Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Had The Most Fun Day Yesterday On The Farm

Yesterday was full........I didn't hardly know where to start. The weather was beautiful. Sunshine.......in the 70's........light wind..........and very very beautiful. I walked all over the farm. I told some friends that I felt giddy. Rather silly on my part......but I had this JOY inside me that just wanted to burst. I would tell the Lord thank you so many times......I am sure He was thinking "My Child". Everywhere I looked I thought " I need to work on this........then I would see something else........."I need to work on this", I enjoyed everything about my day. I took my time doing my chores with my chicks and ducks. Love checking in on them. 

Remember Little Red and Little Miss Fluff? Well we are going to have to of the same kind back on the farm. Can't wait. Hope I can train them to come to me again and sit on my lap. 

Found the screen door for the coop that I use each summer. HONEY........smile. He always puts it up for me. I am wondering..... if I should paint it. What do you think? I will be painting the little coop. 

Then I was off........picked up my cutie farm girl garden gloves. A must...makes you feel special. Well...... me anyway.........  

and off to the garden......helped my peas find their way around the panels. Sometimes the tendrils  are off out in space and just need a little tucking. 

I sat on my little bench and picked tiny weeds that were coming up.

 I sat and watched the birds as they were singing and fluttering in the garden. They were picking up twigs for their nests. Beautiful birds like Baltimore Orioles, Cardinals and Brown Thrush  That is one of my favorite things about living on a farm.  All of God's creation right before my eyes. As I worked I realized how relaxed I was in my day. Back Home...on the farm.....pure loveliness. 

I saw that I could enjoy my day and not be rushed to do this and that. I think that was probably the hardest thing for me at the college kitchen,  I was always in a hurry........from one thing to another . I never seemed to have enough time to get the things I needed done at home. When we got the job last fall it threw  everything off and it seemed like I could never get caught up. My hearts desire this summer is to get our home in order and go through things that are not needed and sell them. I talked to two friends yesterday who live out the country by our farm. We are going to have a FARM GIRL Garage Sale on each of our farms. It got me so excited. We will make up flyers to get the info out. It won't be until the middle of the summer, but it is going to give me the incentive to get things ready. I can't wait to design the flyer for it. Should be fun. I have lots of things I want to sell. I think we will sell other things like jam, bakery items and maybe some other handmade items. I am sooooo excited........can you tell? 

This Friday night I  be taking some of my roosters to the Yoder Chicken Auction down in Amish Country........about 25 minutes from our farm to sell them. Farmers will bring baby goats, lambs, puppies and kittens along with every kind of chicken you could ever want to have on your place or farm. I love watching the little Amish children........playing in their adorable dresses, aprons.......and of course their traditional head covering bonnets.  Little boys will have suspenders and straw hats on their heads........adorable! While I am at the Auction I will take lots of pictures for you, so you can see what it is like. Have you ever been to any kind of auction. I would love to hear your story if you have one. I have always had a hard time keeping up with what the auctioneer is saying though.  My honey always helps me stay on track. We really enjoy a good auction. It is a must to buy a piece of pie from one of the Amish ladies..............OH NUM! My favorite is rhubarb pie........reminds me........... my rhubarb is needing some attention. I think some Strawberry/Rhubarb jam or maybe a one of my Farmer's Pies is in order.......real soon. 

Just want you to know that your comments and personal emails yesterday blessed my heart........some made me cry. I know so many of you also have to work outside the Home..... not of your own choosing. I read and I now know what it feels like. Thank you for entrusting me with your stories. I prayed for your requests.  I so want to live a life that is grateful and I was so grateful this last year, but it was still hard. I saw the Lord do some precious things in the college kitchen. God was sooooo good and He was working big time and I saw it. I would love to share, but with it being the work place I feel like I need to keep what happens there. I can say I made friends with people I normally would have never come in contact with. They live lives complete opposite than the way our family has "chosen" to live. Most didn't even care about the Savior and what He has done for them. Some used Jesus' name and the name God like He was nothing special and  giggled about Hell. It would break my families heart to hear the flippancy about their parties they were going to have in Hell. There will be no parties............not true. It will be horrible........without the presence of God and His Holy Spirit.....alone.  I was reminded over and over as I would see  the grace of God. and His patience with mankind.  I was also reminded over and over how I used to live before Christ. I am no different in the Lords eyes then those who don't wantHim.........just saved...because of Him..........not because of me.

Holy Spirit as we get into your Word today.......touch our hearts, help us to apply what you are teaching us........lead us into Truth.......and help us to live for You whole heartedly.  Thank you Father.......for being so patient with me. 

Hugs ladies from my farm to your HOME,


  1. What an inspiring blog you have..I look forward to reading it each day. For many years I worked at jobs that I didnt really like but had to, being a single mother I was intrusted to care and provide for my daughter. I always felt something was missing from my life, and I would pray everynight, sometimes I felt like God had forgotten me. How foolish I was, little did I know he had something wonderful for me and now I am a wife of a most wonderful man and I get to stay at home. I know in this day and time, that is frowned on by alot of women. But this is my joy, to take care of my home and have dinner ready for my husband when he gets home. God knew what he was doing and all the times I felt lost and thought he had forgotten me, he was putting all of this in place. How wonderful he is and although we may think he is listening and answering our prayers...He is in complete control. Now I wait on him and I know and have faith that what he has planned for me is the best. I have gone through cancer with my daughter and I never lost faith that God was there and that he would bless us and he did. My daughter is healed and now she is learning to trust in the lord...amen.

  2. Linda, You always have the most fun! Makes me want to slow down a bunch and just enjoy my chicks and ducks and everything God has given me. I know how sad it can to be to work outside the home. I did it a few times-for selfish reasons and God always led me back home where I was happy and I am so,so thankful!! Today is very rainy again so I think we will go out and do a little thrift shopping. I do hope you are enjoying today!!


  3. Linda, this post blessed me today. So often, when I come here you write something that I needed to read. Today was no exception. Thank You!


  4. Oh, and I have those very same floral gloves. I can't wait to wear them while dig in the garden tonight (after I get home from work.)


  5. Linda, your blog really is a blessing to so many of us and we really do get inspired by what you share with us. The Lord is good and he has blessed all of us with you and your blog. I hope your Summer time on the farm helps all of you.

    God bless you all,
    Hugs XX

  6. Linda, YOur post everyday that I read them bless me. Is there any way that you can pray that I will read the bible everyday and that I will be able to remember what I read? I have such trouble I do love the Lord and I want to please Him in all that I do and pray that I become a great housekeeper Im so lousy at the job. All I seem to do is watch the silly tv all day and then of course I do what ever my hubby wants to do. Thanks for such a great joy of a blog for me to visit and learn the word. Blessings, Sherri

  7. It is always such a blessing to stop by your blog. Thank you for your faithfulness to proclaiming the riches of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    PS I think you should leave your door as it is. You wouldn't want to ruin it ;)

  8. Linda!

    I am so envious of you getting to live on a farm :) Thanks for sharing it and being descriptive so we can see it in our minds. I want to come to your garage sale!!! That would be a blast! Or you could sell your stuff on ebay and we could help you out with that lol.

    I have been to the Amarillo Livestock
    Auction and seen the cattle auction. It is interesting. I always love looking at the animals at our Tri State Fair in September.

    I like your door all rustic looking :)But, I like primitive things :)

    Thank you for such a Christ-like blog. It is so peaceful to read each day. Even if the news is sad or an urgent prayer request, it still seems peaceful because of how you let the Lord fill the space with His words and message. It gives such a feeling of hope. It kind of reminds me of the Left Behind Series of books by Jerry Jenkins. I remember that the Christians stay connected on the internet and they encouraged and helped each other :D

    I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself so much.


    Susan Montgomery

  9. Oh Linda..I'm so glad you are home & giddy... smile...Sounds like you are having a awesome day!!! I've never been to an auction like you are talking about, can't wait to see all the pics you will be taking! smile...

    Have another Blessed day!!

  10. My mother would have painted the screen door to preserve the wood which would make it last much longer. I guess you could put some kind of protective--oh what is it I'm thinking of--oh, yes, now I've got: varnish or something like that to keep it from weathering to pieces. If I remember right, you're in Kansas, and you know how the rain comes down at times (we're due for some). Good luck deciding what to do! Show us when you get it back to where it belongs.

  11. I enjoyed your wonderful post. So thankful I am no longer in the workforce. Some days were so bad. Our days now sound much the same. I love being home wondering about the homestead. Caring for my family the creatures & my gardens. Love your little wooden bench. No better place to be. Blessings!

  12. Love those chicken pics!!! I read that Austrolorps and Delawares are real lap chickens. I can't imagine anything more fun than sitting on a front porch with a chicken in my lap.


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