Friday, May 20, 2011


Remember sweet ladies when I asked you to pray for rain? Oh is raining........and it will be raining. We are one happy farm family among many more that live around here. We were 9" behind in rain so far this year. Now it is 7. We have a river going down our lane........well maybe it is just a stream.........but it is wonderful for sure. There was one time early this morning I almost landed on top of Mr. Phil. The thunder was sooooooo loud and scared me half to death. It has been sometime since we have heard that. The soybeans that our son's planted are drinking as much water as they want.  All I can say is thank you Jesus. You know when you pray.........and pray.........and pray and your prayer doesn't seem to get answered? I kept having to say to the Lord........"you must know what is going on and I don't!" We would watch the weather and every time the rain would split and go around us..........for months.........but last night the Lord gave what we had been praying for, and  we are one happy family. The heads on the wheat were just starting to form and this will give them the boost they need. THANKFUL FOR SURE! We don't have any wheat, but those that do are very thankful this morning. My sweet peas and snow peas are really going to be happy now. 

Okay, first I have to tell you I am playing Momma Hen again.........47 eggs back in the incubator........making little chicks right as I speak. I found a site that shows the stages of the baby chick......not sure how they got the stages..........don't want to think about it, but it was very interesting. Looks like it starts with the eyes. Soooooo I have candled a few and yep.........there are eyes. I am so excited and hope this time I do better with the incubating process. I will let you know how many little ones we will get. Oh and my little Banties should be here next week. Can't wait on those also. 

Well I am off this morning for my grand daughters last day of school program. She is going to be 13 this saturday and she called and said since I don't have to go to work could I come.............ARE YOU KIDDING? I have had to miss so many of her track events, but not this one. Thankful again!!!!!!!!

This piece has a few rough places on it heehee..........but after I polish it up it will look great for what I am using it for. ON my way to be ORGANIZED! 

I want to leave you with this........remember when I said I was going to be prepared next fall and I was getting my house in order? Well a precious blogger friend wrote a comment a few days back. One she wanted me to pray for her as she started to read her Bible again and second that she would retain what she read. She also wanted to work on her home and get it in order also. We are starting to pray for one another and we are on a mission. Rather excited I might say. Sooooooooo if anyone else wants to join us we would love for you to join. Let me know if there is any interest. The picture is one of the pieces I am using to get started.  I am starting to move things out of our farm house that were Grandma Jo's and putting my things in. I have been waiting to do this since we moved here and now is the time. The piece above is one of my pieces of furniture. Can you guess what it is? I am starting in my craft room and getting it "stinkin" excited to get it will be good for me after all the craft items  have their own place. Now I know the piece looks is.......but tit serves it's purpose. I think you will like.

Hugs from our rainy farm!!!!!! Enjoy your day I will.........being with my granddaughter is wonderful,



  1. Good morning SONshine friend! It is a beautiful dreary,wet,foggy rainy day. But I am grateful to be here. I love you much and this is what I needed to hear. My house is a chaotic disaster. It appears to be so cluttered I am having trouble starting to remove some of the mess! But you and your friend have given me that inspiration I need. I am glad you get to see the grand! Life is so hectic at times and we miss so much. But I am learning that God does have His plan for us! 57 years and still learning! Hee Hee!
    "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path" Psalm 119:105.
    Today I ask prayer for Jeremy who is having difficulties with his college class schedule for his final year. It seems everything is going wrong. Then stop by to visit me and see my Ollie button! Baby Ollie is my friend Annie's precious girl with Downs. Pray for her upcoming surgery. I pray daily for Ellianna. I feel like she is part of my own phamily. Love and many hugs to you and yours Linda.
    Praise God for His goodness and rain! I hope more comes your way! enjoy the weekend. Anne

  2. Praise God! I have been praying for rain for you. He does indeed answer prayer. What a mighty God we serve!

    And by the way, is it a fireplace mantel?

    I love you, sweet sister. Gloria

  3. Reading your blog is so inspiring. God is using your blog to reach others and what a blessing that is. I praise the Lord for sending you much needed rain, how wonderful he is. I dont read many blogs but I look forward to yours every morning, so much unhappiness and drama in this world, so nice to start my day off with such glorious and inspiring news. I live in Louisiana and we are in a drought where I live, but I have faith that when it is right God will send us some rain too. God Bless dear woman and thank God for your messages.

  4. Howdy Linda!
    It's overcast skies here in my part of the world by Manhattan, Kansas. As long as we don't have tornadoes I can smile at the misty weather and relax that we have some calm.

    Sunshine will come soon and that will be sweet.

    Have a great day and pleasant week-end.
    God bless,

  5. Hi Linda,

    I would love to join in on the prayer thing...for reading my Bible/retaining what I read and for keep a nice home ) :) :) I purchased an eBook the other day. It was on sale for $1. It's called "31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way"...I'm definitely more of "Mary", that's for sure :) :) So I'm excited to read this and implement it. I have some projects that have been waiting to get done for months now. So I'd love to join in :) :)

    Yeah, I was really jumping out of my seat happy for the RAIN. I prayed for rain yesterday and God answered :) :) i'm praying He will bring more rain your way :) :)

    Enjoy spending time with your granddaughter :) :) Oh, lots of good things happening in your house today :) :) it's really encouraging. I can't wait to see what you do with that old wooden piece :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. Oh, all those chickies...that's exciting, too. I'm hoping all 47 will turn into chirping chicks. What will you do with them all? That will be nice to have all that chatter around the farm :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. Linda, I just made your Lemon Verbena tea bread recipe this week. It was the first time I've used my lemon verbena in a recipe. It was a hit at our afternoon dominos game at the Senior Center. Everyone loved how lemony they turned out. I love the lemon verbena's fresh sharp/clean lemon smell. I would like to share your recipe on my blog, either as a link or with the recipe itself along with my photos. Would you mind? Take care, P.

  8. Praise God for rain! Glad your plants are getting their drinks.

  9. A mirror frame? A picture frame? Can't wait to see the finished project.

    Hey, I prayed for rain for you this week! Now, I am praying for rain for south Texas, where there has been a serious drought. I have family there, and they really need rain.

    I'm in, regarding the cleaning project! My basement is a disaster area. Actually, I've been working on it, and love the section that is done, but I have a long way to go, and little motivation.

  10. I am so glad you got the needed rain! I sure wish I could have sent you some of ours. It seems like that's all we've been getting. I hope to see some baby chicks soon :0)

  11. Linda,

    I would love to be part of the prayer project :)

    So awesome that you go to go to your granddaughter's school program :)

    And praise God for the rain! We need it bad all over Texas, too!


    Susan Montgomery

  12. So glad you got some rain and are enjoying being home. We were teased with rain clouds but not a drop fell. I would love to join in the prayer group/organizing group. Have a blessed weekend!

  13. Hi Linda, count me in on your house is a disaster too, and I don't work outside of our home. I am disabled, though and don't have much energy on a day to day basis..My office/studio room is the worst! Its where I sew and not very inspiring...I am going to get up tomorrow morning and work in there for a couple hours without quitting..have lots of shredding and filing to do..that will help..its a start..a little bit everyday. I always keep you in my prayers!


  14. HI, Linda! Yes, I want to join in reading the Bible, retaining what I read and getting organized. Thanks for always coming up with such challenges. Love, Mary

  15. Awwe wow what a blessing that God has blessed us all with a heart for His word and to make room in our space for Him. I cant wait so Im starting tomorrow by cleaning my livingroom just to start I hope I can get it all done by September so the whole house will be ready for the fall.
    I prayed last night for rain for you all and God blessed you today how awesome is our Lord.

  16. Yeah, rain! Here in Maryland, we would have liked to send you some rain. We have had rainy, cloudy days for a week. Today it is sunny, and we have a lot to do. Hay to be cut. Maybe straw to bale tomorrow. Corn to plant in the garden. Etc. I don't know what all my farmer husband needs to do when things dry up. Lots and lots. Then, maybe they'll get a little break while they wait for the hay to grow again.

    I have been (re)organizing my house. We have been burdened with clutter for many years now. When our kids were young, things were organized, but we kept collecting more, and homeschooling and farming and there wasn't enough time to keep everything organized. I would love to join you ladies and pray with you as we organize. I started on my craft room, but haven't finished. My dear husband made a shelf unit for my scrapbooking card stock and paper, but it's not quite finished. I've also been working on my kitchen. My husband made me a great pull-out drawer for my cookie sheets in one of our narrow base cabinets. He has a few more pull-out drawers to make for me, but of course I'll have to be patient while he's busy on the farm. Every room in our house needs attention. I'm trying to put like with like and give everything its own home.

    Thanks for blessing me with your blog.


  17. Please pray for me to get my house in order also. I gave up on cleaning it a few months back. I was taking 17 hours of college and would come home to found what I ahd cleaned a mess and a couple more messes to clean up. I just couldn't do it any more. So now that my daughter and grandson have moved out, I have been working slowly room by room to get things cleaned back up. God gave me my little house and I true want to bless others by having them over, but can't with it in such a mess. Love you,

  18. Hooray for rain! We had rain all last week. I'm glad you got some too. Seems like a lot of places needed it.

    Recently I had resolved to be more diligent about reading my bible and cleaning and organizing my home. I have been getting up early to read and start my day with the Lord. Would love to join your group. Please pray for me to be able to give things up as I have to much stuff.


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