Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fifth Building Our Homes Together with Jesus

Good morning sweet ladies,

Sorry, I was fighting the photo's again. I kept praying and also praying for all the ladies that were wanting to link up. I think we need to do that every seems we may have a battle on our hands, if you know what I mean.

I can't believe this is our Fifth Building Our Homes Together with Jesus!!!!! It has been such a blessing each week to come over to each blog that has linked up and to also read the comments on my post.  

Each week I get a little more excited than the last. Today as I think of just what this means to me I am seeing that Jesus is becoming the Master Weaver of something very very special. We may be small in number, but He always works with a remnant. Women all over the world are coming together to encourage and build one another up in works of kindness as they serve their families and the world. All from our HOMES. Yes!!!!!! I have been so encouraged personally. Thank you to each one that has become a part of this, even if you don't every link up. I know you are reading and that is what is so wonderful.

Is this not the most precious site? 

As many of you who follow me remember........sometime back a sweet blogger friend, Sherry was sharing with, about how she had an idea? She was calling it Purses with Promises. The "promises" was the Word of God. She was asking the Lord for 100 purses that she and her husband could fill with 100 New Testaments. 
God has taken one month and they have 85.........she is not stopping collecting purses though.  This is her mission and so she will continue to collect what ever the Lord has for her.

If you remember I wanted to do something........but I didn't know what I could do with limited funds. The idea came by a few circumstances and the Lord gave me the idea to have ladies help 

make the Tea Cozies (along my side bar is a free download). Ladies started contacting me and I am not sure how many total we have, but ladies are still busy and are working with their little hands stitching them up. If you are interested in Purses with Promises please contact me (my email is up on my sidebar at top right hand side of my blog). Put Purses for Joplin in subject please.

This Friday (please pray for Sherry and Jim) they will be leaving and driving their car with 85 purses (the count today) to Joplin!!!!!!! Talk about exciting. (Me jumping in 123 purses) as of noon today. My heart if full. Momma's, Grandmothers, Single Woman have been working together. The women in Joplin have nothing.........and I mean nothing. They will be touched I am sure to think when they pick out their purse, that ladies across America and even France  thought enough about them to make them feel special. They will walk away with a purse on their arm. Carring inside the Word of God. If they do not know Him.......may we please pray they will meet the Most Precious Man that ever walked the EARTH! If they already know HIM personally, they will have a Bible again.......precious thing!!!!!!! Start praying now for traveling mercies for Sherry and Jim.........and may the God of Heavens do what He does best!!!!!!!!! Remember He always uses Us to accomplish sweet things in His Son's Name...........JESUS

I am jumping in. Just talked with Sherry this morning. 
This is sweet news!!! Sherry had to have surgery last Monday. Can't go into it, but she needs prayer please.....God knows what her needs are. Anyway she said that she was laying on the table and the nurse started talking to her to get her mind off of things. She asked Sherry, "What did you do this week?" Sherry started telling her about Purses with Promises and how ladies had been giving her purses and making little tea cozies. The lady loved what she was saying and said....."please come back tomorrow and I will give you some." She did and Sherry picked up 31 purses with jewelry in the inside!!!!!!!! Lots of jewelry! Ladies are going to have some in every purse!!!!!! In the background in the hospital room, a man in a deep voice said, "Your husband represented this well on Sunday", it was so funny, because the man was a part of Jim's Sunday School class. You never know when you talk who might be listening.  On Sunday a lady asked her to come and pick up purses at her house. Sherry didn't have a lot of time to do this or visit, but as she talked the lady who was in her 70's talked about her deceased husband. Sherry said that both walked away refreshed. God thing! Another single Momma had only one purse that she wanted to give. Sherry went to pick it up and the Momma apologized for just having one. Sherry told her that ONE lady needed ONE......if she didn't give the purse, lady wouldn't get one. She talked to her about the widow's mite  and the little boy with the fish and loaves of bread. I am sure when Sherry walked away.......that Momma had a different perspective on things. Precious! Ladies touching ladies lives!
Another lady had only two purses, but also had a stack of devotionals from her pastor Chuck that not the sweetest, plus Streams In The Dessert (one of my favorites for life living), plus a beautiful leather covered Scofield Study Bible, brand new! 

Another Momma gave some purses and her little girl had three to give. Her Momma said......"they are only for older women",  the little daughter insisted that they had LITTLE GIRLS! I can see that little girl going into her room.....gathering her treasure and bring it to her Momma. Training time going on! Just a few little stories to encourage your heart. It did mine. This is bigger ladies than what I thought. If you want to be a part. Please keep giving if you have something, thank you! 8000 homes were destroyed. Praying for 8000 purses!!!!!!!

Okay ladies, start linking up with your posts!!!!! Can't wait to see who comes!!!!!!! We will come and visit and see what the Lord is doing in your life!


You have until next Tuesday to sign up. We will keep checking on this ladies come and join in. 

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LOVE YOU ALL BUNCHES and I mean it (smile),



  1. What a beautiful post. You are so inspiring my dear.
    I love, love that new header of yours. Is that a new line of fabric??
    May God bless you in all your sweet endearing gestures to help out those less fortunate than we.

  2. Good morning, Linda....

    I have warm Blueberry Muffins and coffee ready...but you can have a glass of cold milk with's fresh, last night's milking...not sour! ;)

    The pictures of the purses and tea cozies make a tremendous sight!!! Think of all the hearts that have been and will be touched...85 purses, for 85 women ~ but there is also, Sherry and Jim's hearts (and I am praying for a safe and blessed trip), the heart of the lady giving the purse, the precious one who made the tea cozy, the one that added the tea....the Bibles...and any extras that are tucked in...

    I'm thinking, each purse represents possibly at least 7 hearts, willing hearts!

    Seven.....God's number for PERFECTION! Isn't that amazing! It's just the icing on the cake for this project of Sherry's!!!

    Wouldn't it be awesome if we could come together (physically) and pray over each purse! But what we cannot do in the physical, we can do via the computer.....I bet the devil hates the computer, when it is used to be about the Father's business!!!

    1Th 3:12 "And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you."

    My heart is overflowing with love that is abounding....from me to each of you!!! May God's hand rest squarely on this ministry of Sherry's and may each person who participates... whether it be in giving or praying...may Abba heap blessings, upon blessings on their homes.

    Love you, Sis!

  3. Another wonderful Wednesday, Linda! How amazing and uplifting that so many have contributed to the purse project. It is so exciting to see and to ponder all that the Lord might do through this simple project.

  4. Hello sweeties, I just talked to Sherry.......I added it on my blog. It really is a must read......God is doing so much more then we can imagine. You will love Sherry!

    Hi John'aLee, I wish........that was my fabric line. Isn't it beautiful? The top is flannel. I make flannel hankies with it. God is doing a sweet thing for sure. THe stories are precious! Hope you have a wonderful 4th!

    Hey Prairie Maid.........I woud be there in a heart beat! ONE DAY! I am coming. Get ready! I DO NOT LIKE SOUR! heehee. That stayed with for hours. UGH! I read your comment to my Sherry. She was blessed!!!! Thanks for signing up!!!!!!!!

    Hi Mrs. T, you are soooooo sooooo right. It is precious. Come back and read what Sherry said. Just a few stories.........blessed me!

    Hugs sweet ladies!

  5. Nancy Wolff (wolffpac@vermontel(dot)net)June 29, 2011 at 1:40 PM

    I love Wednesdays! I don't have a blog (yet) so I can't link up but I love reading yours! Especially on Wednesdays! fun to Blog Hop!

  6. Oh, this is great and I LOVE this Scripture pic ture :) :) I'll have my post up late this week...look for it on Saturday. The apartment manager is having an inspection of all the balconies and patios tomorrow. They might even inspect the insides of some of the apartments. So my dad and I are trying hard to get things really neat and tidy. Once that's over and done with, I can breath and get my post up :) :) thank you for making the link open for a whole week :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. Hmmmm....went back and read Sherry's stories you, I'm crying.

    Dog gone...Linda, I have either pinkeye or poison ivy in my left eye and now tears ...salty tears, but I'm praising God!!!! HE is so very good!!! (Besides, dh has been threatening me with putting salt in it...the way the cure calves of pinkeye. LOL ~ when pigs fly!)

    We may have to dance in the street even if it doesn't rain! But we can sing ~

    "It's beginning to rain rain rain hear the voice of the Father
    Saying whosoever will come and drink from the water
    I will pour out my spirit on my sons and my daughters
    If you're thirsty and dry lift you hands to the sky
    It's beginning to rain" Alleluia!!!!

    Tell Sherry, prayers for a complete healing going up!!!

    All I can say is WOW!!!

  8. Linda,

    Praying for Sherry and Jim, their trip, and her health. And of course that God will bless/touch the lives of the ladies that receive one of the purses with the goodies in it :)
    Wait for me! I'm going with for one of those blueberry muffins and coffee!


    Susan Montgomery

  9. How Wonderful! What a blessings to those who will be receiving this special gifts. I may be heading to Joplin at the end of the month. The Pastor we have been communicating with says the needs are so desperate. If all works out, I will be going with my Son-in-laws church (he is the pastor). We will be doing labor (work) cleaning, organizing, cooking,etc. I am so blessed by your blog and encouragement. Blessings and keep it up!

  10. Wow! Such God sized stories really touch my heart and bring the tears! Isn't it amazing what He can accomplish when we are willing? I am so excited for Sherry and Jim's trip. I didn't realize they would be the ones actually taking them, that is so awesome! I know all will be blessed... the giver and the recipient of the purse. I will be praying for their travels. Isn't that an awesome story about the nurse that just started small talk.... goosebumps! I can't wait to hear about their trip!

  11. Oh Linda...forgive me for not commenting lately..seems I always read your post and just "love" them and then along comes

    What encouraging words you have posted "I love it"....thank you so much for sharing these words with us!

    Bless you sweetheart!
    xoxo Gert

  12. The purses was a great idea!!! Today is the big day, right? How exciting!


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