Friday, July 1, 2011

Purses with Promises........In A Car, bound for Joplin!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

First I have to tell you what the LORD has DONE! There is a lady that owns a shop in the Houston area called Bright Side Bags. Sherry went to her store a week ago to see if she would have any sample purses that would work for Purses With Promises. The lady was the sweetest, she said. She had a few, but she said that she wanted to do a special for Sherry. Her idea was to have ladies bring back there "Gently Used Purses and they would get 50% off their next purse purchase. Sherry went by you know that they left this morning with purses in tow......I can see two little heads peeking out the front window and purses EVERYWHERE ON THE INSIDE! Hehee! Anyway.......the lady had 100 (some still in the plastic) purses........not only that.....they were filled with all kinds of things on the inside!!!!!!!!! That was a GOD THING (details, smile). Is that the sweetest thing??????? Sherry brought them home to add to the other purses. They didn't have Bibles.......... her sweet husband said, "well I am going to try something." He has been with the Gideons for years. He called............he was able to buy 100 more the purses they went........GOD IS SO GOOD! When He has a job to be done.......He makes it Happen. So this morning Sherry and Jim are on their way to JOPLIN........with Purses with Promises, 218 I think was the last count! They will need prayer please. I bet Sherry is so excited!!!!!!! Such a precious story......and you know you ladies were a part........but please don't stop now! They are continuing this until the Lord stops it. Feel free to take this idea yourself if you would like. There are other catastrophes and families in our nation that need encouragement!  

I just got an email from my friend Becky.......SHE SAYS SHE CAN ROUND UP SOME MORE!  Yes!!!!!!!!

Vitaly and Josh roughhousing!!! He loved Josh! It was so hard to send V back to the Ukraine. So close to bringing him back home!

Now to tell you about our Vitaliy for those who have been asking. It has been kind of mundane, just lots and lots of footwork and papers to be signed. God is moving and He really moved this last week. Please, please, pray for our family. Tonya and Josh had to get everything in by July 11th, remember I told you that if they didn't get all the papers done that they would have to wait up to another 5 months as the Adoption Agency will be closing down. Here is what my Tonya wrote me so you can see what is happening. Note, the lady that my Tonya works with, her name is Tonya also. Kind of confusing. 

I went to Topeka today & got the dossier documents apostilled!!  Praise God He helped me get there & back! :)

I (my Tonya) sent the dossier off to Tonya (the adoption person they work with) & she should get it tomorrow @ 10:30, then she'll look it over & forward it onto a gal that's going to Ukraine. So it will be in Ukraine next week to get translated then to the adoption offices before they close!!! Glory to God!  :)

Please pray for protection for all of the papers now. They are on an airplane right now......... on it's way to the Ukraine!!!!!!!!! We are so excited!!!!

So here is where you sweet ladies come in.........we need fundraiser IDEAS.  I know lots of you probably have someone in your life that has adopted, so any ideas are needed please! We need to raise 20,000 before October. Seems impossible.......not with the Lord leading the way. I will keep my eyes on HIM!

We have some things that we are doing now, but we need more IDEAS, please!!! 

Here is one of our ideas we will do this 4th we are going to set up a tent and will sell iced bottled water and Cakes in a Cup! We started thinking about this last night. This morning we just got 250 solo cups.......donated freeeeee.......500 forks...........donated freeeeeeee! Yikes! We also have a business (a farm supply), that is close to the lake that we can use their parking lot to set up! Freeeeee! We are needing water bottles donated, so please would you pray that we would be having some donations brought in. Thank you so much. 

Just got on facebook and Tonya is getting donations and bottled water donated........makes me cry thinking of precious people caring about our family.........humbles this heart for sure! 

The girls and I will be making the Cake in a cup and will have so much fun doing so!  We are going to decorate the area real sweet! I will be going around the farm gathering galvanized tubs. That will be fun in its self! I will take some pic's for you all to see. We can't wait to start these fundraisers to bring our Vitaliy, HOME! What a fun day that will be. Thank you again for your prayers. You are such precious ladies!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing, I had a sweet friend write me on flag etiquette. As you are putting up your flag this will help to do so properly. It is a very good article. Flag Etiquette click here
Enjoy your weekend..........I will be praying for your safety!
Don't forget Sherry and Jim, please!

Blessings, Linda


  1. INCREDIBLE!!!! So very God sized, so amazing about the purses!

    I will be praying for the money to come in. Having such a huge mountain in front of you... isn't it so awesome to know that God will lead you there, take you up, and stand you on top of that mountain in victory!!

  2. I wish I could see Sherry and precious. One ladies heart and a ton of have PRECIOUSNESS THERE!

    So true sweetie friend. Already for our fundraiser we have bottle water coming in.........amazes me! Facebook is amazing!
    Hugs, Linda

  3. Linda,

    Angie is right...this is a God sized provision that is needed, but guess what? We serve an even BIGGER God! Then we will give Him all the more glory when it is all said and done :)

    Praying for travel mercies, joy, and energy for Sherry and Jim as they travel on this journey of love :)


    Susan Montgomery

  4. Oh, Linda...

    What a blessing thi s all i s...So cool to read Sherry's story about her, her hubby, the shop owner and all those purses :) :) Wonderful :) :) I'll pray for their journey and that God will give the right purse to the right lady. I really like the Gideons. They do a lot to get Bibles to people :) :) I remember seeing a Gideon Bible in the hospital when my dad was having his angiogram. It's truth and it's life ;) :)

    I'm knitting a bunch of tea bag cozies. I'll be able to mail them sometime this month. I wish I could haev gotten them to you sooner. Things are tight on my end here...but there's lots of ladies in Joplin, so I'm h oping the need will still be some need for some extra love in the form of a purse full of goodies :) :)

    I'm praying for Vitaliy. Is there any way I can help on my end? Let me know. I was thinking about adding AdSense or something like that and donating the money to your "Bring Vitaliy Stubbs home fund" :) :)See, he's already a's just a matter of bringing him home :) :) Pray on it. Let me know. It's been on my heart for awhile,but I've not mentioned anything till now. I'll also share this link on my Facebook page and see what my friends can do :) :)

    Love and hugs to you and the rest of the family Stubbs. Love from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Isn't it soooooo amazing what the Lord can do in a short period of time? Yup He is a Bigger God!

    Tonya is picking up water all over Hutch. It is so precious what the Lord is doing in the hearts of friends.
    Hugs, me

  6. Oh, hi Heather.......sorry I missed you. We must have been on my comments at the same time!

    I think AdSense would be wonderful. We are looking into something like that also. He is a Stubbie!!!!!!!!!!

    We will be needing more tea cozies.........that is not a problem! God is in charge of this thing!

    Hugs, Me

  7. Linda, here are some ideas my son and his wife have done for their adoption. Their dossier was sent back in Feb I think...they are still waiting.
    Any money that comes in that wasn't expected goes into the adoption fund such as bonuses at work, overtime pay, tax returns,
    rebates, bottle returns, payment for helping someone...anything like that.
    My daughter in law decorates cakes and makes cheese cakes as well to sell. She takes orders for weddings, birthdays, parties and all that money after cost of ingredients goes into the fund.
    They asked at church for donations for a weekend garage sale...people cleaned up their homes to get rid of stuff. It was a make an offer kind of sale; people were surprisingly very generous. Some maybe knew it was for the adoption and may have been generous I don't know.
    She has sold Rada cutlery...half the sales are hers..into the fund...
    I can't think of any more right now, but God has been so faithful in making sure they have the funds at the right time. It truely has stretched their faith and taught them to trust in God without the worry...

  8. What wonderful, exciting news! God is so good! While I know this isn't an idea to make money, but what about having one of those thermometer-like things to put on the blog that shows the progress to the $20,000? Where and when are you setting up this Cake in a Jar sale? How close to Wichita? I could send my in-laws (or at least mention it to them :>)

    Thanks for commenting on my Peasant Princess story - we have a date to watch part three tonight!

  9. My name is Tonya and I am confused as there are not many Tonya's in the world. Mostly Tanya's. So odd to see so many Tonya's in one place.

    Great news on the purses though!

  10. It's beautiful to see so many wonderful gifts and blessings being shared with so many in need.
    Sending prayers and good thoughts for everyone's needs.

  11. Blessings Linda! I need to get my fabric to you. I will after this holiday weekend. Life has been complicated. But I am praying for your family and your sweet Vitaliy. I am praying for ways to help you too. Sherry is another angel in disguise. I love the Gideons. They are always helping someone. Angels everywhere. What a blessing for this beautiful holiday weekend. Love you Anne

  12. Wow God answered prayers for the purses in a big way. PTL. Also I hope your fundraiser makes lots to go in the adoption fund. My Niece & her family are in Latvia now & will be bringing their adopted son to America. They left USA on Fathers DAy (great gift) & will return July 5, he is theirs all paperwork done. I will ask her some ideas. You are such a good cook, what about a cookbook?? I know they had several Yard Sales. Good Luck and Gods Blessing on selling water & cake cups. Hope you make lots of $$$

  13. PRAISE GOD for the purses and bibles and PRAISE GOD the paperwork got done in time. I will be praying.

    Blessings and Happy 4th of July to all.


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