Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Internet Back

Hello sweet ladies,

We had lots sign up for the party who do not have blogs who entered and even one from Mary Jane Farm that was fun.

First off I need to tell those who live close by and were wanting to go to the Yoder Chicken Auction, it is not until the last friday of May and it is always on the last friday of any month for that matter. Talk about a fun time. It is wonderful and I am going.  I am also going to meet up possibly with a Mary Jane Farm/Prairie Flower Farm Chick who I have known from my blog. Now that is even more exciting. Can't wait.........and guess what?..........her name is Linda. Special..........wouldn't you say?

So I know you are all waiting to see who is the winner of the 

Table Cloth
Dish Towel
Hot Pad
Little Note Book

but with the internet off, I am going to have to wait until tomorrow the 19th  to get all the ladies who signed up calculated. It takes me some time to do that, so it will be easier on me since my posts automatically go up sometime around 1 pm today. 

Thought you might like to see what I did yesterday...... until the wee hours of the my little farm kitchen.......putting up food for the Farm Girl Yard Sale and for our pantry. NUM!

 12 1/2 pint jars of Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam

If you want to make up a gift using the 
jam click here

I will sell these at the Farm Girl Yard Sale

12 quarts of Tomato Soup Base
I will store in the cellar........for Chili and
Vegetable Beef Soup.
(this is going in my cellar)

Recipe is along my side bar near the bottom. Super easy and so wonderful to have on 
hand for a quick and easy can make up some bread and you are set!

I fell into bed exhausted last night..............but it felt so good..........I lived out.......... being a "HOME WIFE and MOMMA..........and loved every minute of it. 

We are making a much needed quick trip Wichita today.......I will be taking some of my some spending money from my little store Peace Creek Collections earnings and going to a quilt store....DANGER!!!!!...can't see what I will find. I will show you of course.

Hugs sweet are on my lips today as I talk to the Father about you and your needs (the ones you have shared with). He wants you to know............that He loves you so much and showed you by giving His you could have everlasting life............if you believe. John 3:16

Hugs from our farm to your HOME!



  1. Are you going to Grandma's? That is such a nice quilt shop! Have fun!
    The jam looks so yummy!!

  2. WoW that jam looks so yummy!!
    Have a wonderful day..
    I love quilt stores!
    Granny Trace

  3. That jam looks great! My in-laws are in Wichita, too bad it's too far for a visit :>

  4. Oh Linda your jelly & tomatoes look so wonderful! Great time to can, while it's cool! Sure hope you have fun at the quilt shop as I'm sure you will have!!


  5. Linda, praying that it works out for me to go. I just love Yoder and would love to finally get to meet you and your family!!

    God Bless, Linda

  6. I have my fingers crossed that I will be the winner!!!
    I am definitely going to check out your recipe.. Beautiful jars!

    Have a good evening..

  7. hello ! your blog is wonderful ! magnifique !
    thanks, merci


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