Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting Ready For A Picnic Party!

Hello sweet ladies,

We are getting ready for a party here on the farm. Our oldest daughter Tressa is celebrating her 18 years of education in our home. Wow! I sometimes get a little teary thinking of her leaving our home, to start her own someday with the young man we have been praying for. Well, I guess I don’t have to worry about that anytime soon. She has never been interested in anyone and so I have more time to enjoy her. She has been a delight!

Tress and I have been going through two of our favorite Gooseberry Patch Recipe books that we use for summer time meals. 101 Easy Entertaining Recipes and Simple Country Pleasures. Today we will start making mini cream puffs, that will be filled with our Chicken Salad family recipe (I will put the recipe up later when we make it). I can put the cream puffs in the freezer, and then fill them on Saturday . Have you ever made cream puffs? They are soooooo super easy and taste wonderful!

In the 101 cookbook we chose:

we found Seeded Tortilla Crisps,

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers,

and Gazpacho Dip. Don't these look wonderful. I think our

guests and family are going to like!

That is just the beginning. We will be very busy over the next few days getting ready for our Celebration Picnic.

Yesterday I got my Gooseberry Patch Blog e-mail (which I love) and it said, "Planning a Picnic?" Well isn't that nice of our Gooseberry family to think of that, just when I needed them. They had some adorable ideas. I will do them and then I will put up pictures of what it looked with a Prairie Flower Farm touch!I As you know I am such a Gooseberry Fan!

The flood waters are going down everyday here. Hope you are all safe where you live! The weather has been a little dangerous out there. Praying that the Lord is protecting you all!

Blessings from the farm!



  1. our catering ventures we have made THOUSANDS of creme 17 year old son is an expert at making them, lol! Filling them with chicken salad sounds delicious! Enjoy your party and I'll be watching for that recipe. Congratulations to Tressa (and her family too)!


  2. Yum!! Linda I have a giveaway going on so come over and enter : )

  3. Oh this does sound delicious. I love Gooseberry Patch, too. I have one of their cookbooks "From Grandma's Kitchen" :) :) Their cookbooks are really C-U-T-E cute :) :)
    I've only ever had cream puffs with pudding in them or a custard type filling..I like the idea of putting chicken salad in them. That sounds really, really good right now :) :)
    Yeah, definitely post pics of those once they're made :) :)
    I"m really glad the waters are going down :) :)
    Love, hugs and greetings from Oregon,
    Heather :)

  4. Oh my can I come ....LOL!!! I am sure your celebration would be lovely:-)

  5. Oh how fun, I wanna come too, I know it will be agreat time hugs and blessings, Barbara

  6. Yum!
    We will be celebrating our oldest daughter's graduation from homeschooling this weekend also.


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  8. What special ideas for summer! Thank you for sharing!

    On a side note, I have a special favor... I am having a giveaway this week and I need help to get the word out. So far, ONE person has entered. I suppose if I don't get anymore, than she'll be the winner! I sure would like to have a little more fun with it though. LOL!If you can help, I sure would appreciate it.

    Looking forward to hearing about your picnic!

  9. Hey Linda,,the blue Gooseberry Patch book is the exact same one I am reading at this very moment!! I was able to get one at a Yard Sale (still with price tag on the back) for one dollar a few weeks ago. My first and hopefully a sign of many more to come..I get thinking about my wee ones that aren't wee anymore leaving the 'patch'...Me littlest will be starting high school in September.sigh....

  10. I've never made cream puffs but I'm always willing to learn something new. You menu sounds great. Enjoy your picnic!!

  11. Hi Linda,
    I love, love, love your new header! It's so adorable.


  12. Oh my to think that any of you could come to our party! Wouldn't that be so fun?That would be a dream come true!

    Thank you Gail! I love it that your son knows how to cook. I taught my three sons how to cook and they helped their wives. I love it!

    Love, I am going to come over and sign up and then I will tell others about it.

    Heather, you will have to try the chicken salad. It is sooo num!

    Suzanne, yes you can come. Wouldn't that just be so fun if I could have an airplane to pick you all up?

    Barb, I wish I could pick you up also! smile

    Nadine, We had to wait for everyone else's grad parties to be done. Every weekend was taken up and now it is her turn. It will be fun.

    Travelin, I will come over later tonight and then I'll post about your giveaway also. How fun!

    Angela, I read about your garage salings. You have a blast and find the best of stuff! I am so glad our daughter wants to stay with until she gets married. A little different with boys isn't it?

    Amy, they are soooo easy to make. Once you try it, you won't want to stop.

    Christa, You are so sweet to have noticed. I just put it up today. I love the entrance to our little Potter's Shed. Thank you!

    It is one hot day today in Kansas! Linda

  13. What a milestone! Congratulations! :-)

  14. be 18 again! What a fun time in a young woman's life. Happy Birthday early to your sweet Tressa!

    I love a good chicken salad. Never thought to put them in cream puff shells. Reminds me of my own mom. She made cream puffs from a recipe called St. Josephs Cream Puffs. They were the best filled with real sweet whipped cream.Linda you are very delightful. I love coming by. Gooseberry recipes are great! Love and Hugs Anne


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