Saturday, June 18, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Good Morning sweet ladies,

it was a beautiful and a little chilly outside this morning. Sun is shining, but enjoying the coolness of the morning for sure. Lovely! 

Guess how many?

Little gifts sent our way. Blessings when living on a farm!

Worked the garden with family this morning. Makes the work lighter and it teaches the young to work. Lots of "God Chatter" happens out in the garden.

Eating weeds......taking about vitamin C?

Getting the garden tools ready for use.

Found a tomato worm............not going to live in my garden!

The part I love about laying paper and straw down on our garden is that I have minimal weeding. That helps on my time. I enjoy going out each morning and looking around at the growth, just something special happens between my relationship with the Lord and myself. This year has been so strange, with hardly any rain, but when it does rain it is amazing. 

Can't wait to eat...........we will let it grow a little more. 

There is something so different with God's rain, than with just water from the hose. Rain has nitorgen, it is natural fertalizer and it works perfectly. Tap water doesn't have that. Isn't it amazing...that the Lord created just what the rain and crops need? I just think that is the neatest and I am thankful I can see His provisions everyday. 

The kids finished working......and we started digging for 
"New Potaotes"  this was their reward.
One way we cook our potatoes is............
we clean the potatoes off with water. Scrub just a little bit don't worry about the skin. Cut in to 1" squares and boil in water. Not for very long though. Drain and put real butter and a little salt and Tay said, "there is noooooo comparision to eat new potatoes and store potatoes." She is so right. Wish I could share with you!!!!! 

I have dreams of what I want my garden to look like some day,

.......this is one. 

Livin the farm life........thanking Him everyday!




  1. Linda, I planted me some fingerling potatoes in a container and today Im going to harvest them:) I cant wait to see what God has grown. Blessing to you and yours

  2. Oh LInda...

    I LOVE new potatoes. When I was still living in Germany....I ate new potatoes a LOT :) :) Sio yummy...and fingerling potatoes too. My dad like to chop them into small cubes and fry them in butter in pan. Homestyle house nummy :) :)

    Oh, those kittens are ADORABLE :) :) :) I wish I lived near you, so I could adopt one...I am guessing there are six little kittens in total :) :)

    I love that your kids are learning about work, God and caring for His creation out on the farm :) :) Oh, about the tomato worm, can you feed that to the chickens? Don't they like things like worms?

    Have a great weekend Linda...Happy Father's Day to your hubby and your sons :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. * merveilleuse image que cette chatte et ses bébés,
    * il n'y a rien de meilleur que des pomme de terre nouvelle fraîchement ramassées


  4. Linda,

    Love your farm/garden pictures :) Especially the momma kittens with her babies and the rakes up against the wall. Wish I could have been there making the rounds with you, listening to you tell about it all. Very peaceful and enjoyable it would be :D
    As I was scrolling down, I thought that WAS your garden and I was amazed at what a work of art it is! However, I think all gardens are pretty. One of my favorite things to eat is fried potatoes :)
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful day tomorrow celebrating Father's Day.

    Much love,

    Susan Montgomery

  5. Dear Linda,

    I think we are all working on our gardens this weekend. Wish we could give you some of our rain here in Maine...we have had more than our share lately. In fact, it has been so rainy that we are just getting our potatoes in this weekend! That is the latest we have ever planted...but, the Lord will provide as He sees fit.

    Have a blessed day...and "Happy Father's Day" to your husband!

  6. Dear Linda how sweet are the little cats!!!!! I'm crazy about cat (have one).
    I wish you can see the sky when I write you never seen that (cloudy, grey and yellow) absolutely wonderfull. Thank 's GOD!!!!!
    Many blessings from France

  7. Oh, yes! That's what I want MY garden to look like, too :)

  8. Ahhhh, true blue farm life! I am a want~a~be farmgirl! :) Sweet mommy kitty and her kittens! Brings back memories!


  9. Such lovely family time. We have a very tiny garden. We live in a duplex so it is all in containers. My teen planted his herbs and one hanging basket of cherry tomatoes. But, we still enjoy God's wonderful blessing of the garden as we go out and water and weed each night.


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