Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Good Day!

Good MORNING sweet ladies,

This is a long post.......just my journal of my day.........with my honey and goings on in my day and on the farm.

Just got done turning my baby chick eggs. They are so sweet. Candled a few more eggs. Amazing. I love this Momma Hen thing. Did anyone look at the website I put up yesterday of the stages of a chick to birth? I guess God starts with the tail first. He is such a precious creator to His kids. 

I am on Shabby Old Potting Shed .........listening to her music list filling my heart with praise (kind of like dancing in my soul going on) will like her blog..........full of JESUS! Go and see......say hi......she would be blessed........heehee.

She has a picture of a sign in her garden.
"Let the light of your Face shine upon us Lord. Psalm 4:6 some of you are waiting to see what my little piece of furniture was. I am enjoying myself in making some time to make our house a HOME. I can't wait to get some of my own furniture in......and fix up our house. Here is one of my pieces of furniture.

It has 72 little cubby holes.......

it is a little under 5' tall..........and 2 1/2' wide hand made by someone. I have had it forever and when we did shows I used it a lot when we designed rubber stamps to display them on.

I couldn't make my little hands work fast enough filling up all the little cubby holes with my stuff that I heart.

my little jars fit perfectly

this will help organize my days when craftin! I will use and take back what ever I take off the shelf. Every time from now on.

Prairie Maid guessed that it was a cupboard. are so smart!  

A special thing happened yesterday.  Ladies said they want to join in on reading the word each day, to be able to retain it and to build their Homes.......together.......ladies coming along side each other and making a commitment. Now first off this will look different for each pressure. Some will be taking baby steps.......some will be leaping.......but it is up to each lady. We just want to move forward......praying for each other and encouraging each other as we go on our journey. 

I am going to start a group not sure yet what it is going to look like, but I am excited. It all started with one brave lady who wrote on my  blog in a comment. 
She asked for prayer. She has given me permission to 
share. She wanted to read the word, be able to retain it......and get her house in order. She said she spent her days sitting in front of the tv....and she was tired of it. I was so touched by her honesty......but I couldn't leave it there. I said I would join with her and we would do it together. Starting simply to read the word (as much as you want each day), retain it by keeping it on a note card or however best for you) and start cleaning spaces in our home that need it and building a Home of sweetness for our families. Then I wrote about it yesterday on my blog. Lady after lady said the same thing....they wanted to join in....I was so blessed. Now Sherri and I are not alone. We are going to have so much fun with this and again I don't know what it looks like right now, but I am open for ideas. please email me at with Building a HOME in the subject. I am praying and asking the Lord for help. He is more excited then we are. 

I thought of another blog......small forum of some kind.....not sure what will be right for us, but I know He has the answers. Pray along side with me. Again......this is not to be a won't work if it is young and older ladies coming and being a blessings to each other so that we don't walk this alone. I am compiling all the names that want to be a part that wrote yesterday. 

Titus 2:3-5 is a picture of ladies and young walking and learning together. 

I came up with this little Logo and we will be fixing it up  
for those who want to put it on our blogs. 

Our scripture will be

A wise woman builds her house (HOME)...........
Proverbs 14:1

Right as I speak my Sherri started cleaning her HOME about exciting......I am so encouraged by her faith and love for her God. May I be so brave.
I will be getting back with you all. 

 My techy daughter is going to help me and what ever we do it will be easy and will walk those who are like me thorough. Write me if you have any ideas please.

Yesterday was so nice and full of lots of things.  After the grandkids program we were invited to go to the Carriage Crossing Restaurant with the grands kids.

If you live close to central Kansas it is a real fun place to go eat in Amish Country with your family. You will see lots of buggies along the side of the road. I love that part. My daughter in love told me the other day she saw a wife driving their tractor and the husband on the back on a trailer sitting on a chair and reading a newspaper. I bet my honey would like that........he hasn't read a newspaper in years.........who has time?

On the way home we stopped at Stutzman's Greenhouse another beautiful place to go to. Phil and I each received a $50 gift certificate as a gift from work to spend anywhere we wanted. I bought flowers, herbs and veggie plants for my garden. I love to plant flowers in among my garden plants. Now waiting for the garden to dry out.

Isn't Rosa's lettuce bed beautiful? 

We continued to drive home, but I had to stop first by my Amish/Mennonite friends (family) to pick up some lettuce they had for me. 

They had an abundance of lettuce this was a treat. I sat with the ladies drinking tea and eating chocolates and brownies.  Wonderful combination wouldn't you say?! Grandma Yoder was  also with. I love her like my own. She makes me smile a lot while I am visiting. She is in her 90's and adorable in her little head covering, dress and apron. Her two daughters Marian and Rosa care for her needs. They are such a picture of Jesus to me. I love them.

Marian getting lettuce for me. She might have my hide when she sees this picture........I think it is adorable. Marian had a Garden Theme Birthday Party for her sister Rosa who just had her 70th birthday. Friends and family from afar sent her seeds......ordered plants and had them sent via mail or dropped garden gifts off at the farm. Family who lived here came and built her a raised strawberry plant bed. It was so fun for my Rosa.......who gives and gives to keep her Momma out of a nursing home.  Her garden was beautiful......made me want to run home and get into my garden. I will take time today. We ended up getting over 2" I think..........neighbors down the road got 3". My honey needs to get some new rain gauges so we can see what rain fall comes the next time. He said between the horses and grandkids he can't keep them. 

So we finally got home and I received a phone call............"We have two Java Hens that are laying hens.......and a turkey. Would you like them?" Out the door I went.

 Look at my new additions. I have never even heard of Java Hens.......but I like em........a lot. One is a Mottled Java and the other Black Java. They are beautiful don't you think?

His name is Tom.

and here is my new Tom........ he is a Blue Slate turkey.....
I will have to make a pen for him......not sure if he will like my other I sure hope the baby turkey I got from my Jason is a girl.........two Tom's on the farm might be a bit much. 

I am sure that my honey is thinking..........maybe I should have left her (me) in Alaska........hahaha......he wouldn't say that, but he might think it! 

The sky was breath taking last night. The clouds were so big and puffy. This picture does not give the perception on the depth of the clouds, but they were like huge cotton balls all over the was Jesus' nice way to let us know He sent us a beautiful day. We were thankful for all He provided for the farmers. Hope for a better crop.

Hugs from this Kansas farm your sweet HOME.

Momma Hen :>) this is a chick face,



  1. What a fun time you have had. Linda, that makes me so happy! "Blessed [happy] are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." from Matthew 5. I think that speaks of you!

  2. Dear Linda,
    Wow, I LOVE what you did with that shelf full of cubby holes :) :) that's so creative and super cute. That gives me some inspiration, since I seem to be developing a habit of collectiong glass jars :) :)

    I am starting this book called "31 days to clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way" :) :) Now I'm not sure I"ll get it all done in 31 days...but the concept is really nice.

    I'll be praying God leads you as you decide what to do for the Bible reading/Homekeeping blog :) :) Whatever you do, I'm confident it will be great :) :)

    Wow, you've been busy on the farm...rain, new chicks...well, at least new to the farm, Mariann and her sister who love on their mama :) :), and great friends :) :) Thanks for the links to those two blogs :) :) they're delightful :) :)

    You know when you posted your friend's email here it really touched my heart. I've had days like that where all I did was watch tv and play games on my phone. While in and of itself not a bad thing, there are better things I can be d oing with my time, to make my home lovely and hospitable etc :) :) I'm "in-between" jobs, so it's easy to lose focus if I'm not careful :) :) :)

    I went to my local farmer's market today and got a little sunburnt :) :) Oh, but it was really nice to be out there :) :) Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. BIBLE reading/Home keeping!! Count me in.
    Funny I always listen to Lea's playlist at Shabby Old Potting Shed!! She is awesome!!
    I love sweet hens and I have 15 turkeys coming nextweek. :) And yor cubbie rocks.
    Thanks for blessing my day again!!
    Granny Trace

  4. That cool chubby shelf is awesome! You are a blessed woman. I would love to participate in some kind of bible study/housekeeping. It would be wonderful. My home is a mess. Not enough time for anything! I love listening to you Linda. Have a terrific weekend with the family. Hugs Anne

  5. Hi Gloria, it was such a sweet day yesterday. I wish you all could meet my friends. Grandma Yoder is a hoot. Love her. Have a wonderful SONday!!!!! Heart you bunches.

    Hello Heather, I just downloaded that a few days ago when it was $1.oo. Like it a lot. I will be telling the ladies about it. I am with you. I don't think I will either, but one step at a time. Shelley is one special lady. Loved her attitude!!!!!! She got me going big time! I want to go to Farmer's Market so bad. I will get there. I have my own farmer's market here. heehee!

    Granny soooo glad you are joining in. My daughter has been working on an idea that I thought would work. Hope to tell soon. Got some emails from ladies that are joining. I cried. precious. Lea is precious.
    15 TURKEYS.......why so many. please tell. Welcome.....thanks for blessing mine also.

    Anne.......isn't it the cutest. I am going to be so organized. We are all going to have such fixed up homes........and doing it all together. That is what will be so nice. Hugs, me

    Night tired. Worked at cleaning the little milk barn out of chicken and duck........poo. Ugh. My arms got a working out.......and my legs and my feet. Going to bed.
    Hugs, me

  6. Hi Linda, I just saw this post! Too busy catching up on my own blog I guess..I wanted to let you know that I spent about an hour this morning in my hideous office room..I was shredding my younger son's college financial aid papers from 1999..that alone is hideous..and the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes I wish a big something would just come and take all this away and then I wouldn't have to sort through any of it..too much stuff..its truly overwhelming but I am going to plug along..I need that book that Heather has!
    Have a wonderful SonDay evening..


  7. Linda,
    I am so enjoying my stroll through your wonderful blog.
    I love seeing the farm, and your encouraging words from Scripture!

    Thank you for coming to visit me!!

    barbara jean


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