Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reflection Sunday For Me

Little Ellianna will be having surgery again. here is a note from her Momma.
  Tuesday was her check up with the neurosurgeon, and as we suspected, the pressure inside her head has been increasing again.  Her temporary shunt is done being useful, but her brain has not been able to take over the job on its own.  We hoped this would not be the case, but always knew it was a possibility.  Her doctor has lots of experience with this and is very compassionate and skilled in his care of her.  We will be going back on Monday to have an ultrasound to see exactly how much fluid has collected in her brain, and then surgery will be scheduled for sometime within the week.  She seems pretty uncomfortable the last few days, which is probably from a pretty bad headache.  We are doing our best to snuggle her and love on her and make her as comfortable as possible.  Our church was very gracious in helping us arrange to have her dedicated before her surgery, so we will get to do that this Sunday, which is actually her due date:)  We will update all of you as surgery plans fall into place, and hope you will be praying even these days before.

Love to all,

Please pray for their family.......thank you so much ladies.

Good Morning dear sweet Ladies,

As you know we are going to be HOME for the summer. We will still be working in some form, but none the HOME. I look back on the last 9 months and have seen the golden thread that my Father has been weaving through my precious families lives. My heart throb has always been to be a stay at Home Momma and I was able to until last year. Yesterday I saw why I loved being HOME so. Our son's were planting soybeans. My Phil was a hopping just like he always did for his Daddy......... when they farmed together. He was the one that got the tractors serviced and repaired........worked on the combine.......and what ever else needed to be ready for his Daddy to just get in the tractor and take off. Another job for my honey was to get the seed ready.......filling buckets and every half hour going and filling the planter so the guys could just keep going. He didn't stop all day to hardly even eat........that's just the way he is when it is planting time. I loved the interaction between son's and Dad. The Lord let me be a part of it yesterday watching and being reminded that Grandpa Jack was missing and very missed. I am looking for the gifts the Lord will give this summer. Ya know He is the giver of the best gifts. I will probably see it more clearly. I used to take it for granite before I had to leave the home...........I don't ever want to again. 

 Anyway.......I came in the house. Our girls were sitting on the couch folding patterns for me and  listening to a young Pastor on the internet from Mars Hill Seattle on Biblical Womanhood. A Mother's Day sermon. To see them on their "own" watching a sermon on Saturday, blessed my heart. We used to get to do that a lot more before we worked. I have been praying for the college and my whole family to love the Word and to obey it. At the college I use my time praying a LOT. I look back and that was a good thing.

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, o those who are called according to HIS purpose. Romans 3:28

When I started working I felt like I was loosing my identity as a Mom and helpmate to my husband. I know that we live in a fallen world and that things are not always going to be the way we want. When I worked in the college kitchen I felt like was a prisoner. I know that might sound strange to some, but I did. Now I know that I was really a  prisoner of not the work place, but a prisoner of the King of Kings. He IS the one that provided the work so we could pay our bills and He is the one that is helping us to keep the farm together. So now as we take a break from the college......I hope the girls and I can get our HOME in order.........and then go back and be servants of the King. Last night I had 2 of our new daughters in the kitchen with my girls who love to cook.........again isn't the Lord so precious to have given us jobs that we were already good at? "Keepers of the Home" feeding our sweet man.......amazing ladies. All four girls were giggling and laughing and cooking Ding-dongs in our little farmhouse kitchen until  late in the night. I loved it........I would have missed it had we not gone to the college so the Lord could introduce us to some of HIS sweet girls. Now I am encouraging the girls to be HOME interested. I can be an influence to these precious ladies.  Our girls will never go to college.......that is not their interest........they don't want to go to just get "knowledge"......they want to be what God planned for them. To be a wife and momma......that may sound old fashioned.....but it was God's design. Our girls feel very secure that the Lord will provide them husbands. I am seeing all the years of bonding together and enjoying each other's friendship and now doing that in the college kitchen. Do I think I have all the answers.......absolutely not.......but I do know the one that does........and He will help our family step by step as we continue to seek HIM. He NEVER leads His children a stray......but it has to be His Word and no other. I hear some of the philosophies that are being taught today....... how sad right in our CHRISTian colleges. I am thankful I have a Honey that will ask the Lord for help.......and you know what........the Lord will answer. HE ALWAYS DOES it can be found in His word. I don't want any of you to think that I think we are perfect.........far from it.......we have botched many things in our lives.......and will continue. But there has been forgiveness........and we have been washed  and cleansed by the blood of the Lamb............and set off again to do His work........Him knowing full well that we will make mistakes.......but the wonderful thing is......He makes them beautiful........because it is all about Him.

But seek first HIS KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and all these things will be given unto You. Matthew 6:33

As I look back on the last 37 years of marriage.........I begged the Lord to let me stay home and raise our children. He did and I praise Him for it has changed for us.........but He hasn't changed........He has a work for us to do and He is letting us do it as a Family. I thank Him so. I don't want to miss it......but I am so thankful He is letting our cup be filled up a little bit this we can go back out.....and do what He has called us to do.......and that is to go out and teach HIM to all the nations. Right now our "nation" is the college............pray that we can submit to His calling.......thankfully it is together. It is truly a miracle.

Heart you precious ladies and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the encouragement and prayers sent our way. I always felt so bad that I couldn't come and comment as often as I wanted to. More times then not I would write long comments on my comments back to you all.........only for them to be all lost when I clicked. UGH! I will be coming to see you this summer via blog. Can't wait!

This is to make you laugh! The wind was blowing so it makes me look like I have big bloomers.

Hugs to you and know that I am praying the Lord is meeting your every need! I am going out in my nightgown and cowgirl boots to wake the girls up out in the they can get ready to go worship their Father.......what a precious life the Lord has given me. I love HIM!

I want you to also know that I know that circumstances in our lives don't let us always get to stay at HOME. I know there are lots of momma's out there that would love to stay home and can't for whatever the reason. My heart aches for you..........I do pray. 


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  1. Good morning my friend! We slept late, until 7:30 A.M.! It is lighly raining and we can not get outside to pull weeds. They are the only thing we have growing right now! We have had such soggy weather, I know the hot miserable weather will arrive too soon so I am enjoying this quiet time. I hope you have a moment to see my recipe posted at my blog. It is a summer favorite. I love listening to you. The Lord really loves you Linda. He has answered so many of your prayers. I always prayed to stay home and those prayers were never answered. Now I am older and still working hard. But I always give the glory to God and try not to be negative about the situation in our world. I will write more later and I think what you say is wonderful. Everyone does have a calling and your beautiful daughters are serving the Lord so beautifully along side of you. Mr. Phil is such a wonderful man. You are all very blessed to be connected together. Love and many blessings to you! Anne

    I am praying and have not stopped for Baby Ellianna. I know the pain and frustration of having a shunt and I am not even trying to think what that sweet baby is feeling. I know that pain firsthand. Let's just pray hard and I am convinced God will guide that surgeons hand. Have a blessed Sunday. Love to you all!

  2. LOL! Linda, that last photo could have been my feet on Sunday mornings... seems I always end up doing the chickens and other animals on these days in my pjs and boots! Thank you for the update on Ellianna; my girls will be glad to hear how they should continue to pray for her (and me, too!). I need to get ready for church, but don't be surprised if you get an email from me later today. I would like some of your wise counsel if you don't mind regarding a topic you mentioned in today's post... an answer to prayer that you even brought it up without knowing! Have a blessed morning in worship!

  3. This summer my daughter is getting married to the man that will be my son and an answer to my prayer for my her life. She is 30, so it's taken a while for my prayer to be answered, but it's all in God's time!! The right time.I'm so thankful and happy. Just had to share with you because you understand 'answers to prayers'. ♥♫

  4. Linda,
    That picture of that precious baby foot is the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time! I will absolutely pray for Ellianna.
    Excellent post and I agree with you on getting to stay home when possible and when God allows such an honor. Romans 8:28 is my life's verse. It has gotten me thru many thoughts, fears, and difficult situations such as a miscarriage and breast cancer.
    I am so happy you are enjoying the little (and big) pleasures of home that you have mentioned.
    When you said you felt like you were in prison, it reminded me of Paul and others in the Bible that were imprisoned, but others came to know Christ because of it. I know that is going on with you and the college because your love for God and Christ radiates from you. You will be richly rewarded!


    Susan Montgomery

  5. Enjoy your farm & family time Linda <3
    Praying for that precious child Ellianna and her family.

  6. Thankyou for this reminder to us wives/ mommies who are in the home. The world does such a good job of minimizing this role that God has prepared us for that somedays (to be honest) I feel a bit "worthless". I often have to remind myself that my MINISTRY is raising godly children and being my husbands helpmate..... and in eternity THAT will matter to our KING and not having a fancy "career" :) I always appreciate your christian words of encouragement through your blog... they are a blessing!

  7. Lovely Post...such percious words..also enjoy
    and appreicate your Chirst-Like Christian Blog

    Elisha post could not have said any more perfect...It's a joy knowing so many young
    Mother are proud to be Stay Home Moms..

    Prayers for little Eillana...

    Farm and Rural Country living is the best...


  8. Blessings, blessings, blessings all around. The LORD IS so good. Too bad that we USUALLY can't see it when we're in the midst of if, it takes 20/20 hind-sight many times.

    I'm glad He had given you eyes to see, ears to hear & a heart of gratitude while you're in the midst of His working in your lives so that you can enjoy the ride. :-)

    Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

  9. Thank you as always, precious Linda, for the wonderful words of encouragement to everyone. God is indeed gracious, and your post so exemplifies His grace in your life. And those wonderful girls! They just thrill my heart. I'm so happy that you are home for awhile. I just know that God is going to give you such refreshing as you live your "normal" life for a couple of months. I love you, dear sweet friend.

  10. Thank you for the update on Elliana. We continue to pray for that sweet baby. Your post reminded me of scripture I read just yesterday, Proverbs 19:21: Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.

  11. Thank you sweet ladies for the comments yesterday. I am have so much joy in my heart I can hardly contain myself. I have been praising the Lord all morning. I am sure He thinks I have lost my noodles!!!!! Pray for me please. I bounce from the the the the chickens. I am all over the place and need a lot of direction. I am going to spend some time with the Lord and the Word. He will calm my bursting heart! Love you all so bless my heart!

  12. Hi Sweet Linda,
    Oh my friend your comment to me meant the world to me. I couldn't get to your email address...but I wanted to make sure to let you know that you really touched my heart and I wanted to thank you for that. You are one special lady. And I can tell by your comment...that you 'understand' what I am sharing in my post.
    Blessings to you!


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