Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good News!!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

My first little rose this spring. Picked just for YOU.

Counting down..........2 more days at the college. Oh my did the time  go by fast..........and remember how I asked for prayer for another job for this summer?????????? Am I excited to tell you.........I was "just so happen" to be standing by the microwave at work during lunch time warming some milk. The school nurse walked by and started chatting with. She asked about our summer and I said that we were asking the Lord what He would like for us to do. She said, "would you like to paint the outside to one of our houses?" I blurted out "YES"! I  hadn't even talked to Phil.......knew he would know it was an answer to prayer.  The amount that they are going to pay us is wonderful. Phil also said yes. We can do it anytime we want during the day. No hurry. Amazing. Thank you so for praying for us. I know the Lord has blessed us with work again........ this will be wonderful. Now you can pray for our safety. We will have to be high up on a ladder to get to the second floor. UGH! Always something huh? 

Gooseberry Patch wrote me this week. Some of you might know that every time they hit 10k more fans on their Facebook Page.....they add a free ebook of some chapters to one of their Cookbooks. Well they are going to start costing pretty soon, but they are still free if you would like to go over as a Kindle eBook.  This will be for the eBook versions on Amazon only.  They will be costing 99 cents at some point. The downloads from Scribd (along side their blog) will always be free and they are shared on their Blog. Just thought you also might like to know....... today they had a Blog Hop called Choco-holics Recipe Round - Up. They are always fun to look at. 

Mrs. H JUST GAVE ME PERMISSION this morning to use her photo! 
If you go and visit her blog..........and you go and look............please give her a Prairie Flower chick warm hello and thank you for the idea.........oh and tell her I sent you please. If you click on her header you can go back to her post of today and sign up for her's always fun to make new friends and by her blog and love for the Lord........I know you will like!

As I was looking at some of the ladies individual Blogs I came to this adorable one called Heritage School House. There was the cutest idea called Cuteness in a Jar.  I can't use the picture but it is..... ADORABLE! I had to ask permission for the use of the picture........and I didn't have time...... so you just need to go over and see.........that is if you want to........ I am not trying to be pushy. It really is cuteness!!!!!!!!

Thank you so for coming by today. I can't wait until I am HOME. 

Hugs from our farm,


  1. Isn't God's timing awesome?!!

    I keep meaning to ask how little Ellianna is doing.

    On painting..worth renting scaffolding.Will save your knees on a ladder and less chance of falling.The high up areas..strap paint brushes on the just kidding.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. You are welcome to use my picture Linda! Thank you for being so considerate.

    Mrs. H. :-)

  3. Linda - Praise God for his answer to prayers regarding summer work! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity too as you'll be making money and spending time outdoors as well! If you could say a quick prayer for us, my husband is trying to make a job change decision. We just want to do what the Lord's will is. We just need prayer for discernment.

  4. Thanks for all the ideas! PTL for your summer job! He IS so good.

    Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

  5. Congrats on the summer job...just be careful while your up in the air! Loved the cuteness in the jar...thanks for sharing.

  6. God is so good and I am very happy that He has given you an answer to prayer...If we all could ever just learn to wait!
    thanks for sharing the cute stuff...

  7. I just bought a Kindle. Thanks for sharing about the books I can download free. :) And the cuteness in a jar is just that. I visited her blog and am going to make some.

  8. Hi Linda...glad I am finally able to read your blog and realize what you meant about last day at the college.. Glad you have a job for the summer...but yes be very careful and we will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers!

    I finally got my 'week long' blog up tonight. come on over and visit me and see what has been going on in my world!

    xoxo Gert
    xoxo Gert

  9. Hi Linda
    Such wonderful news about your painting job! Praise the Lord - He always provides doesn't He!
    Thank you for the links - I'll go & have a look now
    Have fun

  10. Linda, I just love knowing you! You have helped keep me on track wit the Lord and I am learning to obey Him! You are so cute visiting bogs! I am heading over to Heritage now! Anne


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