Monday, June 20, 2011

Some Of Lifes Hard Lessons, But The Gifts He Gives Are Precious

Good morning sweetie ladies,

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What a precious Father's Day we had on Sunday. Mr. Phil was treated as royalty and a mother watching her children and grandchildren love on him was a delight to my heart. We sat along the river bank and talked and laughed, built sand castles, ate and road a 4 wheeler. Now how can you get better than that. Kiddddddding.......sure you all did some wonderful times yourselves. 

She did everything to this horse.........Sugar was always having to stand still. That's what young ladies do with their horses.

In Memory Of Sugar

This post is for my Ellie, she follows my blog........just another way to tell her I LOVE HER!

As we were sitting along the side of the river bank yesterday, my Ellie (granddaughter) was sitting next to me. She is the one that just turned 13. She looked over and said, "Grammie, remember when we couldn't find Sugar (her horse) in the pasture? Daddy found her dead." By this time she could barely talk. I took her hand and we started walking down the side of the river........God Chatter was just about to start happening. She told me how her Daddy had told her, our son. He was gentle........that is when I lost it. I was trying to be strong........for her. Didn't work. We were both crying, that is okay. I am a mush person when people are suffering........especially when they belong to me. 

Sugar was very old and we had already been talking earlier this spring how she wasn't probably going to be with much longer. 
this was last summer

Sugar was not keeping her weight on and this last winter was real hard on her. They were giving her all the tender care and feeding her Senior horse food. You are still never prepared for death of a animal that has become part of your family.  Ellies horse Sugar had been a race horse in her earlier days. She had been retired and Ellie was the one that recieved the blessing. Sugar was a great horse for a new horsewoman. Her Daddy and Momma bought her for her  as a CHRISTmas present  two years ago. That horse and Ellie became best friends, on the morning Ellie peeked through the window to see her new horse Sugar

There is one thing I know. Sugar loved her Ellie

I got the CALL soon after she went out to see her horse. 

Ellie and I became a little bit closer yesterday as she learned what it was to suffer. Pain is inevitiable in this life. It is wonderful that the Lord puts family around us to cushion some of the hurt. The best part of this story was a few months back Ellie had another one of those lessons. She was suppose to go to New York with her 3 friends from school and their moms. It was an event that has happened every year for 7th graders. There was a miscommunication and she was not able to go on the was so sad, but she knew that the Lord would be faithful. She came to stay with me the next night. We did some more God Chatter. God is so good and wants to meet us in times of trouble. 

The Lord is good, a Strength and Stronghold in the day of trouble; He knows (recognizes, has knowledge of, and understands) those who take refuge and trust in Him. Nahum 1:7 (AMP)  

The story doesn't end here. We also talked about the Lord's Grace and the provisions that He provides. As we walked we talked about what happened this last early spring. 

When Ellie didn't go on the trip, I took her hand. I prayed that the Lord would show her His plan for her even though she couldn't go. I asked for blessing and that He would touch her life in a special way. Well He did not disappoint us. We have a beautiful quarter horse named Juneau. She was given to us. Anyway we asked Ellie's Daddy if we could get Juneau bred for Ellie to have a new baby horse.  Well it just so happened that when our horse Echo had Koko, some friends came over to see her. We were talking about getting Juneau bred, but we needed a stallion that was also pure bred quarter horse. The husband looked at us and said what's wrong with ours?" I didn't even remember when we were there that they had one. I said, well I am sure we couldn't afford the fee. He smiled and said, "would a dinner for my wife and I at Lone Star and watching our kids so I could take Amy to dinner work in trade?" GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!! A little dancin' went on. Is that so precious? 

Honda on the left, said hello to Juneau

We took Juneau over in March to John and Amy's farm for a week. 

Juneau said she would stay. 
Not really........we could just tell.

Next spring in April, Lord willing Ellie will have a new raise like we are raising Koko. There is nothing like having one from the time they are born. The baby will not replace Sugar..........Sugar will live in Ellie's heart forever, but one thing for sure, God never wastes anything. Ellie learned what it was to be a caregiver to her horse. She will do non-the-less with this new baby.

God is good.......He plans our days.....and is always with us........with hard times to make us love people more and good times so we can be a blessing. That was John and Amy.......would they ever know that she would lose her horse in a few months, no.......but they know what it is to lose a horse. 

Thank you for the blessing John and Amy!

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of MY righteousness. Isaiah 41:10

Little Ellianna is having surgery on this Thursday. She and her momma are in the hospital now. They are trying to get Ellianna strong enough before she has the surgery. Hannah is tired I am sure. Baby cries all the time, because of the shunt pressing in. Please cover them. They said thank you!

I also have a sweet follower who is going in today for a test, named Darcy.  She is allergic to the dye they will be injecting into her. They have special med's she will take, so she won't have a reaction, but she is still wanting prayer. Please pray for her, if you wouldn't mind. Thank you~ If anyone else has prayer needed, please let us know. 

Praying for you all sweet friends also. 

Hugs from my farm,

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  1. Oh..Hello My Sweet Friend...I have been meaning to call you but SOOOOOO!!! Much has been going on...As I can see the same for you and your family....I was crying as I read this....I will have to share this with my Little One who has a LOVE for horses as she can see the other side and it can help prepare her for the Day the Lord provides a Horse for her...May the Lord continue to Minister to Ellie's heart and comfort her during this time....

    BIG BIG BIG Hugs to you and your family...

    Blessings In Christ

  2. Hey sweet Ruby Jean!!!! Thanks for the comment.....I have thought the same thing. Thank you for the sweetness. I ached watching my girl try to talk about her loss. Very very sad. Can't wait until the spring.

    Hugs, Linda

  3. OK . . . I'm blessed, I'm in tears, I'm rejoicing w/you & your coming foal . . . did I say that I'm blessed, I'm in tears & rejoicing? OK . . . I'm better now.

    Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

  4. Hi sweet Kim, I know. I was crying, bawling and rejoicing all at the same time also. Ellie loved her horse so much. Living out on a farm your animals become best friends. It was neat to see how her daddy handled it all. He lost a dog when he was about her age. It was his hunting dog. I remember the day well. He packed him up and went to the river, by himself. That is where the dog was with.....almost all of his life. Hunting down at the river with Josh. I had not seen our son ever hurt so much. Now he is returning compassion........because he has tasted sorrow.
    Thank you for leaving a comment. It made me smile~ Hugs!

  5. My eyes are filled with tears...sorrow and for joy to come...thanks for the feelings...

  6. What is it about horses, anyway! They are such majestic creatures, and they let people ride them! And they can just melt your heart. I am sorry for Ellie to have lost this best friend, but the followup news sounds like it's worth waiting for. How God blesses His children!

    I had to laugh as I read comment after comment on my Giveaway today - for most of them are coming from your blog!! Go Linda! ♥ (thanks)

  7. Linda,

    I am praying for Ellie. It is so hard to lose a pet. They become family. The pictures of the 2 of them are so cute :) Ellie is very blessed to have you to love on her at times like this. I will be praying for Darcy and little Ellianna (and her family) as well.

    Much love,

    Susan Montgomery

  8. Beautiful post, Linda! As a former city girl, though, I have a question or two... Are the horses watched to ensure that they do what is necessary for a foal? Also, how does one know when a horse is with foal? Sorry for such strange questions, but I just have no idea :>

  9. God is good! What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a Beautiful "Life Lesson"! Thanks for sharing your story with all of us....made my eyes leak for sure..... God is soooo Gooooood!

    Thanks too, for sharing Cranbery Morning's Blog! Just came back from perusing over there........the soaps sound delicious! :)

    Ohio Hugs & Blessings to you & your Sweetie, and the Kiddo's!!! :)

  11. Oh Linda..what a wonderful. heartful post.. My heart goes out for sweet Ellie...but oh yes God is good and will also be anxiously awaiting next spring!! smile....

    Bless you Linda for sharing all these amazing

    xoxo Gert

  12. We lost our pony, Splash, last summer. It will soon be 1 year. It was my daughter's first pony. I had no idea his loss that evening would effect me the way it did. I cried like a baby. A trip to the vet school late at night, knowing the decision we would have to make; really, I allowed HER to make the decision. Even though my Ally is 19, I saw her grow up that night. It was tough; a very sad night. We had our horse cremated. There is a story for animal lovers called the "Rainbow bridge". You can google that and read about it. Its where our pets are waiting for us and where we will met them again. With love ~ Debi

  13. Hi sweet Sherri, you are so welcome. I have my girl here tonight. More time to talk! to call you that, I came over and signed up.......looks like some other Prairie Flower girls did the same! Hope you had fun at your party! I want to win!

    Hey Susan, Ellie read what you wrote. In fact she read everyones comment. Thank you for writing........enjoyed our day today. Sweetness you sent was such a blessing!!!!!

    Hello Heather, yes you will know if there is a foal. We kept our heads turned.......all the time! We will be having Juneau take a preg test. Yep! the vet will let us know. Can't wait! so strange questions for anyone to ask.

    Hi John'aLee, welcome........God is good.

    Ohio Lori........I want to come and see your peaches! I have always thought Cranberry's soaps were beautiful!!!!! Hope all is well at your orchard! Hugs!

    Hi Missy Gert, Ellie read your comment. Thank you. She is staying with tonight. Yes next spring will mean so much to us. I am hoping it is on my birthday. The baby should be very close to my day!

    Hi Debi, so sorry about your pony. It is sad isn't it? Especially when it is our children.....and me now with my granddaughter! Yes we are seeing Ellie change also. Life does happen.

    Thank you ladies for taking the time to write me. Very sweet ladies you are!!!!!!
    Hugs, me

  14. This story reminds me of my daughter and her horse. She would ride her all the time. She'd take her school work and sit out in the pasture and do it while on her back. Or she'd stand up on her back and pick apples from the tree. But her horse had a quirky side and threw her often. One time it was really bad and I got rid of her. I think my daughter never forgave me for that!

    I pray you get a wonderful beautiful foal for your granddaughter!

  15. Thank you Tonya, Love your story. I am sure having to get rid of the horse was hard for you also. Sometimes we have to make those decisions and they never understand.

    Appreciate the prayers so much!

  16. Such a sweet story, it is so nice to have someone to lean on when you need to, Ellie is lucky to have you. I know you feel just as lucky to have Ellie. Love getting your newsletter everyday....always so uplifting!
    God Bless you and your family!


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