Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer..........means busy and garden produce!

Good morning sweet ladies,

Sometimes when I am working in my garden or just on a walk to check up on things, my heart is sooo over whelmed with thankfulness. I take time to tell my Father so. It is that sweet communion with Him........I am sure you know what I am talking about. Just plain sweetness. I peeked at the potatoes again. You know the little ones that you can take and they taste so tender. All the hard work you put into your garden in the spring, is starting to pay off. God.......again in His provisions for feed our families, to see His creation. One word for it..........AMAZING

Fresh Homegrown Potatoes................

worth getting the ground ready for........cutting each seed potato up....give it a day to season........
planting each potato in a straight row.

I sat on the ground........digging ever so gently with my hands, as to not disturb the roots that has lots of tiny baby potoaoes......

Thanking God that He can take a seed potato and give
me not one..........but many more potatoes. 
Only He can do that. 
All I have to do is plant, and water.........

He does the rest! 

As I was sitting I looked over in the straw........and saw this.

enlarge picture by clicking on it.....the detail is beautiful!

again.......only Him

I guess we can see that He loves us very much!

Hugs from my farm........still know rain........praying for those who need it..........He knows who we are.

Keeping my eyes on Him and not my circumstances....

He is in the details of our lives, 


P.S. We have had more ladies link up to the 
Building Our Homes Together. 
Last post..........wonderful thing going on!


  1. Hi Linda!

    I haven't talked to you in forever! JK Bahahaha!

    I love the pic of the potatoes in your vintage colander. I can sure imagine that walking around your farm inspecting and checking on things would be most fun and relaxing. Also an awesome time alone with God :)


    Susan M.

  2. Don't you just LOVE this time of year. My husband's grandpa taught me to 'steal' the baby potatoes like you do. I love doing that and it's especially fun if the grandkids are here to watch.

    What a Creator we have!!!

  3. Sending big farmhouse hugs to you friend...I've been away for a while, but love you much!!!

  4. Hello Susan......I had to ask my girls what JK was. You are sooooo funny!
    I like my old colander also. It is kind of bent, but it is cute to use! One day it may be true that you walk around my farm!!!!! I do love my time. It really is special to know my God is with!
    I am working on the apron......can't wait until I have it finished!
    Hugs, me

    Hi Judy, Yes I do love this time. It is going to be 110 today. I didn't realize it was going to be so hot. Had to spray water all around so the farm cats can lay on the cool ground. It is quiet grand babies. Getting things! I so agree with your last statement!
    Hugs to your day and thank you for stopping by!


  5. Hi Kathy........don't think a day goes by when I don't think of you friend. You have been missed. Hope we can talk soon. You name and I will call. I don't know if you have my number. Hope your arm is doing well. Your front porch looks so inviting! I need to get mine dressed up!

    Hugs to you, Linda

  6. This post made me miss my dad. I grew up in Idaho and my father is a potato farmer. Don't I ever know how to cut up seed potatoes! The very, very best thing in the world to eat is creamed sweet peas (newly harvested, of course) over new potatoes. Heavenly food. Thanks, Linda.

  7. Oh Linda,

    I love this post...your potatoes are amazing!!! And yes...God is miraculous!!!!

    Love all your pictures...just like being there:)

    xoox Gert

  8. Enjoyed your post...........we are behind you in our growing season....I can't wait to pick things from our garden. :) Sorry you are dry there........we are extremely wet here and flooding too...I am sure you have seen that on the news. Come say hi. :)

  9. I am growing weeds! So sad! Nothing else will grow this season. :(
    But your potatoes look so tasty! God is so very Good!


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