Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It is our first Building Our Homes Together Wednesday

Good morning sweet ladies,

Hello.........I have been waiting for this day for weeks. First off, I know that blogger has been having some major issues. I have not noticed anything going on here at Prairie Flower Farm other than the comments I am receiving from ladies I know who have accounts are leaving their messages as anonymous and then signing their name at the end of the comment. You must be going around it and making it happen. Thank you for all who are still leaving comments. Just want you to know I appreciate you. We might want to pray about what is going on. I think it is a bit weird.

Today is our first day of launching of :

Building Our Homes Together Wednesday 

and I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do.

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 Now you know I have been having huge issues with my internet provider. I will do my best at getting up something every Wednesday, even if I drive somewhere with wifi and hook up there........oh I pray I don't have to do that, but if I have to......... 
I will.

I want this to be simple and yet I know it will be work for us all. Anything we accomplish here on earth we have to work at.....right? My prayer is to use Building Our Homes Together as a tool to encouraging one another and accomplishing our goals in our Homes and not feel alone. That will look different for each lady. To help us to have Strong Homes we will need to

Read the Word Daily, that is our foundation
Take a portion of scripture....ask the Holy Spirit to help you as you read. Invite Him to be your teacher. He will meet you it is a wonderful place to be.

Retain Truth (memorize and meditating) keeping the foundation in place
Write scripture on a card or piece of paper, carry it with you for as long as you need so you have it in your heart.

Building Our Homes, as we pray and have the help of Jesus. It is His Home, only if we give it to Him

Start somewhere even if it is little!

Start in a corner of your Home......start cleaning......
decluttering.......decorate. Enjoy your Home make it a place of refuge. If you are the same. Invite younger families to your Home or anyone......just open your Home. Do you know some of our most favorite memories were when widowed women in our church would invite our family (when I had younger children) for dinner. I sat and watched the ladies every move........then I would go Home and do what she taught me, even though she didn't have a clue she was teaching me. I will talk more on this on a later date.

Pray Pray Pray........ask the Lord where He wants you to start first!!!!!!!

A wise woman builds her house (HOME)
Proverbs 14:1

You can email me, if you don't have a blog, I will put it up on the my comments. We majorly want you to be a part. You can also easily get a google account even if you don't have a blog. If you are a subscriber to my emails (along the side bar) did you know that you can just hit reply and send an email back to me? 

Email me at with Building a Home Together in the subject line if YOU need ANY help. I don't want anyone left out!!!!!!!!

You are so welcome to take and use this photo on your blog or fb. Please give credit. Thank you

Here are a few ideas:

It can be what you are studying and what you have learned through the Word.
Tips on how you memorize the Word
Ideas for cleaning and keeping your Home organized
What you do for fun as a family
Ways you care for the orphan and widow
Decorating ideas.
Remodeling techniques 
Cleaning supply substitutes
Pictures of what you have done or pictures of ideas of what you would like to do that you have found on the internet.
Ideas on how to do acts of Kindness done from your Home
Recipes, canning ideas or drying techniques
Storage ideas
Craft room ideas

I am sure you have lists of your own..........we want to see what the Lord is doing in your life! I will be praying.......please all of you do the same.

Ladies the sky is the limit. Our Homes do more than we can imagine. 

Hugs sweet ladies, Here we go........I can't wait to see what the Lord has for us all. 

Hugs from my Home to your Home,


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Then we can all come and see what the Lord is doing with building your HOME. Have fun.


  1. Linda,
    I'm so excited about this. This is a real treat for me...and I'm waiting to learn from all the wiser sisters in Christ here ;) :) I"m making some more avocado ice once I get that all done, I'll post a linky here. I think some of the other ladies will enjoy the recipe. It is really easy and tastes really, really good ;) :)

    I'm also doing regular devotions..and that's been wonderful. You are so right about spending time every day in the Word. That's the most important foundation of anything we do here :) :)

    Thanks for posting that Scripture picture. I LOVE it :) :) I'll have to share that on Facebook and/or on my blog, too :) :) I'll "linky up" sometime Thursday :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Thank you so much for starting this. Even though we have daily devotions after supper I felt I needed more and have a Bible in my bedside table now to read before I sleep. Also I decided to complete one task inside (eg. two loads of laundry) and one task outside (eg. weeding a 4 foot garden patch) each day.

  3. Hi, I'd love to have your permission to use the picture and verse from Nehemiah on my blog. I know you've offered for us to use others and this one speaks to me personally. I do hope you are enjoying your vacation as much as I am. School is out for me now and wedding plans will be my focus. ♥♫

  4. Linda, I am excited about this! I can hardly wait to see what God is doing in the lives of the precious ladies who read and support your blog. Praying.........

  5. Hello sweet ladies, thank you so for coming over and all the encouragement. I am excited that we had some response. precious. Look what the Lord has been doing in your life. I love it!!!! Can't wait for you to link up. Sounds like it will be nummy ice cream. Yes you can use the picture. Love to get the word it off.

    Hi Lori, Love your heart.........precious that you are in the word yourself. Wonderful to go to bed reading the Word before going to sleep. You got lots done today!! I worked in my little storage barn and going through things to have our Farm Girl yard sale in 3 weeks. I enjoy working in the garden also.

    Hope you got the pic up. I am so glad you wanted to use it. Spreading the Word!!!! together. Have fun planning the wedding.

    Hi Gloria......I am with you on seeing what the Lord has in His plans. Love the response so farm. I have enjoyed going to the ladies blogs. Amazing ladies out there.

    Hugs sweet ladies, me

  6. What a precious lady you are Linda! I am sure this will be a blessing to many! May the LORD indeed use us all in our homes for HIS glory!

    Much Love,

  7. Thank you Linda for starting this and I can't wait to see what it does in my life & home. As I have said before your weekly emails really are inspirational to me. My husband is also really encouraging me in this and that speaks alot cause I really want to make our Home more of a home for us and our children. Again thank you and I am so excited.


  8. It's so funny that I would receive your email as I was busy puttering around the kitchen thinking about 'I should add this to a post, I should share this..etc' has been on my heart for quite a few weeks now about starting something exactly what you are sharing here..God IS so amazing.

    I don't want to say I will commit because I don't want to over extend myself but I will try to come here and share, read and glean from the wisdom that is brought here by other sister's in the Lord...

    One tip I will share: Read a proverb a day! The best way to start on a daily basis spending time first thing with our Father is a Proverb a Day. Since there is 31, it is quite easy not to forget which one to read for the day.

    As we begin spending time in His Word, on a daily basis, you will find that you are able to spend more time AND still accomplish everything that has to get done around the home...God can stop the time for us..

    I find being with Him each and every morning, first thing, starts my day on the right foot and makes me a sweet fragrance to Him and not a stench to my

  9. Good morning, Linda...

    I am able to comment today! Awesome!

    Love what you are doing and the opportunity to "tag" along. I was able to visit each of the ladies who linked up. They are all so precious, as are the ones who have left comments. I believe this link-up will grow each week! The LORD is going to do a "new thing" through each of us.

    Love ya, Sis!

  10. Hi Linda,
    I just added my linky :) :) It's titled "avocado ice cream " :) :) :) This is really fun and super tasty, too. Now my challenge is to straighten up the house ;) :) I'll leave a link to the blogpost here too, in case anyone has trouble viewing it from the linky tools. This is so exciting ;) :) I'll come back and visit the other nice ladies blogs here later today :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  11. This is fun, Linda ;) :) I've visited everyone on the linky so far :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :)

    p.s. the latest issue of Create & Decorate magazine arrived in my mailbox. Did you get your copy yet? I can't wait to look at all the cute projects ;)

  12. Linda, this is great! Hoping to figure out this computer stuff, lol! So that we can participate!

    Looking forward to sharing with all of you!

    Linda (& Brenda)

  13. Terry said : Family is so important and God created us to be His Family. What better way to Love Him than to share our love with each other. May each thing shared make Him smile and help us to share His Glory and His Grace with each other. Be Blessed Each Day .


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