieved your tea towel pattern - very cute! Thanks for your hard work! :)

  104. Congratulations Linda :)

    Your creations are so adorable. YOu know thinking about your blog, I don't know what I would add. I enjoy it already even though I don't always have time to post :)

    Have a blessed day!

  105. Linda,,
    I would not change a thing about your blog.I love every thing about it.You are a blessing to me.I am a follower and subscribe to your

  106. I love visiting your blog. I have used several of your free patterns and want to say thank you for them. I follow your blog and also subscribe to your e-mail. I just put your blogaversary button on my sidebar. Congratulations !

  107. Hi Linda,
    Congretyoulations with your blog!
    Thanks for the party.

    I'ma follower.
    I'ma subscriber.
    I'ma face book follower too.

    I love all the things our have created too, have a very blessed day, Margriet

  108. Dear Linda, Congratulations on one year. I have sewn your patterns alot longer. I have a doll and angels I bought from you a long time ago. Your creativity amazes me. I AM enjoy getting your freebies, I look forward to them. I am not a blog reader,got to much to do, but I do enjoy reading yours,because we have a small homestead also. Have a blessed day. Sharon herbqueen6@yahoo.com

  109. I posted about your giveaway on my blog:http://practicalsimplicity.com/blog/2010/06/a-few-giveaways/


    Miss Antoinette

  110. What beautiful things you make. Thanks for the free pattern. I am saving them all for a winter project. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  111. This is too crazy!! I posted about your PARTY when I signed up for the pretty little garden gloves, however, I didn't get back here to post for this party myself. Well, now I'm here!! Wouldn't want to miss a party especially a Prairie Flower Farm Pary.

    1st vote Love your encouraging blogs and of course would love to have more, also who wouldn't want to see more tutorials and freebies?

    2nd vote, I am a faithful follower.

    3rd vote, I subscribe to your emails.

    4th vote, I follow you on FB.

    5th vote, You are on my sidebar and I blogged about your party.

    Have a God Filled Day

  112. Dear Linda,
    The apron pattern is so beautiful and farm girl!

    My entries:

    1. I would like to see more decorating ideas on the Prairie Flower Farm blog!!

    2. I am already a follower of your gorgeous blog:)

    3. I'm signed up for email updates~

    4. Your button is on my sidebar:)

    Thank you so much for the chances to win...hoping to win now


  113. Hi Linda,

    I found your blog from my Mom (Kathy ~ Regan Family Farm) and wanted to enter the apron giveaway!!

    As a farm girl, I just adore aprons and figure that it's always a must to add to the collection ...besides, it's always helpful to have a cute apron on as I milk the cow, goats, gather eggs and work around the farm!

    My entries:

    1. I would enjoy seeing more pictures of your farm:)

    2. I am your new follower:)

    3. I have signed up for your email updates

    4. Your button is on my sidebar now as well!!

    Thank you so much Linda, and I look forward to visiting your blog again in the near future.

    Jenna @ Feminine Farmgirl

  114. Linda - this is awesome, here are my entries,
    1. You have so much already, but I love the stories of your family and adventures.
    2. I am already a follower.
    3. I am signed up for email updates
    4. I've added your button to my sidebar
    5. I checked you out on Facebook, and will follow you there as well!
    Thank you for brightening my day - and enriching my life.

    Blessings - Gail

  115. Hello again Linda :0)
    Boy o boy..Im comment 122!
    great prizes you are giving away,so nice of you.
    I am a follower.
    And more garden pics would be great!
    Just have to mention...I love the apron :0)

  116. Sherry needed help to leave a comment! Thank you Sherry!

    I tried again to make a comment as you have the most peaceful, fun, full of learning blog I visit. I don't know
    why I can't seem to make a comment on your blog but you may be receiving it numerous times - I just don't know. But one
    thing I do know is I love my daily visit to your farm almost every day and look forward to it. Thanks and congrats
    to you on your one-year anniversary. You reach many people and share the love of Christ everyday. Thank you and God bless you - I've been praying for you and hubby to find some kind of work together as you've done all these years.
    Take care and keep up the wonderful farm blog - I also love your recipes, crafts, etc. Way to go!

  117. I don't know what you could possibly add to your blog...you already have it all! Wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  118. I have been a follower for some time. Or should I say stalker. I often read but don't comment.

  119. I love to see a new blog when I check my email! I forwarded several abou the baby animals to the girls so that the babies could watch. Cadence, Colton, Gavin and I watched the baby chick hatching. They loved it! I would say they would like to see more about the animals. Love you all, Kitty

  120. Linda,
    I love your blog. In the future, I'd like to see more of the same types of things you are sharing with us.
    I have signed up as a follower.
    I am signed up to receive your emails.
    I do not have a blog, and I don't do facebook.

    I really like everything here! Thanks so much!
    riverswamp @ att dot net

  121. Hi Linda! Happy blogaversary!

    ~ I don't know what I'd like to see here since I am still a little new here and have more blog to check out. But I will tell you that I love the stitchery patterns and seeing God here. :)

    ~I am a follower.

    ~I am a subscriber of your emails.

    ~I am a "like"er on Facebook. (Still wish it was "fan", I like the sound of that better!)

    ~I posted your party button on a blog post.

    Have a blessed rest of the week and weekend!
    snowpumpkin at gmail dot com

  122. What nice giveaways!
    I enjoy your craft ideas, your cooking ideas, your farm stories, everything! But I especially like the Scripture verses with the lovely pictures. I have been printing them and cutting them out, then taping them to the bathroom mirror. Keep encouraging us to memorize verses!
    Please include me in the drawing-
    1- for commenting
    2-for being a follower
    3-for receiving your emails.

  123. Oh, I love how you celebrate! What a party of giveaways! What I'd like to see more of: maybe pictures of all your flower beds. (I'm a fairly new reader so maybe you've talked about your perennials and plantings before.)

  124. I'm follow you and subscribe via Bloglines.

  125. I also subscribe to your emails and love when I hear a little bing on my phone that you have sent an email.

  126. I've already spread the news about your party to my two daughters!

  127. I really enjoy the beautiful way you depict God's world through your pictures and words. You're farming, crafts, and love of the Lord are a blessing and inspiration to me. I enjoy the ideas for homemade gifts--especially ones that re-purpose items :) I would love to see more of your craft ideas and gardening tips!

    I am a follower of your blog and I subscribe to your e-mails.

    I "like" you on facebook and I have recommended your party :)

    Thanks for entering me in your contest (I think that's 5 votes)!


  128. I haven't been with you a whole year, but I've been enjoying your posts since about November. Happy Blog Anniversary!

    Please include me in your contest with 2 votes (1 comment, 1 get emails).

  129. what a wonderful celebration...so enjoy your blog and friendship...wish I could do more but can't download anything as I'm not using my home computer..we had a fire and are living in a hotel going on a month now...hopefully we'll be back at home within 2 weeks now..sure hope so.....happy Blog anniversary!

  130. Hi Linda!!
    #1 Love EVERYTHING on your blog so only suggestion is more of the same!
    #2 I'm a follower
    #3 Getting the emails
    #4 Grabbing the button!!!

    Fingers are crossed! :0)

  131. Hi Linda! Great give away items! I enjoy everything aboutyour blog. You have the cutest patterns. Thanks for making some of them free.

  132. Good Morning.
    I am so thankful to have found your blog this morning, and then to find your generous and sweet give a way. Wow. :o) I am now a follower and can hardly wait to drop by your store. :o)
    Thank you for the opportunity to win. :o) Please drop by my blog any time. It is a blessing to meet new Christian friends. :o)
    Have a nice day.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  133. Well tomorrow is the big day as we all wait anxiously, to bad we all could not win, but each of hoping it is us, have a wonderful day, I do follow you, have added your giveaway to my blog, and just love this blog, be blessed, hugs Barbara

  134. I am so amazed.....I love the pics, comments, stories, special moments shared, ideas..crafts...wow!!! You are a blessing to me. Thank you for being faithful to your calling. I don't remember what all the "votes" are...but would love to be entered for any of the prizes..:) I do get emails and am signed up for facebook..Blessings.K

  135. I love your blog! I just signed up on FB and I already follow your blog. Keep up the great work.

  136. Hi I just recently started following your blog. I love it. Makes me hope that I can have a farm of my own one day :)

    I didn't realize that you had a facebook. I'm heading over there now.

    Have a wonderful day :)

  137. Hi, Linda,

    I have been a follower of your blog for almost the year you're celebrating! I don't have a blog so can't display your button, don't do facebook, but I do receive your e-mails.

    God bless you, Linda, and thanks for such a sweet place to come and read how God blesses your family.

    Love, Jean

  138. Happy blogaversary, Linda. Reading your blog is like visiting with a dear friend. I love your patterns and reading about how the Lord blesses your family.
    I'm a follower and have found you on Facebook as well.


  139. I think iron board covers and kerchiefs would be ideal on Prairie Flower Farm. I'm currently a follower, a subscribe to your emails, and I'm on facebook. I'd love to stick your button on my blog, but can't find a place to load it. I blog at http://homesteadblogger.com/mimosalane and this is where I found out about your lovely site. Thank you for the invitation.


  140. I like your blog and I like all your sewing projects.

    Votes ...
    1. comment
    2. I am a subscriber via email
    3. I'm a facebook follower

  141. Hi, it is winding down! Rae could not leave a comment so here is her,

    I could not leave a message on your blog ;-( Please enter me. I get your emails.

    Thank you Rae for signing up!
    Blessings to everyone!

  142. I do enjoy your blogs each day.....and all your critters on your farm. I love each of them. Guess I am a country girl at heart. I am always looking for projects to make to raise money for Diabetes Walk in Sacramento CA....my team Pharmgirls. This October will be our 6th year to participate in the walk.
    Mary Jean

  143. Hello to you on your lovely farm!

    Let's see now...
    I am a follower.
    I am an email subscriber.
    I am a fan on Facebook.

    What would I like to see here? More of the same! :) I love the projects you do, and I love your dear friend at the nursing home. I was sad about your dad, but you were encouraging and ministering to others during your sad time.

    You're wonderful!


  144. Ooh! Please enter me!! I would love to see more craft ideas! My girls and I love them!!

    Carmen @ www.oldhousekitchen.blogspot.com

  145. I am a Facebook fan!! Please enter me! : )

    Carmen @ www.oldhousekitchen.blogspot.com

  146. I am also a follower!! Please enter me again!

  147. I am a subscriber! (As well as my little Abby who loves to see the pictures of all the animals!!)
    Please enter me again!

    Carmen @ www.oldhousekitchen.blogspot.com

  148. I have your button on my blog!

    Enter me yet again please!

    Carmen @ www.oldhousekitchen.blogspot.com

  149. I am a follower. I also get your email updates. I love all the projects that you share as well as the pictures that detail daily life.

  150. What a wonderful party! I'll be stopping by tomorrow! Thank you for a chance to win! I get your email updates and enjoy so much your encouragement when I open my email and your letter is there to read. Bless you!

  151. What a wonderful Blog Site! It cheers me up in the morning when I open up your e-mails and read your daily updates.
    1. Your site is great, keep doing the same!
    2. Already signed up to receive your e-mails.
    3. I am a follower of your site.
    Thanks for the chance to win some really beautiful things!!!


  152. Happy Bloganniversary Linda. Your blog is just growing and growing. I especially love the little glimpses you give us of your farm. I'd love to see any and all the little/big projects your working on. I've been a follower for quite a while. I do get your emails. I don't have facebook.
    Your prizes are positively adorable.. every single one.

    Hope your enjoying your summer!

  153. Yippeeeeeeeeeee!
    Happy Blogaversary, Linda!!
    That is awesome!

    It has always been a delightful trip while reading your blog entries.. I feel like I am there having a cup of tea with you, enjoying life as it comes! Thank you for the trip!

  154. Hi Linda. Happy Anniversary!

    1. More of the same!
    2. I'm already a follower
    3. I'm already a subscriber
    4. I'm a fan on FB

    Blessings to you!

    Amy in North Idaho

  155. Hi Linda,
    I am a follower of your website and blog and I am also a facebook fan BUT most of all I feel like I am your friend! I live in TN and we are new at doing some of the farming things you are already successful at and feel like a friend is teaching me along the way.
    Thanks so much for you time. My 9yr old daughter and I read every email you send.
    God Bless you and yours,
    Maynardville, TN

  156. The hen story is so cute! I have been keeping hens for 3 years now but do not have one that is THAT friendly! I enjoy your posts. Thank you for a kind and giving spirit.

    As far as what I want to see... more of the same! LOL!
    I do follow and subscribe to your emails. Thanks.

  157. Linda,
    Thank you for the reminder. I thought I had signed up but I had commented on another day! Whew!! I absolutley love your blog. It gives me my little taste of the farm life I so long for and helps me on my new journey with the Lord. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you.
    Lynn from Hutch!

    #1 I subscribe on email too

  158. Good morning, Linda! I'm following :D

    I love your blog just the way it is; keep up the good work!

  159. Happy anniversary! Your blog is always so welcoming. I like the variety of subjects you post about, however, my favorite posts are the how-to ones. I may not always get to doing all of the projects, but they are inspiring. Please count me in with 5 votes. I'm looking forward to another year--thank you! sue.momof3@gmail.com

  160. Happy Anniversary! I LOVE tutorials and would enjoy seeing more of those - maybe on some fun new stitches. I'm also on your mailing list. My email is eamylove@aol.com. (No blog for me yet.)

  161. Happy Blogaversary Linda!!

    I love coming here and reading about daily life on the Farm. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway.

    Here's my votes:

    1. I wouldn't change a thing here, just keep doing what you're doing. I love lots of pictures though. :)
    2. I'm already a follower of the blog
    3. I'm already an email subscriber
    4. I'm a fan on FB

    Looking forward to another wonderful year with you.


  162. Here is another entry.

    Hi Linda.
    I absolutely love your site. I don't know if I signed up for the
    blogaversary or not. I am not sure how you do it. I am really a
    technological peasant as my son tells me. I don't blog or do facebook
    but just found your blog through a friend the day before yesterday. I
    absolutely love it. I know I have the pattern somewhere for the edge of
    the towel with the flowers on it. I am looking for it so I can send it to
    you. I have antique crochet books with a lot of edgings in them.

    I signed up to receive your blog in my email. Thank you for such a
    beautiful site to visit. I have not had time to read it all yet but
    will whittle away at it as I get time. I have 203 days to retirement,
    but who is counting? LOL.

  163. Well I can't think of a thing for you to change. I just love it all! Keep doing more of the same. I am really glad I found your blog.
    Christina Wilson

  164. I thought I signed up for your blogaversary on day one, but I cannot find my post! Sorry!
    I read your blog faithfully. I love the encouragement, the updates about your animals, and the garden tips. I'd just like to see more of what you already do in the future!
    I am already a follower
    Congratulations on your blogaversary!

  165. Ok, I just left a comment on your blog, I am a follower of your blog and facebook and I receive your emails. lol whew! Don't have a blog yet. Hopefully soon? Hugs!
    Christina Wilson

  166. I just found your site! It's awesome. I am a follower, I like on facebook, I subscribed and I know I'll be back to see what you have to offer and read some older posts. I'm looking forward to your snowman redworks patterns. Thanks so much!

  167. Hi Ladies, We did our drawing and for some reason the post did not go up. I had it done in time so I am not sure what is going on. We did have some problems with blogger last week. Anyway come over and see who won! Thank you ladies so much for such a wonderful party! You made it one of our bests.

    Blessings, Linda

  168. I love parties, thank you for offering this special giveway. I'm a follower and always join reading your blog.
    I would like to see in the future more recipes, I love the pictures of the step by step process. Keep up the good work. Lori


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