Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Electricity........But Nooooooo INTERNET

Hello sweet ladies..........

this will be short. I am at a place where they have internet. Just wanted to check in and see how you are all doing if you live in an area that had the huge storms that came through. I hope all are okay. We were praying for safety. It was a really had day and evening. 

 We have pictures of the ones that came through here.......but it is to hard to put them up at this time. We had electricity last night so the little chicks and eggs seem to be fine. I would have been so sad to lose all the 42 fertile eggs. Out of the 48 that is pretty good. I candled all of them and little eyeballs can be seen with a flash light in a dark room 96 EYEBALLS and God let me see. Isn't that amazing?

Well ......hope we can get internet soon. I like it when I feel like part of the world.......internet sure does that.

Still am thinking of the Word, Retaining it and Building a HOME. I have an idea......but with the internet out it will have to wait.

Hugs to you all and know that I am talking to the Lord about you!


  1. Linda, we are still riding the storms out here in central MO. A tornado touched down to our west in Sedalia today. I've been wondering about you, friend! Stay safe - good to hear from you!! -Tammy

  2. Praying for you, Sis. Everything went North or South of us. We were in the cellar about an hour.

    Continuing to pray... (wish they would stop talking about dividing Israel or going back to the pre-1967 borders!!!)

    Prayers & hugs!

  3. Hi, Linda - I was praying for you last night -so glad you are safe and sound! Hope you get your Internet back soon - no fun to be without it! We had several tornadoes on the ground around us here in north central Kansas last evening. My kitty and I spent part of our evening in the storm shelter! It was so dark and wild outside - but fortunately the storms blew around us, praise God!

  4. Oops - forgot to sign it - Linda, that last comment was from me - Pauline!

  5. Glad to hear you, your family, & animals are all safe. That huge storm is coming to us (KY) tonight. I hate that it is coming at night time, but we are prepared & the kids will be sleeping downstairs. Please keep us in your prayers.

  6. Linda,
    So glad you, your family, animals, and farm are ok. I prayed for you when I saw your area was in the warning box. This weather is so scary. I hope it stops immediately. My youngest is going to a church camp in Missouri this weekend. They will pass thru Joplin. Hope you get your internet back soon. Can't wait to hear about your idea!
    Hugs and prayers,
    Susan Montgomery

  7. Dear Linda
    I'm glad to hear you guys are alright - your country is certainly having a run of storms at the moment - we've been praying for you all.
    Hope you get everything connected quickly - glad your little chicks were fine

  8. Hi Tammy......our family was praying for you today. Man this weather is something else. So glad we have internet again. Yikes on the tornado. They are so scary. We had a peaceful day today.......just a gentle rain. Hugs, me

    Thank you Prairie Maid........we had a quiet day. Just a gentle rain and that was wonderful. Oh yes, I am so with you on Israel. Scary thankful the Lord has things under control. Watching the word happen before our eyes. Hugs, me

    Hi Pauline, thank you for praying...glad you and kitty were safe. Wish we had a storm shelter. WE need one so bad......we go to neighbors. You were sweet to come over and leave me a comment. I so appreciate your concern. Hugs, me

    Laura.....we have you covered. It is a mean storm. I know some of my friends in Arkansas needed prayers today. I hope you are sleeping downstairs also. Praying for you, please keep us posted! Hugs, me

    Susan, Thank you for praying. The weather has been scary! I will pray for your youngest. She or he will not believe what it looks like after a tornado has hit a place. It will go on for miles of devastation. WE missed a tornado when we worked at a Christian camp a few years back. It jumped over us and went through the next town and it was flattened. We were spared and we knew it. Hugs, me wrote all the way from sweet pea. WE are safe, but others out east of the states are getting it tonight. Keep praying! We were gone most of the day and when we got home we had internet again. It is nice when you have it. It went out yesterday right as all the horrible storms were going through our area. Not fun.
    Blessings to you also and thank you again for caring. I so appreciate it.

    Hugs everyone and you are truly a blessing, Linda

  9. Been trying to post a comment letting you
    we care thoughts and prayer all our MidWest
    Family and Friends. Blogger been having some
    issues so we could not post comments ...
    reason for see the word anonymous



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