Friday, June 3, 2011

Create and Decorate Magazine...and ME

Hello sweet ladies, 

I wanted to tell you about this, but the morning got a little hmmmmmm lets say busy. Here I am now and I can't wait to tell you the news that has happened at Prairie Flower Farm. 

The other day I received a package (I keep getting sweet packages) I will tell about another one that came today, tomorrow and the tutorial of the curtain) in the said from  American Crafts from the sender. I opened it up and there were two Create & Decorate magazines..... in the package.........and I knew who those were for. Thought that there needed to be a party......don't you think? More about that in a moment. 

So I opened the magazine to the contents page......I looked and found the Americana Flag was a magazine.....a Create & Decorate magazine............SQUEAL (could you hear me)? 

I saw my name.....this was so much fun.

The first time that I was in the magazine was for a contest.......I entered this...... 

Homespun Snowman Cookie. 

It is along my side bar.....but HERE it is if you would like the recipe. That was a highlight for me also. I decided to contact them about some of my designs. They have chosen two more designs which will be in the next two magazines. I will let you know when they come out. If you would like to subscribe to Create & Decorate you can click Here to their website. There is lots to see there. 

the magazine I am in now is the August 2011 Issue. There are so many beautiful craft ideas with full patterns. You can find it on Flag Day June 14th at Walmart for sure and probably your supermarket. In the magazine you will find this...........

my Americana Flag Ornie. The instructions are on page 45.
It was fun to see it on a real paper page......the Lord knows when we need a pick me up and this last week has been one of those weeks. 

It will be in the news stand on 
Flag Day on June 14 

or you can subscribe to their magazines  Here.  

Soooo now that I have been having so much fun all by myself I want to include you all in a giveaway party. I will give 

One Create & Decorate magazine 

away to

two different ladies 

The party will start today

June 3rd. to June 10th at noon
over seas accepted

I will give you 6 chances to win. This is not to be a burden......
so please sign up just for the votes you would like to enter.

One Vote 
leave me a comment.........hmmmm lets see
how about what is your favorite thing about summer.

Second Vote
tell me if you are a follower and if not
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Third Vote
tell me if you subscribe to my emails and if not sign up and subscribe via email to my blog

Fourth Vote 
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Fifth Vote
Please go and say hello at 
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If you blog about me, that will be one more extra vote.

Thank you so much for being a part of this party. 
I hope you enjoy.

Blessings and God Bless you, 


P.S. I guess I didn't say what I like about summers, Grammie and Poppa Camp......the girls and I can and have God chatter......we eat from the garden......late animals......time with family. A little more time to design and create. I am enjoying your ideas......I will make some of them my own.