Monday, June 6, 2011

A Story About.........I can't tell ya, it is a surprise.

Hello sweet ladies,

It is Monday..........and we are still having our Create & Decorate/Prairie Flower Farm Party. Click here to join if you like. 

There is an opportunity for two ladies to each win the magazine.

This little flag is mine. Eeeck, I am sooo excited...... one of those sweet gifts the Lord gives us sometimes.

Now.... on yesterday I added another surprise for each winner. Can't tell you.......until Friday........think you will like.

 The party will continue until this Friday at noon. Thank you to all the ladies who have signed up so far. I'm soooooo enjoying your comments. Making some of the ideas our own. 

The weather has been so hot here in Kansas in the high 90's and today it will be 101........oh my would I give a day in Alaska.......even though it gets hot there also. Our air conditioner is not working so that means sweat.......and a few more showers a day. Talk about hot. 

I went out this was delightful not hot yet..

Now if some of you don't like don't have to look........ because I understand that many hate mice............ 

This is a story for your children.

Mrs. Prairie Flower loves to go out in the cool on the mornings to water her flowers. Do you know that is the best time? It is not good to water in the heat of the day. She walked around her farm and realized that the flowers she had planted were starting to wilt. So she asked her honey Mr. Farmer, if he would help her hook up the hose.......being the kind man that he is........he did. 

First she thought she should fill all the pans for the kittens that are around the farm. The cats have their pans filled to the brim now. That is a good thing on a day that is hot. 

She started to water along the little milk barn where she keeps her baby chicks. Woody the family kitten was  sitting on the side lines licking her little paws.  Stepped in the water from the hoes.......silly kitty.

 Sh suddenly took off and raced up the side of the small tree close by. She loves to climb trees and is always jumping into all the piles of straw when she thinks she is helping Mrs. Prairie Flower in her garden. She left Woody to play in the tree.......and get down herself. 

  Mrs. Prairie Flower went on to continue to water........ she noticed that close by was........

was Miss Shelby......the loner hen.......she doesn't like anybody especially the other hens, so she lives outside the Hen House and sleeps in the tree outside Mrs. Prairie Flower kitchen window. Miss Shelby was just curious about what was going on this morning. Plus she just loves to be by Woody.

Mrs. Prairie Flower continued to water the flowers listening to the  baby chicks peeping in the 
milk barn. She started day dreaming about what she would need to do next, after she was finished watering. Oh gasp.........all of sudden she noticed...........

three little mice running out of the ground from their  little nest, right where Mrs. Prairie Flower was watering............oops.......she had no idea that they they lived there.. The three took off running  along side the Milk Barn as fast as their little feet could take them. The funniest sight to be seen.

Well not that funny that they were getting watered out, but to see them run was funny. Of course, Mrs. Prairie Flower immediately quit her watering and stood there watching them very closely......she is one of those that thinks mice are cute........except when they try to live in her farm house. Then out they must go! This little guy took his time coming out of the hole...........he didn't even notice Mrs. Prairie Flower standing there until.......

he was startled when he spotted Mrs. Prairie Flower......... 

 but before he could warn the other mice out popped another little mouse. 

By this time Mrs. Prairie Flower noticed Woody .......... oh my, she thought.......maybe she should move Woody........she was getting a little bit to close. She was not sure what Woody might do. 
So she picked Woody up and they went to another place to water....

leaving the little mice behind. She hoped their little house was still livable. Mrs. Prairie Flower also hopes they will move before the next time she waters.

                                           The end........ of the story. 

If your children have anything to add..... to this story, they may do so by leaving it in the comments of this post.   Thank you in advance if they do......also if any of you ladies have a part to are so welcome.

Just trying to find joy in the little things..........sometimes life is just to agree? Thank you Father for always giving us just what we need! You are so faithful and we are "so" not. Even when that is our hearts desire. Help us this day to keep our eyes on YOU the sustainer of LIFE.........we are so THANKFUL.
In Jesus name, Amen

Don't forget to sign up for the party.........oh and new followers you are so welcome here........I have noticed you and I am glad you have come to stay!



  1. LOVE the story...I can't say that I like Mice... I had a very traumatic experience with one when I was younger... : ) Okay so.. ...Traumatic is a bit much...but when your sleeping in your bed at night and your parents haven't told you there is a mouse in the house...because they know that you will over react to the situation.. : ) So you begin to fall asleep in VERY SWEET slumber..Until all of a sudden you feel something Crawling up your back....AHHHHH!!! and instincts would tell you that it is a MOUSE.... I don't think I slept well for Months after that... : )

    It's amazing you even got those great pictures of those little guys...They typically scurry away so fast...

    Have a VERY blessed day my SWEET friend..

  2. I really enjoyed reading about the little farm mice :) :) That was a cute story :) :) Oh, your sweet kitty climbinb the tree. It's just like the mama kitty that roams my apartment complex. She's going to have another litter of kittens....again..but she climbs this large tree outside my bedroom window quite often. The tree is at least 40-50 feet tall. She'll go as high as 20 feet..and I'm not sure why...but she loves it :) :) it's also her favorite scratching post, too :) :)

    I"m really excited to hear about what the extra surprise is ;) :) yes, we do have to learn to take joy in even the smallest things :) :) Right now, the breeze is lovely...I have the glass door open and the screen door shut...the breeze is gently moving the curtains...and it's lovely. I think I'll enjoy some red velvet cake and maybe an iced tea or coffee?

    Thanks for sharing your life with us :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Poop Gert could not put up a post. So here goes........
    My dear Linda..first I must apologize for not commenting sooner...been crazy weekend! But seems I always have time to 'read' your posts:) Am having some leg problems so can't sit at the computer for a long time (which I love to do!)so will have to make this comment short:( I don't like mice in my house either...however, we grew up with them around us on the farm, so I'm like you they are 'outside' cute creatures:) I read a story one time about a mouse was so cute guess that is why I have two outlooks about those little creatures:) Love your story..amazing how you got those pictures! (great shots!!) I'm like you I hope they have a home to go home to...and weren't flooded out!!

    I will go over and sign up for your "give away", never know I just might win!

    xoxo Gert

  4. Well, Miss Prairie Farm, my 4 y/o grandchickie wants to know their names? LOL

    Before it turned hotter than the dickens, when we were still complaining about too much rain (wonder if God ever thinks, *there is no makin' those people happy*?)...we had a similar experience with a mama skunk. Evidently, she had her *nest* dug in just over in the pasture, on the other side of the garden fence. When the boys went to do their chores, they noticed her out there having a fit. Finally they spotted "Jr.". She was having to move to drier ground and she was none too happy about it!

    "Us poor mamas!" I wouldn't want to move in the rain either.

  5. Awwww.... I love the little mice. They are so adorable in their own place. I hope they find a new home out of harms way. Heheh. I have a photo of a little door mouse and I think I could even learn to like them. The closest I ever came to mice or rats was my hamster, or I should say my daughters hamsters. We came home from the pet store with three and woke up the next morning to 10. Yep all of them were pregnant and all gave birth that night. What are the odds of that happening. ehehe. The pet store was kind enough to take the babies off our hands as soon as they could be parted. Sometimes the mommas were not so nice to the babies but I won't go into that. hehe
    Anyway. I just love the sweet little faces. I am not sure if my face would have been so sweet when I first spied them but I would never have done them any harm has they were outside so to speak.
    Have a great day Linda.


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