Thursday, June 17, 2010

Such A Busy Day!

Helllloooo! Hope your day is going well. Just had to stop in and say hello for a minute. It is going to be such a busy day today with cooking and all.

We have one of Taylor's friends staying here for a week. It has been a delight! Yesterday Tressa our oldest took the girls out to the wheat field to take pic's. I loved a few and wanted to show you. The wheat is getting ready for harvest. Harvest is our families favorite time of year. It is hard work, but we do it as a family and that is the best! It means all of our family comes to the farm. That means little ones and big kids are hopping in the back of the wheat truck to experience the wheat berries between their toes. It really is a very special time.

Here are a few just to show you what she saw and snapped!

A lot of "Praisin the Lord" going on! Both these girls love the Lord, I am grateful!

Kansas Sky......... Kansas Girl........... and Kansas Wheat. What a wonderful combination!

Can't have cowgirls without the boots!

We were really blessed last night. Our friends down the road told Mr. Farmer that he could have all these pieces to a big fence. Gates and all! We jumped on it and my honey worked for hours in the heat and evening getting the pieces on the back of our little flat bed truck. I tried to help, because parts of the fence panels where not in good shape and I thought I could use the bolt cutter on it. Not! I am not very strong in my arms and it just didn't work. It was nice though to talk and enjoy each others company while he worked. It has been a blessing for me to have worked along side my husband for all our married years. I know one thing of importance! Be an encourager to your man. He needs it. There are tons of things on a man! If I can come along side and be a blessing, it will be a good thing for him.
Just a little encouragement for us ladies to think on!

You all have a wonderful day! As I am cooking and working, I will be asking the Lord to bless you and keep you! Some have emailed me for specific prayer requests. I am praying for those. I truly love you all! As I have said before, I am a blessed lady, because of you!



  1. Oh my word! Those pictures are just precious!

  2. I love the photos. Those are so beautifully done!!! Have a great time with all your chicks gathered at home :) :) :)

    Please post pics of some of the goodies that you cook today...:) :)

    Love, hugs and greetings from Oregon,
    Heather :)

  3. Oh, how I love those pictures! Fantastic! Your words (and hubby reminder) are also a blessing to me today. Thank you, Linda! Hugs, Tammy

  4. Hi Linda. What beautiful pictures...thanks for sharing! Your words are a blessing to me as well.

  5. Linda, I love the pictures and your write up. God is so good isn't He?? How he puts people and things into our lives. so glad you had a good time with your husband...working rogether means so much, I was outsdie with Tom today as he planted my flowers and I helped him make the runza casserole for dinner. working together means so much to both partners. Thanks for reminding us!


    xoxo Gert

  6. Love you blog, the pictures are great. I enjoy reading of farm life, helps me dream. Visit me at

  7. I wish I could be there with you! What a lovely family you have. Your life is so filled with goodness being with the family and enjoying your harvest once the hard work is done. Blessings to you sweet lady! Anne

  8. I like your blog! You are, indeed, blessed to have children who love the Lord, as am I! PTL!

    Nice pics!


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