Monday, May 23, 2011

Farm Girl Company

Good Morning........sweetie ladies,
Look who came to live at Prairie Flower Farm today and the House is very noisy now!!!!!!!!!!

I just said good by to my Farm Girl Friend that lives close to my farm. You can be so blessed by having a farm girl friend so  you can share life, family, ideas and faith with..........that is what I have been able to have with one of my best girlfriends Gail. Remember way back when I put in a order for all different kinds of Banties chicks with Gail? Well we waited and waited and today she called and said they were finally here. When she picked them up they were a little bit on the cold side she she took them home and warmed them up a bit. I was waiting as he drove them to Prairie Flower Farm..........I was a waiting!!

When Gail opened the box it looked like 16........2 1/2 puff balls. I love them and can't wait to get everything fixed up. I will keep them in the house for now.......I will give them warmth with a  light, water and baby chick feed and keep their cage clean. 

You can't believe how tiny they are. Out of these chicks I am hoping there is a husband for Miss Gracie. The little yellow ones are White Cochins. I also have black, blue and can't remember the others. Gail is so good at all the names............ I just like what they look like.

Gail leaves her farm real early in the morning to go to the Post Office to pick the babies up every time we get a order. I try to make it a practice to give a small gift if someone has done something kind for me. I planted a little vinca in  a flower pot and some gloves. It always makes me feel special when I receive an act of kindness done to me...........think everyone enjoys that.  Can you think of anyone in your life that might need a little pick me up?

Scripture tells me...........

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Matthew 7:12. 

Have a blessed day..........I am still working on the idea for the ladies that want to join in a the word, retain and building our home group. Tressy is working hard to help me. Thank you to all the ladies that have written about verses they are learning.........places in their homes they are cleaning up. It is an encouragement to me as I am tackling my home. 

I am hooking up with 

Amy over at Homestead Revival one of my favorite  places to be on Mondays!!!!

Try and go over if you have a minute and check on all the other ladies farms and their ideas. There are so many resourceful ladies out there in blogland.

Gotta go and fix up my babies......they are peeping so loud,


P.S. Anything special going on over at your place? Love to hear from you. 


  1. Your little chickees are too cute! I know you'll have fun taking care of them.
    Nothing to special going on here at my place. Getting a late start planting some vegies, so I bought plants to help get things going quicker, and mowing the yard and planting a few more flowers...just playing in the dirt today!
    Have a great day!!

  2. They sure are cute!!! Little puffballs and sweet.

    I wrote a post for a christian magazine over at thelegacyofhome blog.
    Come on by!

    Or visit my place at
    God bless,

  3. So precious dear friend!!
    The other morning my girls and I went to a flea market. I bought a few things from a sweet lady and she gave me a sliver cup with a sweet petunia planted in it. I told her I had had a bad day and she just made it better. My oldest daughter said wow funny how people share with you because you share and give to others. I was so blessed by my daughter noticing and the sweet flea market lady!!
    God is sooooo Good!!
    Hugs To You, Granny Trace

  4. Awwww... those little puff balls are adorable, of course! And, Linda, I know for a fact you are such a sweetheart and certainly live by that Scripture ;) Your thank-you gift is so sweet. What's happening here -- Our beekeeper friend came over to the farm this a.m. while hubs and I are both off work today. He checked our bees for larva to see if we have any bee babies in the making. We DO!! And the bees seem to be thriving so far. We have about 30,000 in one hive (gasp!), so he is bringing us another add-on hive this week. We have to take over my sugar syrup and drinking water for them today as well. This bee thing is very fun! Next up -- a bee veil so we can be safe. Have a wonderful week, Linda!! -Tammy

  5. Hey you sweet ladies!!!!
    I just finished with lunch and look who has come to visit me. Thank you bunches. I always love seeing what has gone on in other's days.

    Tina...I know what you mean on a late start......we are way behind because it was just to cool to plant things. Can't wait.....tonight I have two grandson's that will be out and one of them has been planting green beans with his Grammie for 6 years will be a nice treat for me to have some company on the farm.

    Hi Deanna, you can't believe how tiny they are. My honey came in and said you forget how small. It is true. A little over a large silver dollar. I can't wait to see what they are going to look like. I am going to read your story tonight. HOW FUN IS THAT? YOU ARE FAMOUS! Can't wait to read it.

    Hey Granny Trace......I luvvvvvvvv your story. Real life and you lived it out and they saw it. That is the best HOME training kind. WHat a precious gift. I did it one time with a lemon verbena plant in a cup and saucer and a loaf of the bread. I need to do that again!!!!!! I love how your daughter was with to see and tell you. Wish I could go to flea market with...........dreamin again.

    Hi is so good to see you and I can respond. I want to do would be a huge undertaking I would think though. Did you read about Amy at Homestead Revival? Lost a lot of her bees in her new hives. So sad. You sure have a lot of bees. Is that normal to have that many? Interesting. Love you and thank you for the sweetness. You made my heart smile sweet friend.

    Hugs, me

  6. I'm so happy to read it's such a pleasure!!!I'm happy to hear about Gail. I'm just prepare a letter for her!!! She's a so sweet lady, her flowers seed are so beautiful in my garden in France and the lettuce she's offered me are growing slowly!!!!
    Many many blessings from France to you and your family, and for Gail and her family too (next to see her give her a hugs for me please).
    Suzel (Sandra)

  7. Your new little babies are just so cute Linda! Isn't it wonderful to have so many friends? Please ask everyone to pray for the folks in Joplin, MO who have lost everything or lost loved ones to the tornado that ripped through the town yesterday. Thank you.

    Hugs XX

  8. Hi Suzel, how exciting that you wrote. Thank you so much. I will give Gail a hug for you, if she gives me a hug from you. Heehee I am so glad that the flowers she sent you are really in your garden in France from Kansas. Amazing huh? Wish you could come to America. We would serve you tea and scones at our farms. You could even stay in our Refuge Cabin. Dreaming again. Would be so fun. Hugs, me

  9. I agree with you that the colors of the chicks are a big plus, and the gift of the vinca and gloves for your friend is sweet.

  10. Linda, what a blessing YOU are to all of us in blogland and to the folks in your life..that was a sweet gift to give to precious as are those little chicks..can't wati to see them grow up!
    What are we up to here in the desert of So Cal? Well my hubby and I are working on our garage mess and back patio mess..we have lived here almost 2 years and we are trying to rid ourselves of a lot of things, and sort the thiings that stay..we have enough stuff for a 2600 sq foot house that we used to own, trying to stuff it into our 1400 sq foot home we now putting a squre peg in a round hole. But we are tackling it and everyday will do more and more..and trying to keep up in the house too..I found a box of my cookbooks I have been looking for. My favorites were in there, including the Joy of Cooking that my mom gave me as a young bride 34 years special to me. so I unloaded that box right away into my bookshelf in the dining room.
    Have a wonderful evening, hugs

  11. Oh and I wanted to tell you, I think we might be coming your way in November, driving to IL and my sister's for thanksgiving..Last time we went 2 years ago we drove through Wichita and this time I want to come see you and the farm..will give you more details as time gets closer..hope you don' mind, I would be blessed to meet you and see your sweet family and farm:)


  12. Oh dear Linda... Those chicks remind of days gone by when my folks would get those little fur balls:) I just know they will be amazing! Today we stopped at our friends house, she said she'd be outside working in the I took her a pretty pair of garden gloves! She was so elated with them!!


  13. Barbara, you can't believe how precious they are. I love their little peeps. My husband went to a retreat and men that came were from Joplin a few months back. We are waiting to hear if they are okay. So sad. Know that the Lord hasn't left the people there. Hugs, me

    Terra.....thank you for leaving a comment you were sweet. There is one of the babies that is blue ........adorable!

    Hey Barb, You are so sweet! Is it hot in So. Cal? You are amazing about your cleaning!!!!!!!!!! A Box of Cookbooks? How fun. Wonderful for finding the book your Momma gave you.....sweet! I so want you to stop by. I would love it. Please let me know what is in the plans. I will have something to look forward to.

    Gert you sweetie, Fur balls.......that is what they are. You can stop by my house and not give me anything and I would be happy!!!!!!! Smiling. Hugs, me

  14. Oh, those baby chicks are so CUTE!!!! It's an explosion of cuteness...that's the best way to describe it ;) :) Oh, I can just hear their sweet little chirps now ;) :) I think cochins are my favorite type of chicken. They have those feathers that cover their reminds me of ruffly pantaloons..and that always makes me smile/laugh :) :)

    What a sweet gift :) :) Oh, and I like the idea of thanking the person with a small gift. That's nice. I'm going to remember that, because that is a nice way to bless someone else ;) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  15. Such beautiful chicks. They will grow soon enough and your hands will be full. Such a sweet gift idea. Have a great day.

  16. Do you normally create solely for this website or maybe for some other online networks?

  17. I know it's been a couple of years but I'm wondering if you have any more idea (or memory) of which chicks you got. We just got an order with a few "mystery" chicks in it and the your photo above is the only one I've been able to find that looks just like them. They look just like the pale yellow ones with the black and grey on their backs. Can't figure out what kind we have!

    1. It is a black mottled cochin. They are very prettyIf you google it look at images. Enjoy and thanks for asking!

    2. oh hooray! Thank you so much! We'd seen pictures of blue mottled cochins but ours don't have any black on their faces so we weren't sure.


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