Friday, May 27, 2011

Todays the Yoder Chicken Auction and meeting a Mary Jane Farmgirl

Okay...........this is really getting old........our internet went off and on at least 8 times........and finally off at around 4. I called the young man (he is now my best friend because we've talked so many times, he said oh yes I remember was good that I had been nice before) and he said all was a go. went off AGAIN. I am trying to be patient, but I guess the Lord has a little more work to do........well really "A LOTTA" work to do with me. Smile. I really am not mad, just very very frustrated. It is on so I am going to hurry and get a post up. I have to say since I have started this has gone off and on again. Grrrrr! 

This is what I will see.........I took this pic some time back...........adorableness wouldn't you say?

Today is the day to go to the YODER CHICKEN AUCTION and I am soooooo excited. There will be I will take lots of pic's for you so you can feel like you have been there your self. Okay for fun........tell me what kind of pie you would eat.  We will see which pie gets the vote. I luvvvvvvv strawberry/rhubarb. So does everyone else in Kansas......... so I will have to hurry and buy a piece as soon as I get my ticket........that's my auction ticket. I love this part. It means I can bid on something and I really like to bid......but only until a certain amount. I come up with a price and I hardly ever go over. I am a cheap girl and never buy anything for very much. It is sooooo much fun though. Wish all of you who read my blog could come with me. Wouldn't that be a hoot........all of us ladies descending on the auction? I would love it. There will be Fancy or English and Plain all in one place. Older English gents with their forever sweethearts........ he will be dressed in his "town" (as my honey's Momma would say......Grandpa would dare not go to town in anything else) overalls and her in her worn calico dress. For sure there will many Amish men with their long beards and dressed in his hand stitched  blue pants sewn by his wife. White or black bonnets will be seen in the huge crowd that will be there. Lots of children running around with their yellow straw hats for the boys and adorable girls in their bonnets and all in there bare feet.  It is such a fun time and I will enjoy my day. I will be caging up some of my roosters. I really need to get rid of them. Oh and don't forget.....let me know what kind of pie you would buy.

Yesterday I went to check on my peas....... for some reason I  do not have one "sweet pea" that has bloomed yet....... not sure why, but the snow peas are being formed. Tressy was with and noticed a long pod. How did I miss that when I looked the day before? I was so excited and here is the pic. Look at how amazing it is. Things like this really bless my heart.....guess I think how blessed we are as a people that the Lord would love us so and provide food for our table........whether we buy from the store or grow it at our HOMES. Quite a gift I would say........oh and thank you Lord.

Click picture so you can get a better look.

Can you see Sophie our kitty in the background.........notice her lounging with her little paws on the side of the cage. I think she thinks all 16 baby chicks are hers. She sits all tucked in this place all the time. Need to clean the cage again.........they are the _ _ _ _ingest little chicks. Sophie is quite content wouldn't you say?

Went out to do the chores for the day..........I saw Miss Gracie sitting on her nest down in the milk barn. She has a nest she has made on the backside of the little chicks cage. 

Last night I was cleaning up in the kitchen. I heard this ruckus out the kitchen window. There was Shelby........taking her roost. She doesn't like to be around the other chickens. She has been a loaner since she came to live on the farm. We just let her go where ever she wants. Her favorite place to roost is in the evergreen tree, but I have not had her roost right out the window. It was one of those sweet treats to end my day. 

Today I will be meeting up with a "blogger friend"...........who will meet me at the auction. She is also a Mary Jane Farmgirl. I think it will be another blessing and I am soooooo excited......... God is so has it's huge challenges and some can be is nice to take little break and enjoy the sweet things the Lord sprinkles into our days. 

I have not forgotten all you sweet ladies who want to come together.........with the storms and not having internet it has been hard to do anything. Keep cleaning, reading and meditating on the word........ I will also. I have been going through things and throwing, putting aside for the yard sale.......and giving to the goodwill. 

P.S. remember I said that my grandson turned 13 the other day.......well the Refuge Cabin will be being used this weekend by his family. Our oldest son called the other day because Chandler wanted to come to the Refuge Cabin. They have 5 in their family and they are inviting 3 other boys. Chan wanted Grammie to make a chocolate cake for his birthday.........I am making this. It is now our favorite. We found it while working at the college. It is the best!

Rich Mocha Cake

Try it if you haven't already. 

Hugs and prayers, 


  1. Wow..sounds like a wonderful day!!
    I pick apple pie..I love anything apple!!
    Blessings Granny Trace

  2. Hi Granny.......I love apple pie also.........I will look at one for you. Heehee. I so wish you all could come. What a fun day that would be.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you get to have Monday with fam.
    Hugs, Linda

  3. Hi Linda,

    Oh, that auction sounds like so much fun. I really wish I could come along. I'd bring myself, my digital camera and lots of batteries. Things like this are so much fun for me. I just love all the different things people bring.. I love going to fairs, too...and my favorite is always the craft booths, where people bring quilts and other craft projects for judging :) :)

    Oh pie? Hmm...well, right now, I've got a hankering for pecan pie. so that is what I'd probably by, if it was available ...that or a nice slice of apple pie with real wh ipped cream and extra buttery, flaky, crispy crust ;) :) The pie crust is very important :) :)

    YOur chicks are looking so adorable and fluffy. sophie is so sweet to hang out by their cage and just watch them :) :) Miss Grace is looking very cute too. I can't wait to see her little baby chicks when they hatch :) :)

    Enjoy the time with your family when they come to the Refuge Cabin :) :) Have a blessed, lovely week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. I forgot to mention that I LOVE snacking on snow peas. I just like to eat them raw...just one right after the other :) :) Yummy :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Hi Linda, oh I will take a piece of that strawberry rhubarb pie, thank you! Love the little chicks and the big chicks, too..and Sophie.

    Hope you can post a few pictures of the Amish although I know taking pics of them is a no no..but maybe you can sneak a couple..

    Our daughter in law and son are at the hospital now, we should have a baby girl later today we hope..thank you for your prayers!


  6. Hey Linda,

    Tried to post a comment the other day...I love the picture of the little Amish boy!!! So very precious. Love it.

    Our Amish have a huge auction the 2nd Saturday of September. The money goes to support their school. People come from everywhere...even tour buses. It is a big deal and lots of fun!



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