Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello Sweet Ladies,

I was starting to work on a post this morning........."life came up" all know what that is I am taking the day off on posting........but I will have one ready for tonight. 

Hope all is well with you........know that I am praying. Going to plant some veggies today. Our day yesterday was soooooooo productive in cleaning. Made some newcurtains (I will have a tutorial for you) that were so simple and added some sweetness to my little kitchen. I look at them every time I come in. Isn't it funny how little things can make us feel special? They took about 45 minutes to make.

Love reading all your ideas ladies from the first 

you are the most precious ladies ever!!!!!!!

I also have some exciting news........just not enough time to get it up in a post. 

Blessings, Linda

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