Saturday, July 2, 2011

On the Farm

Hello sweet ladies, 

30% chance for rain today. We drove around to look at the crops yesterday.........really sad. They need rain so bad. Some places are burning up. If we could just get some rain it would help. Thank you for praying. 

This morning we went out to water the garden. I have little patty pans and baby white pumpkins coming up.  You have to  plant the baby pumpkins now, so I can decorate with them in the fall.

When you are a sometimes have to be thinking about the season 3 months in advance. These truly are the cutest little things.

Another wonderful thing.......... if you have a garden in the same place sometimes you will get volunteer plants. I didn't have to plant this one..........A GIFT FROM HIM!!!!!!! I just have to water it. I have these plants all over. I don't even know what it is for sure. Looks like a squash to me..........whatever..........we will eat what the plant gives us!

I JUST GOT A CALL FROM SHERRY!!!!! They just arrived. She said the pictures don't give the devastation justice. Very sad. She said that the Hobby Lobby is standing........the stores next to it are gone on each side. You know that the man that owns Hobby Lobby is a CHRISTian man. I am sure he is thanking His Father!

She said that Jim packed the car all night long with the purses. They figured that they were worth about 25 thousand dollars of items. Amazing ladies. God owns it all.......He gives........then we can pass blessings on to others in need!

We are baking away our cakes and God has really blessed the water giving.........can't wait until we can start!

Love you all and thank you for being such faithful friends! I am so blessed!!!!!!



  1. Glad to hear your friend has been so successful with the purse ministry! God is an AWESOME God!
    I just read your last post..sorry I'm late reading..but I wanted to share something that our church is doing. Thought you might could use the idea for donations to help bring Vitaliy home.
    We went to Home Depot and another home building supply store here in town. We asked for donations for treated wood. Any size would be fine. They were happy to donate! We had to cut some of the wood to make the size we needed, but God provided! We built crosses and painted them white. We printed United We Stand or One Nation Under God across the middle. Some are left blank. The cross speaks for itself. We are going door to door to give them out in town. We're hoping to see yards all over with these crosses in them. I was thinking...if you did the same could ask for donations for the crosses, maybe. They aren't hard to build and very easy to paint. It's a thought. Or put an ad in the paper telling folks you will pick up their leftover yard sale items. Then have one big massive yard sale! Just a suggestion. I'll keep praying!

  2. Hi Linda,

    I'm praying for rain!!!! I know how important it is to everyone, for various reasons.

    Oh, Hobby Lobby...I saw an interview on CBN/The 700 Club that was done with the owner of the company. It was really interesting talking to him and lsitening to his business principles. One of them being that the stores are closed on Sunday :) :) If you go to the CBn website, you could type in "Hobby Lobby" into their search box and it should bring up the video interview :) :)

    Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Linda,

    I love the pic of the white pumpkin and bittersweet. Very pretty :) Makes me ready for autumn :)


    Susan Montgomery

  4. Did you grow Hubbards last year? That looks like a Hubbard leaf to me, but I'm not sure. We also have volunteer tomatoes and volunteer popcorn! blessings.♥

  5. Really, dear friend? There is still time to plant PUMPKINS? I just told Jenna yesterday that it looks like another year without them...Miss you, and am so sorry there is no rain. There is a farm next door for sale...40 acres...and me :)
    Love you~

  6. Oh Linda...I love all your posts...and am praying you have some rain for your sun parched crops. Wish we could send some of this rain we are getting here in this flood related area.. But I know God knows best, and just must put our faith in Him..

    Glad all those wonderful purses made it to Joplin so those ladies could receive God's love and word.

    xoxo Gert

  7. Linda your life i precious. God is always up to something with the Stubbs family! Anne


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