Friday, June 24, 2011


Good morning sweetie ladies!!!!! Oh my thank you so for hanging in there with me. What a week. But I ammmm...........refreshed.....well I have to say I was really refreshed until......... you know how some love to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee or tea? thing is a nice cold cold cup of milk. Soooooo, this morning being no different than any other day.......I poured my milk in my favorite red cup.........and I started drinking....... like I always do.....only to realize that the milk was  sour. UGH! Made me smile though. That was a "piece a cake" to what the beginning of the week was like!!!!!! Smile. I know some like sour milk........not is nasty and the after taste stays with! 

Praying that everyone out there is having a good week! 

This morning I looked up the word refreshed.........I was sooooo refreshed yesterday.........very nice. I hardly did a thing ........worked on orders as we drove to Hutch. Honey had an appointment with a farm agency. Tay also went with, she needed a little break also. We hardly leave the house it seems......which I love, but the day was so pretty and the drive was quiet. For those who have asked, Taylor will have to go to a physical therapist. The Lord is providing someone we know. Blessing!  We also picked up some crutches for her so she can get around on her own. She has felt quite dependent on others. We don't mind a bit lovin on her!

I have a bit of news that some have asked. The Purses for Promises for Joplin is doing very well. God is moving in the lives of many ladies across America and even in France. I have been receiving tea cozies and I want to thank each of you who have given. Some are even sending money to help add extras to the inside of the purse.......sweet! One friend called and said she and her husband were having so much fun buying little manicure I would have never thought of that! Doesn't the body work so well together? 

When we got home after being in Hutch we stopped at the end of the drive to pick up our mail...........inside was a package, from my sweet friend who lives in France.....Sandra..........BEAUTIMUS. She had a tea cozy for Joplin and some sweetness for me. You know the Lord's timing is so precious. I opened each wrapped piece. She had made a is now my prayer journal (I am recording your names who ask for prayer in it), a hand stitched sachet........the work was incredible (so detailed) and some beautiful packages of how did the Lord and Sandra know I could use some major encouragement yesterday? The Lord is so faithful and He always uses friends it seems. Thank you were so sweet to think of me!

Aren't the colors unreal. Loved all the different colored beets!

Later in the day we went to our friends house to pick up their rototiller. We left with our hearts and hands full. I went to bed last night blessed. Thank you for all who left were a breathe of fresh air!

Report on Ellianna.........thank you for praying. As many of you know she had surgery again on Wednesday to get a new final shunt put in. Here is a update from Hannah. I thought it would be easier to put this up for those who want to read. God is there for this precious family!!!

Yesterday as Ellianna was getting ready for surgery, her doctors became increasingly concerned about her blood work.  Her electrolytes sky-rocketed since being admitted last Thursday, and were high enough that they could cause serious problems with her heart.  They were worried that she has an underlying condition causing this, separate from her brain issues.  They checked an EKG of her heart right before surgery to make sure she was stable enough to tolerate being put to sleep.  It looked fine...

Surgery went very well and her doctor came out beaming, pleased with the outcome.  Her head pressure could go down really rapidly now.  We were handed a little bag with a clump of her hair they shaved...she has an incision on the back of her head and another in the center of her belly.  Poor little thing is swollen all over.

We were moved from the pediatric floor into the PICU so they could keep a closer watch on her.  Morphine, Tylenol, and Motrin seemed to slightly dull her discomfort.  We answered a barrage of questions from the intensive care doctor... I left feeling like they doubted our capabilities as parents.  They drew labs one more time to see if anything had changed and then were going to consult with other doctors to see if they could figure out what was going on.

I reluctantly left my baby's side to pick up the other kids and spend the night at home.  I could tell Mark was worried and needed to be with her for awhile.  He texted me later and said the results were back and they showed all levels were NORMAL!  This was astounding to us.  They checked them again this morning and everything still looked perfectly normal.  Not sure what happened...either there was a mix-up, or God gave us one of those miracles we have been praying for.  Either way, it is nice to be able to breathe out.

Ellianna is drowsy today, but wakes up every few minutes seeming to be in pain. Everything looks stable though and she is starting to eat again.  We will hopefully be moved back to the regular pediatric floor today and hope her discharge will be soon.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting thoughts, prayer, meals, time off from work, and helping out with the other kids.  We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful army of friends and family holding us up. 

Wow, I know this is long......but thought I should answer some of the questions you all have had. If you want to leave a prayer for Ellianna.......her Momma and Daddy read them all. Thank you again for your sweetness!

God bless your day.........I was going to report on our Vitaliy, but Tonya (his adopted momma to be)  just called and exciting things are happening fast. I will have to tell about that tomorrow. Today is a huge day, so please pray that the Lord would have the Kansas background check in the mail very soon. Yesterday was our Vitaliy's 13th excited to celebrate next year with him here. We have had to just wait and wait for papers to get back. That is the hardest thing we have heard about adopting a child. When things finally cut have to move fast. Our Tonya may have to drive to Topeka today......please pray for her safety. 

I can't thank you precious ladies enough for all that you have done for our family!!!! Thank you again for the prayers going up for our Tay and Ellie! I am praying for you!

Hugs from my farm to your HOME!


  1. Linda, so glad you're feeling refreshed today! You've been given so many blessings. Thank you for sharing them with us through your joyful blog! Sending payers and good thoughts for all!!

  2. I am blessed by how everything is going!!! I love it.

    The report about Ellianna is nothing short of AWESOME! You know how I feel about awesome....God's handiwork!!! (Now, I'll have to post another update...YEA!!!)

    Also, excited over the news on the adoption!!! Praying for Tonya to have safe travels and for all the paperwork fall into place!

    That was a special pkg. you got, Sweetie ....but it was for one special lady! You deserve.

    Glad Taylor got to get out for awhile yesterday. We all need to get out occasionally. It makes us appreciate home more. ;)

    Thank you for all the nice things you said...but I am just the secretary. HE does the work.

    Love you much!

  3. Hi, Linda - Just dropping by to tell you that I'm praying for Vitaly, Elianna, Taylor . . . and you!!

    Reading your blog posts in my e-mail box each day ALWAYS brightens my day - thank you for spreading some sunshine!!! (((Hugs)))

    Blessings from my Kansas home to yours - Pauline

  4. Praying for Vitaliy and Tonya, So excited for your family! Also praying for Ellie.
    Happy to hear all your good news. I pray God blesses you abundantly for all you do for others, Linda.
    Camille in Tx.

  5. Oh Linda-what a wonderful post, I am so happy to hear you are feelng better. Rest is a very important part of our lives. Glad to hear this great news on Ellianna as I know this has to be so difficult for them. And pray for Tay to heal quickly under the healing hands of her physical therapist! (they can do wonders) also am praying for Tonya & Vitally.

    My dear friend glad things are going better for you!!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Hi Linda, I forgot to ask about Vitaliy. I'm constantly praying that he can come home sooner, rather t han later ;) :) He seems like such a precious boy. for me at least, he's already a Stubbs family member :) :) So I'll keep praying. Keep us updated on that situation :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. Praying for ellianna. How blessed we are to have a God who cares about us, who loves our children and hears our prayers.

  8. Hi Linda,

    Sounds like so many sweet things are happening today :) How nice of Sandra to send you the box of goodies. You deserve it, friend :D

    Praying for all the prayer requests. It is so awesome to have all these prayer warriors to lift each other up in prayer from all over.

    We broke an all time heat record in Amarillo today. It got to 109 and we still haven't seen a drop of rain! Thanks to all that are praying for rain for the states that need it so badly.


    Susan Montgomery

  9. Linda....your *refreshed* is catching :)

    Always an encouragement to visit you :)


  10. Tell me more about Purses for Promise (Joplin) I would like to help if I can.

  11. Just connecting you from Phamily Blog----she posted about your Purses for Joplin. What a wonderful thing you are doing, my heart goes out to them and all of the suffering. I'm a Kansas girl too--always glad to find Kansas bloggers. Your blog is inspiring and I'm your newest follower.

  12. Wonderful news for sweet Ellianna. May God's hand continue to heal her.

    Write me about your efforts for Missouri. I'd love to help. Anne sent me over.

    Have a beautiful day.
    TTFN ~

  13. Friend, I am so happy to read that Vitaliy will be in your family someday soon. What an answer to prayer, and what a blessing for this boy! God bless your family richly for your work for Him.

  14. Sour milk... I happened to be standing in the kitchen when my husband did that once. I felt so bad for him but all I could do was laugh, hehe.

    Praise God that Purses for Promises is doing so well!!! I made another trip to Joplin on Saturday as I took my kids to our usual meeting place for them to spend the week with my parents. A friend had decided to ride along with me so I wouldn't have to come back home alone. After the kids were dropped off, I drove her through the areas of Joplin that were hit so hard, she hadn't seen it in person yet. This time there were people out and about, working. I saw women sifting through the rubble of what was left of their homes and I thought about the hope, the love that will come from these purses! What a sweet, precious gift these women will receive!! You and your followers have no idea what kind of impact this will make on them... an impact that very well could change their life! Being the Hands of Jesus... that's what it's all about! Thank you dear, precious friend for all your effort on getting the word out!

    Praise God for the miracle he is doing in the life of Ellianna! What an awesome testimony she will be for Him!!

    Glad to hear such good things about Vitaliy! God is sooooo good!!

  15. Linda you are so loved by all. I put up a post about the purse effort and lots of folks want to help. Ellianna is always in my mind. I have a shunt. Since 1984. So I know some of the pain that precious girl is experiencing. Life is hard. My late mom use to say "Pray harder." Love you Anne


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