Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You will not believe this!

Dear sweet ladies..............you will not believe this. I am sitting in the college parking lot...........again. We are without internet again. Do you know that every time I have a party giveaway we have problems with internet. No kidding........that is not cool. Not fun. I was having the party until Wednesday at noon remember and so just keep having it. I will not be calculating the votes until I can get internet at home. It would be to hard to get all the info together. They don't know when we will have it on. Sorry!!!!!!!! Hope soon.

Look what came in the mail today..............I was on one of my favorite blogs called  On Just A Couple Acres the other day. She had these adorable boots on her blog. Loveddddddddd them. Now when I saw them I flipped. I used to wear a lot of Laura Ashley clothes when they were so popular. Her things were always so feminine. Like! We had to leave this morning for a meeting and when we got home my honey gave me this box..............I opened it..........saw the red floral inside the tissue.........oh.......my.....when I opened the box and saw them in "real"...........they were so sweet.

They are going to be so much fun to wear on 
Prairie Flower Farm!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Phil said I was going to get lost in the flowers. He is such a funny man.

Soooooo I took off my cowgirl boots and on went my new flower boots. Whatcha think? They are about a 1/2 size to big for me,  but I don't care. I will just use some of Mr. Phil's socks. I am not sending them back. 

Well I had to go show the girls. I was sure they would like. I mean the chickie girls. Now I am not kidding one of the hens thought that my boot was something to eat. She came running over and I missed getting the picture. Sorry, it would have been perfect! Maybe I can take a pic again and capture on photo. I  think they liked though. 

I thought I better gather the eggs from the nesters. I was wearing a windbreaker and so I put the eggs in my front pocket........I went out today it was kind of cold outside so I thought I would be in the house and do some canning. 

While I was already dressed for outside I thought I would go over to the rhubarb patch and cut a basket full for the Strawberry/Jam I wanted to put up. Noooooo problem with the eggs.......I was real careful as I bent down to cut the pieces of rhubarb with eggs in my pocket. 

Then I went to get the frozen strawberries and frozen tomatoes (I had put up last year) from the freezer. The girls and I  usually can in August, Sept and Oct.. That wasn't going to happen last year. Not with the new job. So I started filling a box with the things I needed. I thought I should put the eggs in a sack. 

Welllllllll......... I was holding the box in front of me......... against my tummy.............and I heard.........crunch..........I had forgotten an egg in my pocket...........silly me..........I just had to stand there and giggle. I am so happy being at home on our farm. I just went into the house........... took off my jacket and threw the egg to the Mr. Rooster. He was happy!

It was a  fun day getting my new boots and canning jam and tomato base for my soups.......this next year. 

Sure am enjoying my little house again. Not that I didn't before. 

One of our daughters we adopted from the college came out to the farm and said her goodbyes. We just met 3 weeks ago and it feels like it has been forever. June 1 she will be going on a missions trip to India. We would so appreciate prayers for all the kids that are going on the trip. She will be missed.........and Baller when you read this you will be back home in KC. Know you are one loved young lady.........can't wait until we see you next time. Courtney you also have a wonderful time. We will be praying for God's blessings. 

Leave me notes. I will have to be back in town again so I will check the comments. 

Hugs sweet ladies,


As soon as we get internet again, we will finalize the party........so sorry. They said they will have to send a techy man out. 


  1. Linda, love your new boots! I love Laura Ashley! so feminine!
    so happy for you that you're enjoying being home on your farm.
    prayers for the girls on mission trip...
    Enjoy the summer...
    Joy & Peace ~

  2. Dear Linda,

    I am so sorry about your internet...nothing worse then not having internet. Pray it will be back up soon! Love your new boots, they are so darling!!! You are such a busy lady...

    xoxo Gert

  3. Oh, oh, oh!!! Those boots are sooo cute!! Perfect for your farm theme! And what a sweetie your husband is to purchase those and surprise you! A great way to start your summer at home. Enjoy!

    And don't worry about emailing me - I understand with your internet down! We can talk later.

  4. Sorry about your internet troubles, Linda! Hope it's up and running for you soon. Love the boots!! Say... I noticed on Etsy the other day there is a boot insert that someone makes (of course... it's Etsy! lol!) and they are called Slugs (I think?). Anyway, they are just what look like sewn inserts to go in your wellies/rain boots. How clever! I'll bet you could whip a pair of these up in no time, and they would solve your 1/2 size too big problem? Just a thought! Enjoy your time at home... I *know* that feeling, and it's one to savor!! Hugs, Tammy

  5. SWEET...you will be styling in those beautiful red floral boots...I was thrilled when the decorative rubber boots came out...Every girl needs a pair of them...
    Hope your Tech problems get solved soon

  6. Oh my Linda those boots really are special aren't they? You'll get a lot of use out of them too. I can imagine your chickie friend running up to them and I know I would have laughed when I cracked that egg in my pocket just like you did!!

    Blessings to you and your family
    Hugs XX

  7. Dear Linda~
    I just L*O*V*E your new boots! I enjoy coming to your blog & checking in on you, it's really a blessing! Have a great summer & I hope you get your internet up soon!

  8. Hey Linda,
    The new boots look fantastic!! They are soooo pretty, I bet they make you feel beautiful when you have them on.
    Totally laughed about your egg in pocket story.
    Have a lovely day,

  9. Love your boots and it 'cracks' me up about the squished egg. haha


  10. Linda, it just absolutely thrills my soul to "hear" the rejoicing in your writing about being at home this summer. It makes me appreciate so much more the fact that I am able to be at home with all these grandkids, working like crazy most of the day. But it is such a joy! And you make me realize that even more. You are a dear, dear lady, and I appreciate you so much. Love you. Gloria

  11. Love the boots! So pretty!

    Praying for you newly acquired daughter and the mission trip.

    Needed you on my blog today...for support. ;) So I am praying the tech guy comes quickly!

    Love you,

  12. Hi Linda,
    I am sorry about the internet being out again. I giggled about the eggs! But I SWOONED over those boots!! Where did you get them? I worked for the Laura Ashley company for many years, many years ago and still adore them. I would love to order some for myself. Would you please email me the info? Thank you so so so much!!


  13. Hello everyone, I just got my internet back this morning!!!!!!!! Talk about excited. I will be putting up the winner today. Can't wait to see who it is.

    So glad you like the boots........thought about sleeping in them last night.........hahaahaahaa! My honey would say nooooooo so didn't!

    Going to Wichita today........have a little spending money.........going straight to the Quilt Store I love so much! Smiling!

    Amy haven't forgotten you. Will write today. I will have a quiet drive to and from Wichita.

    Love you, Linda

  14. I LOVE the boots I think I need some now. Not that I live on the farm, but I could splash in the water puddles like the birds do. Cool Boots.


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