Sunday, June 12, 2011

Second Post Today!

Hello sweet ladies,

The rain has stopped........the sun is shining......and it is a beautiful SONday.......continue to Praise and thank HIM. 

You all might be saying........two posts in one day? Well I got so excited about the rain last night and couldn't wait to tell you this morning about answered prayer. I had forgotten that I had started this post and I didn't attach it for today's post.........anyone out there done this before. Well I want to  show you what something so beautiful.  Another gift...came in the mail last you know I received a gift the week before that and so when I got another package I thought it isn't even my birthday. But I like........a lot! On the outside it said from Jan.........I couldn't believe that she had made what she wanted to make for me so fast.


It was.......what I thought. I immediately wrote an email back to Jan.......and thanked. What a precious gift. I will treasure forever. Thank you sweet Jan.

Remember this picture? She had asked if she could use it for a punchneedle design. I was amazed that she could take a photo and do one so exact. I have taken some of my artwork and done some designs, but a "photo"?  Wow I was so impressed and I am an owner of the "original"...... such beautiful work. She did it on cloth so I could do with as I like,  I can't decide whether to frame it or do something else. Any ideas ladies that stitch?

Thank you so much Jan.......if you would like to see 
her work go to her blog at

My Primitive Nest..........
you can tell her hello.

I have been blessed.....again......and it makes my heart smile!

Welcome new have been noticed.

One more thing If you are interested in making tea cozies for the PURSES With PROMISES contact me and if you don't know what I am talking about go here and read. I am so excited. Ladies are writing in and some are getting fabric....some are giving purses and I got a call today and they want to put little manicure sets in the purses. AN AMAZING GOD WE SERVE. So thankful to be one of HIS!

Please keep praying for Joplin............they have been devastated. 

Hugs from my farm, Linda 


  1. Aww... thank you so much Linda and I am so glad that you liked it. I actually posted about it on my punch needle blog

    I love how you chose to mount it. I could envision it on a pillow or on top of a box of sorts.
    Never the less, I am happy that it made you happy. The picture made me smile.
    Hugs to you my friend. I just thank God everyday that he has blessed me with the gift on being able to create what I see and feel inside and that the things I create make others smile.

  2. Oh Linda..

    How beautiful, what a dear friend you have! She does amazing work!! I think framing it would be fantastic!! Let me know what you decide to do!!

    You always bless me with your blogs!!! Thank you dear lady!!

    xoxo Gert
    PS I love your new header

  3. Linda,
    That is beautiful! Jan was so thoughtful to do that for you. What a treasure :) That has to make you feel very special when someone puts that kind of time into a thoughtful present :D


    Susan Montgomery

  4. This is so lovely! What a neat very special.

    I would make a pillow to place in "my chair"....the one you sit in when you are doing hand stitching. Just because it would be a constant reminder of friendship. Not that a wall hanging wouldn't do the same....but a little pillow just seems special.

    Beautiful work, Jan!

    Prayers & hugs,

  5. Wow, that is amazing! Needle punch is something I don't do and I am amazed at the work these ladies do! How sweet of Jan to gift you with a precious picture. I adore the Amish and their beliefs.

  6. Such a treasure! How fun to have been blessed with that work of art. I'm so glad you got rain Linda!! We have been having very little sun...funny how that works hey? :)

    Have a fabulous week my friend!


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