Friday, June 10, 2011

We Have Two New Winners!!!!!!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

What a week.........busy busy busy........I have been soooooo busy in the garden........stitching on orders.........and really trying to just stay cool. Has anyone else been having scorcher days? Oh my it has been so hot. The poor crops around here are really getting hit bad. Thank you all who are praying for the farmer's. This morning when we went outside it was in the 60's.......what a was a  much needed cool down.

I want to thank each one of you who went over to Create & Decorate and told them hello. Do you know how much those comments encouraged them? Pure sweetness and thank you so much for taking the time to do that.. 

          Okay, I bet you are wanting to know who the two winners are.
The first prize winner is Sandra from
(cute puppy on your blog 

I will be contacting you......congratulations on the win! 
Hope you enjoy!

and the Second prize winner is......

Debbie has a new blog......go and say hello.

She has a Cornbread Salad that looks so yummy. 

Each will receive a copy of the 

Create & Decorate Magazine

August 2011 issue
(available by subscription or at the Walmart)

 remember I said I had another SURPRISE

each lady will receive a 

 Americana Flag Ornie
that I made for you,



Thank you to all who came and signed up. I so enjoy having parties........they are much needed in our world today don't you think?

OKAY are you ready for another one? Gooseberry has been so patient with me.

Soooooo STARTING this next 

Monday on June 13th......
we are having another party.

Just want you to be prepared.

Another fun review of another wonderful 
Gooseberry Cookbook.........
(You can order on my side bar if you like).

I will be giving away one 

A few inside contents are, 

Easy-Breezy Breakfasts....Gooseberry is so cleaver.
Toss Together that is a needful in the summer.
No-Fuss Desserts......great for a party.

I will be cooking up some of the recipes and you are going to like........a lot. 

I have also been working on another surprise to go with the cookbook, 

(of course it is red, is there any other color)?

 The picture above gives you just a little hint at 
what it might look like.  

So...... ladies be ready toooooo party on Monday and until then please have a blessed are in my prayers.

Hugs from a cool cool farm.......I mean as in temperature.....heheehe it is sooooo wonderful,


P.S.......did anybody notice that their Followers are like
GONE? What is going on.....anyone know?


  1. Congrats to the winners! Enjoy your weekend Linda!

  2. Congrats to the lucky girls!Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Congratulations to the winners....and cornbread salad sounds yummy!!!

    I think I am going to have to enter on Monday. I can just picture that apron!!! ;) And the cookbook is sure to be a winner!

    My followers are gone today, also. Seems like it is something new everyday with blogspot. It is really getting strange.

    Hope you have a moment to go over and stand in agreement on today's prayer & fasting post.

    We are a little cooler too! It is indeed a blessing!


  4. Oh, congratas to the two lovely winners of the Create & Decorate magazine :) :) Linda, when you talked about this magazine quite a few months ago, I subscribed. It's such a great magazine, full of cuteness, and worth every penny :) :)

    It's still really overcast outside. It looks like it will rain. It might rain tonight. Right now it's just really warm and really muggy/sticky :) :) Still it's nice...I love it :) :)

    Oh, yes, I lost my followers yesterday. My caption is still on my blog, but the followers photos are gone. Also when I click on my blogger dashboard, it still tells me how many followers I have...however, when I click to view the photos...again, nothing. It's just a blank page. I'm not sure why...but I hope Blogger fixes it soon.

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Congratulations to the winner. Can I enter on the giveaway from Monday???? I love the gooseberry's cookbook and your apron!!!!!!!!Waouh!!!!
    Blessings from France

  6. Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  7. Hi ladies, are so have to wait until Monday. I am not ready for the party yet. Still have to put the finishing touches and take the picture. Smile.......

    You are all so nice to congratulate the winners.....they haven't written me back yet.......sooooo I am just waiting to see what they say. Heart you ladies......going out to plant my tomatoes. You heard me right. It has been to cold or to hot. Today is just right!!!!!

    Hugs, me

  8. Linda, I am traveling with my husband to our State Assoc. meeting for our church and we checked in at out hotel. I thought that I would check out Facebook and saw where you had posted that the winners had been chosen. Whoo Hoo! I was one of the winners! Thank you so much!! Thanks especially for the Americana ornie that you made and also for promoting my new blog...I appreciate what you've done and you are such a special lady!

  9. Congratulations to the winners and the flag looks great! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  10. Hi Dear Linda
    I'm enjoying a long overdue visit here - sorry it's been so long - life has been busy lately, but now it's Saturday morning, so we have no school to do, nowhere to go & nothing to plan, so I can spend the day cleaning (we have a mouse plague at the moment so it really needs a good cleaning). Congratulations to the winners of your beautiful giveaway. I will be praying for your farmers - we know exactly how frustrating drought can be. How is the adoptions going for Vitaliy going? I've been praying....
    I hope you have a wonderful day & weekend.

  11. Yes, blogger has been having some issues the last few weeks. Yes, I noticed the followers were missing; however, I believe they are back now. Can't wait for the giveaway to start on Monday. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. Congratulations to the lucky ladies! What a sweet prize to win :) Can't wait to see the next party, Linda :D Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend. Pray for rain!


    Susan Montgomery

  13. Congrats to the winners! And oh what a cute flag, who wouldn't just LOVE that!! Oh & your next party...I can't wait, I would love a red apron made by you!!!

    I mentioned you on my blog last night Check out my new chicken!! smile...

    xoxo Gert

  14. Double drat that thief blogger! Stealing our friends! Argh... I hope your weekend is beautiful! Anne


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