Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yoder Chicken much fun!

Good Morning Sweet Ladies, 

First off, thank you all who signed up for our Building our Homes Together..........I so enjoy reading and learning all the wonderful things you have to teach us all each week! If you still want to link up, you are welcome. It was yesterday's post. Also thank you for the orders...........for the fabric and apron patterns. 

Oh my oh my, did we have fun yesterday at the Yoder Auction. Earlier in the morning I called the Amish man named David who has the auction every last Friday of the month. They start at 4 pm. I had to wait, because some of the Amish have little phone booths at the end of their driveway or somewhere away from their home. A lot have businesses like building buggies,  putting on horse shoes or training horses and such.  David called back and gave us permission to set up a table. All we had to do was to give 10% back to him. That sounded wonderful to us!!!!!! We had our water and table all set up along the edge. Ready for all who were thirsty. 

I enjoy everything about going to an auction, 

the people, 

little girls and puppies for $5.00


little boys with their fathers. 

This man was really interesting to talk with, his son had a sale barn in another city......he would resell the ones he bought at this auction. 

Roosters, notice the egg on top of the cage?

Love the Momma Hens!!!!!!!

I loved watching this family taking the roosters out of one cage and putting them into another. The roosters did not want to go in! 

Funny looking ducks!

Big beautiful geese

Every kind of cage you can imagine! I really like cages for some reason............not sure why. Like how farmers make cages using everything from their farms. 

 They had a small horse cart.......... think it would be fun to have if you had a horse that it fit. 

They also had a goat, baby pigs, baby guinness, peacocks, an old old huge wooden incubator, the same kind my parents had when we lived in Alaska. Took me back to the time I was growing up. You had to raise livestock when you homesteaded. Having a incubator helped get a lot of chickens, ducks and geese at one time. I so remember the incubator in our home. 

We only bid on one thing the whole day........Tonya needed a nester coop box. It wasn't in the best shape, but we could fix it up easily enough. They had one only one. 

Tonya gave Ian their number, he was right up next to the auctioneer's assistant....ready to bid..... he was not sure what to do, so Poppa was going to help. They started the bidding at $10, that was all she was willing to pay. Went for 27.50, couldn't believe it!!!!!!!!

This little guy was ready to call it a day. 

The reason we were at the auction was to sell iced cold water. We asked the Lord to be with our time..........He was. There is no other word for it. He blessed us in the 3 1/2 hours that we were there. It kind of went slow at first and my sweet man thought with the size of the crowd and not as many auction items there...... we might not do so well. Finally the auction started, we were at the other end of where they were starting the bidding, but when people started walking around and getting hot they started to come by. A few highlights was when a few would donate for no reason other then to help bring Vitaliy Home. Others came and gave us a 20 and would take only one or two bottles. A man came and gave a 20 and took only 3 and said, "keep the change". The next time the same man came by again, he gave a $50 for only 3 more bottles, said he would be back if he needed more water. At the end of the auction he took only 3 more. We were so humbled........I am being changed ladies, so is our family. One precious lady came and told how she and her husband adopted their children. Precious to listen to their story. Tonya was connected to this lady.........loved watching the Lord moving. Last night we ate with Josh and we bowed our heads to eat.......Josh gave thanks for the people that are helping us. It is so huge for us, but we want Vitaliy to have a home and a momma and daddy, his died when he was little. I wish we could have lots of children come and live with who need homes. We are starting with one..........who knows where the Lord will take us. We made $114 when the day was done. It was a good day. We only sold about 20 some bottles..........we have 580 bottles left. Smile. He is such a precious Father to the fatherless. 

Father to the fatherless, defender of widows — this is God, whose dwelling is Holy. God places the lonely in families.
Psalms 68:5-6

See all these feathers........they were everywhere on the ground. The children and I walked all over and picked up as many as we could find. Tressy is making something really cool to sell. We will keep you posted. She is working her little fingers today. Can't wait to show you. Great CHRISTmas gifts......never to early to start shopping if you need one!

Tonya is selling really cute pendents on her blog that have been donated to their family to raise money  Come Rest At His Table, if you are interested. Please please know that many have asked us how they can help us............this is absolutely nnnnnnnooooot be a burden to any who come to my blog! I am journaling our adoption journey on adopting V. Sometimes when you do this on a blog you give others ideas on fundraiser ideas. 

Thank you also......... to all who bought fabric and the apron pattern yesterday. 


 If any of you are adopting please send us your way........we want to help. 

Hugs to your day!!!!!!! 



  1. Oh my, wish I could have been at this auction! How wonderful about the water! And I definitely could use that little cart for my (un)trained little donkeys :) Bless you and yours, Linda, and special prayers concerning V's Adoption ♥♥♥ ~Tammy

  2. Tammy, it would be so fun to have you come here!!!!!! You would be so welcome on our farm. The next one is going to have to be on the last Thursday, because Yoder Days will be on the Friday and Sat. You would like it.

    Thank you so for the prayers. That is what really counts. God is our provider!!!!

    Hugs, Linda

  3. The auction sounded and looked like so much fun, how I miss having chickens.

    I am enjoying following about V's adoption, and seeing how the Lord is blessing. Keeping the adoption in my prayers. We have very close friends who adopted both of their children, their daughter is from India. Will never forget the day she came home!


  4. Linda,

    Love the pics :)

    That is awesome about the amount of money you made with only 20 bottles of water, leaving you with 580 bottles still left to sale :) It reminds of the story of the widow and the prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 17:10-16, where the widow obeyed the Lord and she used her last flour and oil to make some bread for herself, her son, and Elijah. She obeyed and her supply of flour and oil just kept coming and she didn't run out. You still have 580 bottles to raise money with :) God is good. All the time. Even when we don't understand or like what is going on.



  5. Oh, I am so THRILLED to hear all the WONDER and GLORY of our GREAT and AWESOME God..... : ) I am so sad that my internet connection is slow and I am unable to see ALL your beautiful pictures.... Praise the Lord for His Faithfulness...Have a BEAUTIFUL week..My dear friend...

  6. What a fun day it looked - I loved your photos! So glad the adoption journey is progressing - I was going to ask you how it was going, so glad I decided to have a scroll down the page & find out for myself!
    Wonderful you were able to get so much money - God is amazing!!!
    Thank you for sharing & for your wonderful testimony

  7. Terrific pictures! You must have had a great time!

  8. Do you know if they still have the auctions? I thought my family could make a day of it.


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