Friday, June 25, 2010

I Have Three, That Are Ripe!!!!!!!!!

You can't see the third one, but there are three! Now there are none! We ate them and they were delicious!

Good Morning, I am kind of in a hurry so here goes. We got in way late last night. We were at the property of the family that needs a new fence for their horses. It is sooooooo beautiful on their place and it was nice and cool last night Not hardly a bug and no ticks so far today that I didn't find any sleeping with me this morning! Now remember yesterday? Tick, sour milk (not on purpose), my girls are to sweet to do that to me. Anyway, it got a little worse through out the day. Corn on my lap and down the front of my legs and on my feet, spilled onions and green peppers from our party, on the floor! Then as we were leaving the job site, doesn't that sound professional? We were leaving slow and came to the main highway and Phil said, "We didn't have brakes!" Semi right in front of us! Scared me to death, well almost to death. We were so thankful that there was no one coming from the South. We turned off on the ditch to the North. Now I have to tell you, all afternoon I felt like there was something not right. I knew the girls were going to have to drive about 40 miles to their older brother's place to babysit the grandkids, so I really had them covered in prayer. In fact, I called my sister Shannon and my girlfriend Mary to please pray, because the day just felt weird. I also kept asking the Lord for protection for my whole family. Is He not faithful? I know that sometimes He still allows things to happen, but I had asked and had to thank Him so much for our protection!!!! I wanted to thank you also. I know a lot who read my blog don't always comment, but I know that you have said that you pray. Thank you so much. Today is a new day and I am asking for a little brake, don't ya think?

Thought you might like to see what is new on the farm. The girls found this nest the other day. Momma Guinea had been off and on it for days.
Now she is getting down to business! She is in the nest backwards, so I can't show you her face. Well, it isn't that much to look at anyway! They are very ugly birds, but they do have wonderful feathers! She has about 20 eggs, oh my! I will take them to the Yoder Auction or find others to buy them! I have three and they are always making so much noise. I like peace! I needed to get some straw for the chickens nest boxes, so off to the coop I went.
When I got there I noticed that my little girl needs a new ribbon and paint job, don't you think? Her little door is not doing so well either. A little wire will help. She greets me when I go to feed the girls and guys. My Mr. Phil gave this to me for a birthday present. I love it! Alot!

She hangs on the wall. I love her also!

I stuffed the boxes with straw. When I come back tonight they will be nice little round patted down holes where they will lay their eggs. They make them perfect, so I just let them do it. I will try to remember to take a pic tomorrow for you so you can see. Just another one of those God things you get to see on the farm.

Walked by my cone flowers. Not quite in full bloom yet, but they will be!
They needed a drink of water. It is going to be very hot today!

Checked on Mrs. Momma Puddle Duck . For some reason Mr. Rooster stays close by her. Alllllll the time. Really amazing, not sure why? Maybe he is just protecting her.

Enjoy your summer day. I will. I will be with my favorite man, in the whole world. Yesterday, Mr. Phil talked to me about all kinds of things. It was all very interesting, but maybe not things I would like to talk about. I was reminded by the Lord that Mr. Phil needs me to be his helper. Kind of cool, I thought. He was talking guy stuff, like fencing and posts, and gates and lumber and all kinds of things. I listened. I looked at his brown sun tan face and thought he is mine, forever. I think I am in love! It is a good thing! I will carry a bucket for him today. I will ask the Lord to help me think of ways to encourage him. We will get to enjoy each others company, I know a lot of women can't do that! When I was newly married, I wanted to do my thing. Then the Lord put Mr Phil and I in a box (I call it that) and we had to learn what it was to build a relationship and a home. I didn't like to go with him. Now I do. We are one, the Bible says. I don't want to miss what the Lord has for me to learn from my man. He is wise. He teaches me things about the Word and explains it to me. The Bible talks about the man washing his wife with the word of God. It is good!

If I get bored I will play tic tac toe. Heehee, I don't think I will get bored though.

Love you bunches and hugs from the farm,

Leave me a comment please, when I get home and can see that you have been here. Tell me about your day! I truly would love to hear about it!

Just a little note, my Tressa just started a blog! Please go see her, if you have a minute.
She is so excited! She loves the Lord so!!!!!!!!!



  1. I have a comment about the rooster staying so close. We have a duck that laid her eggs under the stairs. The rooster was staying close also because the chickens were trying to get her nest every time she left. She left one time and he pecked a hole in one of her eggs. I know it was him because he was right there we actually pinned him up for a while the chickens didnt bother her any more. Something got her eggs there was only a few. So she actually moved and started laying eggs some where else. I guess she did not feel safe. Just thought I would share that little bit of information. Thanks so much for your love of God. You really touch hearts.

  2. I just love reading your blog. You tell it straight from the heart and it's obvious. I love getting ideas from you too.... like playing tic-tac-toe when you're bored! Ha!

    I wish that my hubby would talk like yours does to you. We have been married for 15 years and we made some mistakes when we first got married. Now we want to be on the right path, but we don't know where to start. I wish he would date me again, but I want it to be his idea. The other day I went and put a note on his truck while he was at work. I am trying to think of little things like that. He is extremely independent and it is hard to know how to be HIS helpmeet. There are many things he doesn't let me in on. I am trying to focus on the positive things in our relationship.

    We are going garage saleing today. There is a large community sale that I am excited about. Then we are driving to Sacramento early in the morning tomorrow. We will have a little mini-vacation with family. You will have to come visit my blog to see what goodies I found at the sale today. I will post about them later.

    Hope you enjoyed your day!
    Anna @ TravelinPilgrim

  3. Thank you for postting so much about your farm. My family lived in MO and IL a couple years but now we are in WA. I have to say I miss it over there, and I love reading your blog and getting a little taste of that life throught it. The Lord is sure blessing me through your blog. Thank you.

  4. I love reading your blog everyday. It is such a joy! The LORD is faithful keeping your whole family under the shadow of HIS wings!

  5. Hi Linda...
    It sounds like you are really busy. That's great. I read your blog post today and loved it as all the photos. Do you remember that wire cage I found at the yard sale for $0.25?..I think I may try decorating similar to the one you have pictures here...only it doesn't have a bottom to it.

    Oh I had to throw out all my old knitting supplies...yarn, crochet cotton etc...all were musty/moldy from the old apartment. That was sad...
    BUT...I did buy some new, clean...cotton yarn, crochet cotton...and bamboo crochet thread at Joann's Fabrics..That was HAPPY :) :)
    Even happier, I scored some SWEET deals at a 4-family yard sale today...found more treasures for steal of a deal prices. God was so good and looking out for my pocketbook!!! I'll blog about it later tonight.
    My life has been very quiet and kind of boring lately....well, aside from my dad and the blog...and you and all my other friends :) :)...but you know what I mean...even though there's stuff going on, it feels quiet? Not just got busy all of a sudden. how'd that happen?
    Saw your daughter's blog...very nice. I joined her blog!!! Hope you are having a great day. Thanks for talking about loving your husband and encouraging him. I'm still single...but one day, I do believe I will be married...and this is great stuff to learn from and f ile away for future use :) :)
    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. Hi Linda
    I love that your name is Linda because my Mama's name is Linda too! I just know we are all kindred spirits!! :-)
    I have about two seconds to comment...I need to get out in the garden again to finish weeding and stake down the tomato cages! How exciting that you have had some ripe tomatoes already!! I CAN NOT wait until mine are ripe!!! They are just starting to blush now so I know it wont be long!!! I can't wait to make tomato pie!!!! My cone flower are just ready to burst open, I think about two more days with sun ought to do it! Today we are just weeding and running through the sprinkler, just the way I like it!!! I love your post (all of them really!. I'm so thankful that the Lord kept you and your family safe!! Talk more later!
    Love Carissa

  7. we have two ducks Raffle and Lucky Duck(because she was the only remaining mallard from her flock that lived so we named her Lucky) have been raised with our silkies(chickens)and they all hang tight with one another because everyone else that they should hang with pick on them... Great pictures thank you for sharing

  8. Such a protective rooster! Abby loved that picture! Glad you are safe. I think the Lord gives us those "off" days to remind us that we need Him. Thankful you are safe.
    Today we are tidying up the house, making some snacks for our mini-camping trip, and just enjoying our free time together. Hubby is a teacher so he has the summer free other than his pastor job and another small side job or two. Thankful for his hard work!

    Enjoy your weekend, Linda! *hugs*

  9. love that tic tac toe game!! :)

  10. I am so glad y'all are safe and sound. Thank God for giving us His Holy Spirit to nudge us into prayer. I visited Tressa's blog and it is so neat and cute. I hope my 14 year old step daughter that lives with us will want to follow Jesus like your Tressa does. We have some very trying days, but God is in control.
    Blessings, Jeannie Schlitt

  11. I love the photos! That post makes me want chickens. I wonder how fast my German Shepherd would kill them all?? :-(((

  12. Linda, It has been said often, but I do enjoy your blog so much. You brighten my day and remind me always to turn my face to the Son. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I thank the Lord for keeping you and your family safe this day. Wonderful to have that 'safety net' of prayer beneath you. He is so good to us; seeing us through hard times and giving joy and blessings aplenty.
    I enjoy the photos you send out with Bible Verses on them and usually use them as my desktop background. When my girls are home visiting, it hardly fails that they change my settings! THen when they leave, I can't find the same picture. I thought perhaps you might be able to keep a folder of them on your site for us to pick and choose from. I like to change with the seasons. I just love your photography and settings and the verses are such a blessing. Just a thought for you to work out if possible.
    Nice post about encouraging your man. Sometimes we take them for granted too. Tomorrow I'm off to a farm auction with hubby. We don't really need anything and don't really have the money for anything anyway, but the time together is fun. We're bringing two of the kids who happen to be home for the time being. Should be a good day!
    God bless you and yours,

  14. Hi Linda! I just got my fabric and pail - so cool! Thank you for blessing me. I love the way you write about your husband. I would love to be able to write that way some day. Heather

  15. Thank you so much for your blog! I love reading it and the pictures and also your love for our Lord.I get such a uplifting from reading your messages and say a prayer for your family as I read it!! Oh we have 13 chickens and they all have to lay in the same spot!!LOL


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