Thursday, May 26, 2011

What A Week........Life One day At A Time.

Good morning sweet ladies,  hope this gets out to you all. We have had the internet down about 4 times this morning. They must be working on it or something...not fun in my book.

I had to show you this precious picture of Ellianna and her sister. Ellianna is home now and getting loved on as you can see. Have you seen anyone so precious? One little bundle of love all wrapped up for her family to enjoy. I saw this and just had to show you it would make you smile.  Thought you would enjoy. Keep praying..........and know that the family is so grateful. Here is Hannah's blog...........Choosing could leave her some love, if you would like. Please tell her that you are coming from Prairie Flower Farm so she knows, thank you. She is a precious young her like my own. 

If you have a little one that needs prayed for.......or anyone for that matter......let us know and we will pray.

What a ride Kansas and all the other midwest states have been enduring the last few days. So many deaths and stories. Tornados are not fun. I kept thinking as the storm was coming for us and my heart felt sick we could lose the whole farm. We live on a very old farm and the buildings don't need any more damage then they already have. When the high winds come you cringe. For some...... living and working on a farm may sound glamourous, but that is not always the case. I love the life style, but it is hard work. We do not have a storm cellar to go down into as some farms have. They are very expensive so we have to figure out who's farm we are going to go to that does. I know that so many farms have been totally destroyed and to have ours still standing was truly a blessing. North of our place about 10-15 miles there was a tornado. We literally saw the two storms split above our farm. 

The winds were 60-65 miles just the back drafts. We saw the wind coming from the south with dust flying up in the air even though it had been raining. Emotions get to raging inside you as you think you could lose everything in one swoop. 

As the clouds and storm rolled in the sky was incredibly dark. 
So thankful the Lord has my families best in mind, even if that were to happen. He does not change and uses EVERYTHING that comes in our life for our perfection. Not always a fun thing and some of you who are reading my blog know what I am talking about. You find yourself praying for safety all the time when there is bad weather. Thank you soooooo for the prayers and leaving notes of encouragement. Even though I didn't have internet at different times it was sweet to read your prayer needs and the kindness you were showing our family (when I would be somewhere to get on). THANK YOU doesn't seem to express my gratitude. As I have said before, I am so blessed to have you ladies daily in my life. God has been so good to me. With life challenges you are all a breath of fresh air and major sunshine to my days. 

Tress took this pick of myself with my new little blue cochin chick........isn't it the sweetest? I have three.......if the test I do by holding them upside down by their feet is right, it looks like I have two girls and a boy......just what I wanted. I think I need to do a video of this for you sometime so you can see what it looks like. It is really amazing and I do the test two times and it always seems to do the test every time. 

Hugs from my your day is going well, 

P.S. I have internet now........but doesn't mean I will have it later. I will stay in touch though.

Oh and thank you for the all the new have been me.


  1. Well amen, and glad you are safe, hope the internet stays up for you, it gets aggravating whn it goes down, n never any change in our bills, hugs and be blessed

  2. Hey sweet is the weirdest thing.....since I put this up the internet has not worked about 3 times. Argggghhh. WE are so spoiled are we not? Hugs and thanks for coming over.......Linda

  3. Linda, I am so happy that your farm has been spared..we never know day to day no matter where we live what will happen in our lives..It's all up to our Lord isn't it. Ellianna is beautiful, as is her sister, what cuties..I have a daughter in law is in early labor, and we are getting ready to make the 8 hour drive to Sacramento..could you keep us in your prayers for a safe trip, and also for Lainie and baby Grace for a safe delivery..Thank you so much!


  4. Hello Sweet exciting that you get to go see your brand new little one Grace. I bet you are soooo excited. I am praying and can't wait to see some pic's. Enjoy your self. Hugs, Linda

  5. Hi Linda ;) :)
    I"m glad you made it through the storm okay :) :) I'm praying the same for your other kids and their families, too :) :) I've never liv ed in a place that has crazy storms/tornadoes like that...and if I did, I'd probably be really scared...I'm glad you made it :) :)

    Your little blue cochin chick is so CUTE!!! I can't wait to see the feathers grow over their claws..and they'll be running around with feathery pantaloons ;) :) If I'm ever in a position to have chickens, I would love to raise cochins ;) :)

    Thanks for the update on Baby Elliana. I went over to Hannah's blog and left a comment there, too. What a precious young family :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. so glad you made it through the storms..incredible, aren't they? the power of the mighty winds...once we went back to Iowa right after a big tornado and saw the damage driving into town...tractors flipped upside down and barns shattered..really impressed me as a new bride...never had seen anything like it before.....

  7. Glad you are all safe and made it through
    the storms.. Thanks so much keeping us
    updated about sweet little Eillana...

    Still can not post without being Anonymous
    Blogger still has lots of issues in fixing
    they problems

    Keep Safe/ Hugs and Blessings

  8. Linda,
    When you said, "We literally saw the two storms split above our farm", it about gave me chills! I'm so happy for you and your farm's safety!
    Your dress or top is so cute in the chick photo! I bet you made it :)
    Love the picture of the sisters. Precious!


    Susan Montgomery

  9. Oh my dear Linda.. I am so glad that you & your family are safe in Gods arms! We never know what life will bring just have to be thankful when it turns out well for us. Love the picture of baby Ellianna & her sister! Also love the pic of you with that baby chick...beautiful!

    Pray you are well & safe... Blessings,

  10. Thank you Aunt Linda so much for the love you share. You and so many others have blessed our socks off with all of your prayers for Ellianna.

    Thankful you are staying safe in the storms.

    PS---The girls and I are goo-goo over all your adorable chickies!

    Love you!

  11. I'm so excited. My blog is allowing me to post and comment. I love the little blue cochin--and you! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with friends and family.


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