Friday, June 17, 2011

We Have A Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 
This morning I was working to get the post up. I highlighted something and got a bunch of the post....... not knowing highlighted. UGH. It was gone. I couldn't believe it........well when I calmed down (my daughter Tressa kept saying....."it's okay, it's okay).......I could believe it. I don't always mix well with computers. So so  sorry. I was a bit sad to say the least. But I am not a quitter. 
So here we go!!!!

I am so excited to say this was one of the most special parties that Gooseberry Patch and Prairie Flower Farm has you know me, I say that everytime. smile

One of the most favorite things for me is all you precious ladies that enter in to our giveaways. You come and become a part of our daily lives and we love that. Thank you for all of your time that you invest here.

Here is what
the winner will receive,

Gooseberry Patch Cookbook


"Friends Are Like Flowers In My Garden"
handsewn apron by me
Oh and A won 55 to 48! 
Hope your vote won!


Jo said,

Just found out about you today. I am now following. I will blog about you later, as I am in the middle of cleaning out my sewing room. I like Picture A, as it is more about the apron. Love the horses though.
I have a blog as well,

Jo we hope you enjoy your new cookbook from  Gooseberry Patch and have fun in your apron as you work in your kitchen lovin on your precious family. 
Blessings to you, Jo. 

You will have to email me with your addy please. 

Thank you again ladies for coming and joining in. 
AND I mean it!

As you know I was sick the first three days of the party. I so wanted to get the apron pattern done for those who were interested, but it did not happen.......sad......but because it didn't happen I am going to do something very fun and special. I am going to have a sale with the new pattern.

click picture......will not be fuzzy.
The sale will go until the end of June and then it will go at the regular price.  

Sale price $5.75
Regular price  $7.00 after June 30th. 

If you are interested in ordering today or until the end of the month, just email me at 

"Friends Apron Sale Price".

We will have the pattern ready e-pattern form by Tuesday June 21st of next week. If you order I will wait and process on Tuesday. In the pattern will be "some extra fun things". If you like Prairie Flower, you will like what I will have extra in the e-pattern. Little hugs from me!

Ladies again thank you........hope you enjoyed yourself. We will be having some more special things through the summer.

Hugs from my farm to your HOME!



  1. Congratulations to Jo! I know she will love those prizes! I am so envious!

    Susan Montgomery

  2. Congratulations Jo and thanks to ALL the lovely ladies who entered Linda's giveaway...we truly appreciate all of your enthusiasm about our cookbooks. It makes our day to read you comments! :)

  3. Congratulations to Jo - I'm anxious to get the pattern, Linda! It is so cuuuuuute!


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