Monday, June 28, 2010

Squash bug, Vintage and Blushing Tomatoes!

Good Morning Sweet Ladies,

Hope your weekend was a good one. Our Sunday was restful and then we found lots to do in the garden. It is growing so well. How is your garden doing? I would love to see pictures!

Mr. Phil and I were laying down straw on our sweet potato patch. I heard some rucus going on over by the chicken coop. It was Momma duck getting in and out of a pan we had out for the animals to get their water. She was splashing and have a wonderful time cleaning her feathers! She makes her wings flap and water goes a flying. I immediately thought! HER NEST, I can see how many eggs, Mrs. Americana might have laid. I ran over with camera to find. . . . . .

. . . . . her nest. Mrs. Puddle Duck covered her eggs real nice, so nobody can see them. Isn't that just so precious of the Lord, to imprint on her to protect her eggs? Love it!

I gently pulled back the fluff of feathers and little sticks. You can count 6 of Mrs. Americana's eggs. That is why she and Mr. Rooster were sticking so close to the nest. Poor thing, she will have to lay another nest of her own. There are 9 duck eggs. I can't hardly believe that she will have 9 little ducks and 6 little chickens. I will have to separate the chick eggs out. They will want to learn to swim and that won't be a good thing! Smile.

The squash bugs have been getting on my zuccini and squash. We had a friend over and he said to take 5 gallons of water and a pouch of tobacco. I am not into tobacco, but for killing squash bugs in a natural way in my garden I will buy it. Phil and I don't buy tobacco, so we felt a little funny. We asked for it and told the lady we were using it to make a brew and spray it on our plants that had squash bugs. She said she had heard the same thing. I guess our friend said it works fantastic. I will try it and let you know!
Fill your pot with water.

Put in the tobacco and cook for an hour. Strain and put liquid into a sprayer. Spray over and under the plant. It should kill the squash bugs, it did our friends. I dislike squash bugs, they killed one of my cantaloupe plants already!. They are creepy bugs!

I placed one of my favorite green chairs in the garden to take a rest ever so often. This is what I could see.

See the sweet potato rows. I have two long, long rows. They will, as my friend Rosa says, get real bossy! They will spread allllll over the patch. They grow real fast and look beautiful when the patch gets all filled up. I will show later!

I thought I had lost all my pickle (cucumber) plants, but I had not! They came back fine after the flooding rain we had. I love making our refrigerator pickles. The cucumbers should be growing pretty fast now. Things like this really bless my heart. To think that our Lord would care for our needs. Amazing Grace!

See the baby Moon and Stars watermelon?

The tomatoes are blushing (as a sweet blogger friend calls it). Soon we will have our salsa. The onions, peppers and cayenne peppers are growing also. Can't wait. This week probably, I would think!

Thought you might like to see the gate Mr. Phil and I built. We are so excited that we did it! Looks so pretty and it will work great for the owners. Today we will finish the long fence. The posts are all in and now we need to just put up the wire. It will be nice to have this job finished! ! ! !

Today I will take some Forget-Me-Nots and Alaska Shasta Daisy seeds to the job site. I will surprise the family we are working for. I hope the little flowers will come up. I will have to say a little prayer, so that God will help me! I will plant and He can grow, if He wants to. Oh, how I hope He wants to! ! ! ! !

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you. I just found out, that I am vintage. I was at a very precious blog. The young lady has little children and she was talking about her momma who had saved some sweet outfits from way back, for her daughter to use on her son, if she ever had one. The daughter called them sweet “vintage outfits” Then she put the date on a close up picture. It was from the 70’s. Tee hee! "VINTAGE", ME? I giggled to myself. It reminded me of the other day I was asking Tressa to pray for us, as we were about to go out and start building on the fence. I kiddingly said, You know I am old! She said. “Mom, you aren’t old, 100 is old.” Hahahaha! I like it, one tells me I am “vintage” and Tress tells me at 58 I am not old, love it. I am going to listen to Tressa! What ever my age, I want to be content. I want to keep doing the same things I have always done. Until that day I am not young anymore. . . . . I'll just keep thinking that I am young! My sweetie daughter said so!

I am off to build a fence with my honey!

Love, hugs and prayers from the farm,



  1. I appreciated this post! Age is something I need to keep in perspective..i think I will keep it in Tressa's perspective.

    Love that green chair-A LOT! :)

  2. Hi Cheyenne, love your name! Glad you appreciated the post. I agree!!!! Tressa is a smart young lady. Smile! Have a good day.

    My daughter in love gave me 4 of those chairs and a table! I love em too! They look so cute anywhere! She couldn't use them. My fun! Bless YOU!

  3. Thanks for another wonderful post, Also the tobacco juice for bugs on our vegs thank you for letting us know about it. Have a lovely day and God Bless You, Age What is that?

  4. Hi Linda,

    I have one second to say that your post has just warmed my heart!!!!!!!!!!! I will be back later to talk more. Anna just colored her self with a purple marker that I THOUGHT was washable while making some homemade cards. She is now the color of Barney~not that we watch Barney , but that is what she looks like. :-) I'll try to take some pictures of the garden today~minus the weeds! :-)
    ~Carissa (That green chair!!!! Oh MY!!! I love it!!)

  5. We have squash bugs too! I have been fighting them hard by picking them off (actually the kids shoot them with water guns) and dumping them in soapy water. Hopefully the tobacco water works better than that. Did boiling the tobacco make your kitchen smell like tobacco? If not, I may try your method!
    I have read that squash bugs don't like marigolds, so I plan to plant some of those too.

  6. Hi, I haven't left yet for the field. Mr. Phil is getting things ready. I will type!
    Bonnie, I don't know what age is! Smile!

    Carissa, You gave me a giggle. My middle son took black magic marker to the back of our new car on the back of the drivers seat years ago. Not fun! Love my chair also! They are oak underneath, but love the green!

    Lorus, I didn't notice a smell at all and I have a nose! I just hate what those bug do to a plant, so I will try anything! I didn't know that about the marigolds. I did plant some out in my garden yesterday. I have some more to plant so I will try it! Thanks for the help
    Love you all and have a good day! Me

  7. Hi Linda..As always I love to read your posts and to see what is going on on the farm. Love the gate you guys put looks so fresh and new! YOu guys did a great job!! Oh yes, I have heard about the tobacco also. Keep us informed on how it works! (I'll say a prayer it does and that you and Mr. Phil don't over do today working on that fence..) Remember as they say...age is just a number!

    xoxo Gert

  8. I would love to know if the tobacco mixture works. I always fight squash bugs. I don't have them yet this year, but any day now I expect to see them. We will have to sneak off to another county to buy some tobacco, though!

    I appreciate reading your blog.

  9. Oh, also- I planted marigolds by some of my squash this year. Maybe that's why I don't have any yet. But it didn't work last year.

  10. I do hope the tobacco juice works. Yes, do let us know.

    Aww...momma duck is a good momma. I saw 2 colors of eggs. I am confused...why 2 colors from one species?

  11. I love your pictures! I planted sweet potatoes in my garden for the first time this year, a little worried now that I hear how they spread, mine are next to my pickles. It will be a learning experience. After over 35 years of gardening always something new. Posted some pictures of my garden today, always love to watch the garden grow.

  12. FYI ~~ Please keep the tobacco spray away from your tomatoes and plants related to them. Tobacco plants carries virus diseases that affect tomato plants. Smokers shouldn't be around the tomato plants either.

    I love your garden photos. Our garden is doing well. We finally have summer heat, and the garden has really grown in the last couple of weeks. Take care,

  13. Love your blog - theres so much to see on your farm and it looks so beautiful. Good luck with the squash bugs!

  14. Thank you for sharing all the farm excitement. The only things I have growing besides flowers is basil and lavender, and neither are doing well. My marigolds and daisies from seeds didn't take well either. Please pray this Tropical Storm Alex decides to fizzle out, I don't wish it on anyone. Ike hit hard two years ago and it's just not a fun experience, not to mention insurance goes up whether you have a claim or not. Thank you for your prayers.
    Jeannie Schlitt

  15. Your blog is so neat and I enjoy visiting it. I didn't get to plant a garden this year as I am planning on moving. Just waiting around tell this house sells. God Bless.....
    Just a little primitive blogspot

  16. Hey Linda,
    I have a great idea! I will come to the farm and be mentored by you, and my kiddos can clean pens for you!!! How does that sound? Please let me know ASAP :)
    On a more realistic note, THANK YOU for the apron pattern!! I just can't wait to make it, as I love the vintage look and I think it will be kinder to my short-waisted-maternal figure. LOVE IT!

  17. It's been awhile since I've been here to visit. It seems as if I've missed alot! I loved reading about your duck and chicken eggs. And how your chickens make their nice little round nests in the straw.
    I love the way they do that!
    I have 3 "teenage" hens in the hen house and they like to peck and scratch around in the nest boxes so they end up making a mess with all the straw. It seems like the adult hens are getting a bit irritated with the disruption but they climb in there and rearrange it all over again.

    and I love the garden vase you made with the Bible verse tag. So beautiful hanging there!

    Thank you for sharing such sweet thoughts with us. You have blessed my day!

  18. 1970's are the vintage years?! Hilarious!! We're getting better with age, aren't we :D

  19. Good Morning Linda,
    Again, I just love saying your name because it reminds me of my own Mama~actually the two of you are so alike! You both just ooze of love and Jesus! Anna got a hot bubble bath last night and most of the purple is off of her now!LOL Now she, along with all of us, just has blue finger tips from picking blueberries yesterday~Oh my how much fun! Squeal, you have 3 more of those gorgeous turcoise chairs and a table! That must make for happy table setting!! I do love how you use one in the garden though too! I have an old chair that I painted turcoise, it's on my front porch with some happy gerber daisies on it right now, but I might just drag it off to the garden today, and as soon as the hay field is cut I think I'll get a picture of it out there like the way yours looks~Oh my, I'm a romantic dreamer!
    Thanks for the tip re: the tobacco~I know what you mean about feeling funny while purchasing it~I think I'll send Handsome Hubby out on that mission! :-)
    Your fence is coming along wonderful, you both have done such a great job. here is a pat on the back, did you feel it? It's so sweet how the two of you work as a couple~so loving! Truly the way the Lord has meant for it to be!
    Your crop looks great~Isn't the Lord amazing??? It never gets dull to see new life coming up out of the ground! Your tomatoes are blushing just lovely~Wink

    I better go for now~Mammaw and Pappaw have the babies for the day so I can get some more weeding done in the garden.
    Love Carissa


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