Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is It Warm In Your Area?

Hello sweet friends,
First off, I want to thank those of you who went over to welcome my sweet girl Tressa, who started her new blog yesterday! She was very excited to see that you all had been there! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Okay, you know how I was telling you about how Mr. Rooster and how he stays so close to Mrs. Puddle Duck's nest yesterday? Well, I got a really interesting comment yesterday and I want to share with you what I learned. Angie from Blissfuly Blessed, she is a new blogger (listen to the song on her blog called, Lead Me) I love it! It is about the song writer and who he wants to be for his family. Really good. Pray for our men that they could be that. They really need the prayers of their wives!! Angie also captured an adorable picture and she has a sweet way of taking you right to the spot. This is what she said:

I have a comment about the rooster staying so close. We have a duck that laid her eggs under the stairs. The rooster was staying close also because the chickens were trying to get her nest every time she left. She left one time and he pecked a hole in one of her eggs. I know it was him because he was right there we actually pinned him up for a while the chickens didnt bother her any more. Something got her eggs there was only a few. So she actually moved and started laying eggs some where else. I guess she did not feel safe. Just thought I would share that little bit of information.

After she said that it got me to thinking. . . . . . so I ran out to see what I should do now! Guess WHAT? Miss Americana was sitting on the eggs. I couldn't believe it! She thinks it is her nest I think.

I took her off the nest and put her in a chicken pen with the ducks and little chickens. Then Mr. Phil and I ran around the farm trying to catch Mr. Rooster. . . . . . a sight in its self. So now they both have to stay all penned up until she has her babies. It would be horrible if something happened to the eggs.

I went this morning to the coop to take pictures of the way the "Chicks" patted down the straw to make a nest. Remember yesterday when I told you I would take a pic? Neat of the Lord, how he put it in the hen to make a nice nest. Makes me think, am I making a nice nest in my home? All I can say is I am trying! Any way. . . .

I then went to feed everyone and when I came up to Mrs. Puddle Duck she started to move a little and hiss. I was ready with the camera. . . . . guess what I saw? One of Mrs. (she isn't Miss anymore) Americana's eggs under Mrs. Puddle Duck. Do you see the egg? It is the brown one. I only say one, she may have more. That is a hoot! My farm is a little funny I guess. Little Miss Fluff hatched 2 ducks, so I guess it is Mrs. Puddle Ducks turn to have a baby chick. I love it!!!!!! Farm life is so wonderful!

Mr. Phil and I are off to build the fence again today. It is supposed to be windy and hot today. Here is a pic of the first part of the fence. I was so dirt tired, I forgot to take a picture of the gate we finished. I will today. It is beautiful!!!!! We both were so excited that we did it, ourselves. We had never built a fence before like this and we looked and looked at different fences around. We get paid for doing this job and we are so excited, that it is looking good! The Lord is providing for us and I am grateful. Thank you all who pray for our family. Our girls will be helping with the long fence we will work on today.

Look at the little friends we made who live in the field . The little girl in front is going to have a baby. She is a miniature pony. Then there is stud on the right and another pony that is white in the middle. They kept bugging us to get out of the fence on to the side of the pasture we were on.

Mr. Phil and I took a little rest and went to cool off in town, we drove by a garage sale!!! He stopped. . . . . . . I found this. It was so fun to break up my day with a little fun. I love garage sales, but never seem to have the time. He made the time for me. The greenery in the inside is garlands. THought it was so sweet. Want to put it out in the Potter's Shed among the CHRISTmas lights. Cute? They were normally 10.00 each and I got them for $1.00. The bushel basket was a dollar also. I am going to make somethings real cute out of it. You will see at a later date what it will be.

Flowers for you! Blackeyed Susan's are another favorite flower of mine.

Loved coming home and reading your comments. They all bless my heart!
I had this on my computer from my grand-daughter Ellie. Can't get better than that!

P.S. Don't know if any of you have read any of Josh Harris books (he wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye) or his brother's Alex and Brett, who wrote Do Hard Things. Anyway, found out this morning, that their Momma is dying click and see their family, the love their family has, is precious! Breaks my heart. Please pray for their family as they are saying their goodbyes. There will be sons and daughters and little ones, that won't have their gramma with them. Pray for her husband. He is a gem. I can't imagine, but I KNOW the Lord gives Grace when it is needed! I Praise HIm!

Love and a huge "big hug" from ME!


  1. Yes, it is hot here today! Our temps have been hovering close to 100* for two weeks now. Can't wait for the rainy season to start but then we have slick mud. LOL We are finishing a coop addition and then a fence to keep our eight hens and two roos safe while they free range. Hard work in heat but we love our flock.
    Thanks for the encouraging blogging and I like to see your photos.

  2. As always I love all your posts... I hope you didn't overdo today in this terrible heat. It feels like 103 here today, so we are staying in this afternoon...

    xoxo Gert

  3. Hot,Hot here I am in South and we have been over 100 degrees in the past few weeks , God sent a wonderful shower in the evening and it looks like he maybe sending one today.Please do not over do in the heat and may God bless you graciously. Love your post about the farm animals how sweet and encouraging. Love yard sales also.

  4. Hi Linda...

    It is really warm here today in Southern Oregon. It's supposed to be around 90 Fahrenheit with the accompanying humidity to make it feel hotter :) :) I have the windows in the apartment open but the blinds slightly closed to allow fresh air in, but keep some of the sunlight out a little bit. Also, any unnecessary lights are turned off!!!! It keeps things cool. So far it's bearable :) :)

    I read Angie's comments about the chickens. I'll check out her blog later today, too!!!

    Oh yeah..I love your garage sale finds!!! Those are great deals. I found more stuff today, too. If you can believe that!!! So now I'm definitely done...for the time being!!!

    Josh Harris...I've read his his first two books when I was in college (I kissed dating goodbye and When Boy met Girl..I think that's the title) :) :) :) They're wonderful!!! I'm sorry to hear about his mother. I'll be praying for her and the rest of the family!!!

    Tressa's blog is fun already!!! She'll do really well with it!!!

  5. The thermometer says 95 for our little patch of Texas, but we are blessed with lots of humidity here, good for the skin, bad for the hair! Glad you got to cool off in town and find some garage sale goodies. Sometimes the littlest blessings are the best! Have a wonderful Sunday. Jeannie Schlitt

  6. Hello Linda! Oh happy you came by to say hello! I also have a darling tissue holder you made me in my trailer! I think of you each time I walk into my trailer! Thank you for the well wishes. I LOVE, love, love the story of Little Miss Fluff and Mrs. Puddle Duck! That is a hoot!!! Oh farm wonderful! Now off to your store to see what you have been up to!



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