Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making Soft Yogurt Cheese......and a busy morning.

Good morning sweet ladies,
This morning we were woke by the phone ringing..............”I don’t know if they are your cows but there are 3 out on the highway on Sterling Road south of your place”. Nope.........they are not ours, but we know who they belong to (our son’s). Hurriedly we got dressed (don't think the world wanted to see me in my cotton rosebud nightgown) and we were out the door. Last night we had thunder, lightning and rain. That always throws the animals into terror....... some real people also. As we drove we spotted the rascals on the highway. Three of them.........one named Monster..........for good reason. Maybe if the boys would have named him a sweet name he would be a good little boy cow, generally called a steer.

My honey grabbed the tools.

The morning was perfect........cool, a slight breeze and sun shinning. The bullfrogs were all crocking and the birds were singing..........just beautiful. When we got to the steers.......we saw two trucks coming our way. Just in time I thought........to help. Smile. It just so happened that some friends of our son’s were bringing out some bee hives to put on the boy’s land. I wish I had had my camera at the time.......he had a new queen bee in this little container with some candy. He said when he puts it in the nest the workers  will eat the candy and get her out  Very interesting. Wish I could do that, but that will have to be down the road. Quite an investment I am sure. Andy said he would bring me some honey. Can’t wait will be a treat drizzled on some nice warm biscuits.  I didn't know that I was going to receive a gift of a jar of honey.......isn't the Lord amazing. Always blessing His children. Thank you Jesus.

The fence was down. Every year the county comes and mows the ditches. They always seem to take out part of the fence. They probably don't even know it.

Here are pic’s of the herd. Our son’s have started out small and building their herd up each year. Kind of fun to watch them. They think they are Bonanza guys......they call their dad Pa.........makes me giggle when they call and ask........for Pa. Love those boys. 

Here is monster.......he kept trying to lick my hand.

This is Ellies new Momma Cow. She has been bawling a lot because her baby was weaned from her........ poor Momma.
I thanked my God again for living on a farm. For giving me such a special morning. I had been interrupted from my Bible time......but it was okay.......I can always get back to that when I get home. I am sitting here under the blue sky.........not a cloud in the sky..... the cotton tree leaves rustling in the breeze...........Blessed.........and I know it and I am sooooo very thankful......to God........because He gave me this DAY and I will rejoice and be glad in it Psalm 118:24. Storing up memories before going back to the college kitchen. 
Yesterday I made some soft cheese using yogurt. I used this video. Easyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!  Oh my was it good. Had to show you how to make it. I promise it is sooooooo easy ladies. Takes hardly any time and it is so good. I toasted some sliced french bread........spread a little of the cheese and some of my strawberry/rhubarb jam. My farm girlfriend Gail has a yogurt maker. I think I need to price one. Anyway the cheese was so so good........had some fruit with........ and that was my lunch. 

This is what I got to do yesterday.....making easy yogurt cheese it was so easy.

Get all your ingredients.

Add salt to 2 cups yogurt.

Place sieve on top of bowl.

Place cheese cloth over sieve.

Pour yogurt mixture onto top of cheese cloth
Set on counter........wait for 6 to 12 hours.
After all the fluid is gone from cheese.......place in fridge for 1-2 hours. 
I spread some cheese on toasted french bread........sprinkled chopped basil and tomato over the top. Very good. You can also spread the cheese and strawberry rhubarb jam........also very good, I know I tried.

Here is a Video that you can watch..........so fun and soooo easy.

Tomorrow we are going to launch (Lord willing that the internet isn’t off again) our Building  A Home Wednesday. Simple........anyone that wants to join in can. I will have the instructions up tomorrow. I am really excited to see what the Lord has for us. It do not want this to be a burden. I want you to find Joy in building a Home for the Lord. It will be work, but that never hurts any one right? The fact we will be doing this together...the burden will be light..........can’t wait. I am soooooooo soooooo excited. We will become better encouragers along the way.

All you will have to do "if you want" is  to comment on my blog or send a email with "Building a Home" in the subject as if you have anything to share. There will also be a linky on the bottom of my post every Wednesday and you can link up at anytime of the week to your blog, if you have something to share with all of us.  I am trusting this will let ladies be able to visit one another and encourage each other as we work with the Lord and as  “He Builds our Homes”. WE don’t want to start without Him, I am hoping we will find helpful hints along the way on  time management, understanding of the scripture, what the Lord is teaching us, decorating tips, homemade household cleaning agents, the sky is the limit ladies. Each lady will have opportunity to share what is going on with their own walk in what the Lord.  God can use us in a mighty way........I know it.........and I can’t wait to see what He is going to be doing in our lives. You will start out at your own pace and if you would rather do this quietly by yourself.......please feel free........ there is never any pressure here on this blog..........know you are loved sweet ladies.

I just heard the mail lady come up the lane.........there is a box.......a big box addressed to me.......from Susan......a follower...she said to be expecting something in the mail...........I will share what is inside tomorrow. I am so humbled by you ladies, your emails, gifts, flower seeds and just YOU being YOU!

Hugs and trust you all had a wonderful weekend. 




  1. Your cows are pretty, really. Even "Monster" and it sounds wonderful to live in the country.

  2. Your yogurt cheese looks wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing .Will have to try for sure.
    Hugs Granny Trace

  3. The cows look like they really know you and have bonded. I hope they aren't 'food' cows.

    Lots of work for that cheese but I'll bet it's YUMMY!

  4. Now that's a cheese I can make! Will have to go get some good yogurt. Glad you have such an exciting and beautiful day!

  5. I LOVE Yocheese (Yogurt cheese)!
    I am hust trying to figure out how to make a variety of flavors! Got any ideas?

  6. Hi Linda,
    Oh,my, I'm glad the cows were found safe. Monster looks likes a sweet cow deep down :) :)

    Thanks for the easy yogurt cheese recipe. I just might try that. I LOVE the idea of spreading some of that cheese on some French bread with jam. That does sound really good ;) :) I'm actually going grocery shopping tomorrow :) :)

    Oh, I'm excited about your Wednesday series. that will be really neat :) :) :)

    I'm praying that the internet stays ON :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. Hello........I have actually had internet all day long with out one time having it go off. It is wonderful.

    Hello Terra,
    Thank you......they really are very pretty cows. Love to be around them. I can't imagine not being able to live in the country. I guess I have all of my life. Very thankful. Hugs

    Granny, be sure to try it. It really is just mixing, pouring and waiting. That is it. It is really nummy also. Tell me what you think. Hugs

    Honest Parsley, it isn't hard and it tastes so good. Try it. So nice to have you by today.Hugs

    Hello Heahter, it is so good and you won't have any problem making it. Tell me if you do. Hugs

    Hope you could use some of the ideas Karieann.

    Hello Heather from Oregon, make sure you toast the french bread in the toasters or in the oven.....makes it taste soooo nummy. Tell me if you try it. Ya know the internet stayed on all day. Hugs to you also!

    Thank you everyone for writing. It was so nice to hear from you all.

    Hugs, me

  8. Dear Linda,

    I hope this comments posts, I've written several & just won't work, so here goes! lol wonderful blog as always! Glad Internet is up & running!

    xoxo Gert

  9. Linda you are a gift from God! I just know it! I always tell my children their friend Yesenia who passed away two weeks before her 18th birthday from rare brain cancer was not a person at all but an angel of God in disguise! That girl taught e more about kindness and the love of God than anyone with years of preachin and teachin! She was a gift from God and I miss her terribly! But the Lord gives us what He thinks we need. I love you friend and you are one sweet farm momma! Hugs Anne

  10. Thank you for sharing the yogurt cheese recipe!!
    It looks yummy, I just wish others in my family ate it! I love it with honey drizzled on top!


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