Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good is a RAINY SONday!!!!!!!!

Good morning sweet ladies, for those of you have been praying for rain........well the Lord did not disappoint last night. 

We got 1" of rain and it is still raining..........oh we are so excited for the crops that were just burning in the fields. Now the soybeans and corn are drinking their much needed water. All I can say is thank you so much Father

Last Friday a sweet blogger friend Cheryl over at Prairie Maid was having her own prayer time.......and I mean prayer time. What a precious time they had....... think about it. You are coming before the King of Kings......on bended knee.......lifting before Him, your needs, for yourself, your family, the family of God, the sick, the wounded, the grateful, our government, our Pastors......the list goes on. I have to tell you that our Building Our Homes Together is truly beyond what we ever thought. God is bring ladies together........ weaving a beautiful tapestry.........taking a golden thread through it as He moves in each of our lives. It is a beautiful thing to watch. Please go to 

it was her last Friday post. Amazing. Ladies were fasting and praying for needs. She wrote me today..........they prayed for rain for us and we got it. God is so precious. Enjoy her post.

We are having a family picnic at church today........can't wait......and Oh Don't Forget...........a Gooseberry Party goin' on here.......can't wait for that either. It will be on Monday.

Hugs from my rainy farm..........lovin it.......maybe will be a puddle jumper in my Laura Ashley Boots..........BAAHAAA, now that would be a site. Don't will hurt your brain,



  1. Linda,
    I love that photo of the dark, rainy skies over Kansas. I prayed for you...God answered :) :) Awesome. I'll pray you get more rain, so the crops with grow strong and lush...and that you 'll have an abundant, over the moon harvest ;) :) That's a lot of harvest, but I like to ask big :) :) :) Have a lovely church picnic :) :)

    I'm making more of Miss Clarice's crochet flowers. I'm not using the same thread or needle in the pattern, but they're still coming out cute. I LOVE DMC mercercized crochet cotton. I have to travel to Ashland, Oregon for that...but it's worth the trip :) :)

    Oh, yes, i agree about the Building Our Homes Together series...I've already made some new friends. They are such sweet Christian ladies...and it's such an encouragement to me :) :) Have a lovely SONday. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :)

  2. This is Debbie in Florissant CO. Linda and ladies, we need rain desperately, we had a Wildland Fire on Wednesday and they finally got it out this morning. We had firemen and Smoke Jumpers from as far away as Montana to help our local firemen fight the fire. 103 families were evacuated but are now back home. Thank God for all our local and far away firemen and Smoke Jumpers for all their help, it is because of all of them that the fire is out and we thank them. But, we need rain so bad, it is so dry here, my goodness I truly can not remember the last time it rained. So please ladies keep us in your prayers as we really need rain as well.
    Thank you all and have a beautiful Sunday.

  3. Oh Linda, Isn't our Father wonderful?? He answers our prayers, when only we ask. Love that picture it is Amazing!!!

    Hopoe you have a Blessed SONday, while enjoying the 'rain puddles'

    xoxo Gert

  4. Linda,

    I LOVE your new header pic! The fabric is sooo pretty :) Thanks for the warning, but it's too late :O I hurt myself trying to imagine you puddle jumping in those pretty boots. Bahahaha! JK! Actually, I could totally see you doing that because you were so happy. I think those of us here in Texas would do the same. Other than a teaser sprinkle, we haven't had a good rain in months. Have a great evening :D

    Love and hugs,

    Susan Montgomery

  5. Ah...I can post, again!

    I sent you an email with my reply...too bad I don't remember exactly what I said...I do know this ~

    You are too sweet and kind and it was all HIM not me.;)

    I am sure I said more, because I am so excited about what God is doing!!! Isn't it awesome?!

    Rec'd a comment from Gert this evening. She says her leg is feeling better and she is able to get around easier. I am doing the happy dance!!! God is so very good.

    Oh...I said, I might need to "borrow" the picture...of the sky...BEAUTIFUL! And I love the new header picture...RED, always in style! Makes me smile....but, I liked the boots!

    I will add Colorado to the prayer list for rain. Wildfires can be so frightening. And (Susan), we will continue to pray for those areas of Texas needing rain.


  6. The weather has been so unusual this year. We night get as the thunder and lightening are acting up now. I will pray for everyone who needs rain. As I walk around the small lake where we walk most mornings and each evening I pray and I know the Lord listens. Sometime people pass me by. I am sure they think I am talking to the birds and ducks! I am too! I love all the creatures God has given us even the messy birds that dive bomb us some evenings! Hee Hee! I am getting good at noticing what birds they are too, barn swallows, little brown sparrows, herons, mallard ducks, geese, I love it! Blessings Linda. I love your farm and love you too! Anne


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