Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Day For Me.....Not So For Others!

Hello sweet ladies,

The morning was beautiful, as I was working out in my garden this morning. There was Mr. Toad all fat and sassy eating all my bugs. Thank you sir! The birds were singing above me in the trees........I love mornings on our farm. Quiet and peaceful. So much around to observe that is all about a CREATOR. I love HIM and thank Him daily. We will be finished today with watering all the tomato plants. They are really going to do well now. We just kept thinking we were going to get rain. All behind us now. We will wait!!!!!!!! He is hearing us cry out!

Please continue to read the Building Our Homes Together blogs that ladies linked up this last Wednesday. It really is neat to see the interaction that is going on. Love it! 

I can't wait to tell you some of the stories of what Sherry and Jim experienced in Joplin. Those precious two are already talking about filling up their van again and going back. LOVE IT!!!!! When God gives hearts a mission you can't stop the HOLY SPIRIT! Sherry said that when they got home after seeing all the devastation they were whipped out. They said the sight went on and on and on forever of rubble like they had never seen. These people have nothing. Think if your home and everything in it was gone. GONE! You don't even have a toothbrush.....a spoon......a pencil......your computer.....your grandmothers cupboard....not only not your bed but everyones bed around you! I am looking around my house right now. If it was all gone? Not only one persons home and things are gone, but  8000 other families things are gone. So you can't even share from one home to another to help one another. Very sobering for me to comprehend. I talked with a lady from Forest Park Baptist Church this morning. She said pictures don't show it justice. I believe it. We had a huge tornado in Kansas. Looked like a war zone. My question is still, what can we do? 

Joplin, MO

Here are a few stories Sherry relayed to me. Jesus and His Angels are Joplin and other places with disasters.  

 Sherry told me of a father who was outside playing with his two daughters. The wind started to come up and he didn't have time to get into the house. He fell to the ground with his little girls under him. He dug his fingers into the ground to hold on. The wind was so strong it pealed the soles off his shoes. When the wind passed, one of his little girls said "Daddy did you see that big white butterfly holding us down?" I do not know, but I assume that that Father was praying over his daughters asking for protection. Other children were reporting the same thing around town about seeing big white butterflies.  Amazing. Of course they would think that an Angel would look like a butterfly. Thank you Jesus that you send out your angels to minister to us in need. 

Psalm 91:11 says that "He (God) will order his angels to protect you in all you do. 

There was a grandmother who was at Home Depot with her grandchildren. Home Depot is now destroyed. She came out and got into the truck with them before the tornado struck. Cement, wood, iron was flying all around them. The little girl had an angel iron that drove through her shoulder and down into her thigh. When the rescuers came to get her out they had the hardest time, poor little one. The doctor said that the iron barely missed her spine and the liver otherwise she would be dead today. The Grandmother said she  saw an angel beside the little girl, again precious.

Another man was picked up by the tornado and went flying in the air for 3-4 he was up flying through air he thought that angels were flying with him. Now that would scare me! 

The hospital is demolished. They had no electricity. There were people all over the lower level floor. They ran out of pain medicine. It was horrible what people had to have done to them to help broken bones and such with nothing to deaden the pain. This is real. 

Sherry told me that at the hospital there was a doctor who was  in surgery working on a patient as the tornado hit.....the doctor had to use a flashlight to finish because the electricity went out.  Sherry  told me of a young man who's name was Will. His story has been all over the internet. His Daddy was holding on to him so tight as Will was being sucked out of the sunroof, he was quoting Bible verses. His Daddy (Mark) had 15 broken ribs from holding on to Will. Other horrible things happened to Marks body also.  He had to be cut out of the car.  I can not imagine what this precious family must be going through. You can see Wills facebook here and keep up with the families story. They are selling tee shirts to help Joplin. Pray for them please. I read that Mark has moved from being in a wheel chair to crutches. They love Jesus.....they will tell of His goodness.

Sherry said: Here's two pieces of houses we saw still standing - most of the homes are utterly gone with nothing left but we
wanted to get this picture as these two have some portion still standing - but how sad - we saw signs that said, 
"All accounted 4" and "We are ok", etc.  Such fine people these Joplin people are.

Sherry said: Look at this car - so typical - many cars were found many blocks away - all destroyed.  The tornado winds were
close to over 280 miles per hour - that is as high as the instument goes and it broke the instrument as it was higher.  The Harmony Heights Baptist Church was totally destroyed along with 3 or 4 other Baptist churches, Methodist Church, Lutheran Church, Catholic Church, Christian Church, and LDS and many others.  How sad. 

Ladies I know this is not the easiest of posts to read through, but our people in America need our help. Not only in Joplin, but Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Illinois, Tennessee just to name a few. I know it has been some time since the disasters have happened, but not for all the families affected. They live with it everyday. It will take years......."let us not get weary in doing good Galatians 6:9", ladies. God only wants us to do with what we have. Do something. Please. 

   We are still collecting purses for Purses With Promises and making tea cozies (along my side bar) to go in the inside. We are in touch with the church with some other ideas. FEMA is bringing in some trailers, those trailers are going to need housing items. As you are cleaning your homes........think of having a House Warming Party for any state you live by that is in  need. If it is by surrounding areas of MO consider setting aside for Joplin.

Remember they need towels, pillows, sheets, and blankets. Go to your hotels and see if they will donate.

 Put items in a box and send off to:

ATT: Mission Joplin

Forest Park Baptist Church
725 South Highview
Joplin, MO 64801

Thank you again from Sherry and Jim...... for making us aware. 

I have been so excited when you email me with your ideas and tell me that you are doing something. Thank you!
contact me at, if you need help or ideas.

Praying that we will women of God......making a difference in the lives WE touch....everyday!



  1. Linda,

    Thank you for writing this and sharing some more of the photos. The photos are sad, but so necessary, to really understand just what these people are going through!!!

    I found a top sheet in the trash can day. It was in the trash can at the apartment complex laundry room. when stuff gets thrown i n there, people definitely don't want it anymore. Well, I normally don't dumpster dive..BUT this was in perfect condition. It just needs to be washed. So I can send it off to Joplin once it's clean and sparkly :) :) :) Peole give-away some of the "strangest" stuff here at the complex. I say "strange" because if it had been me, I'd have kept glasses, a solid-wood mini book rack etc :) :

    I'm glad you could get the tomatoes watered. Now frogs, I normally don't like them...but they do eat pesky bugs, so I can't totally dislike them :) :) :) Every creature has it's purpose ;) :) :)

    I'm going to check out that Facebook page link. Have a great Friday, Linda. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :

  2. It's so EASY for us who are far removed from this great tragedy to forget or become complacent in our prayers and thoughts towards these dear people and Brothers and Sisters in Christ...So reminders are always good and very much needed...

    Blessings to you my Sweet Friend

  3. Hello, Sweet Linda!

    You did a beautiful job of presenting this difficult story.....but, how can we who have lost nothing, complain about hearing about those who have lost everything?

    I pray FEMA is doing a better job in Joplin than they did in Alabama, seeing many of those in Alabama were deemed ineligible for federal grants due to "insufficient damage," according to the Birmingham News.

    On another note....
    I get so excited when I see I can comment!!! Yes, yes!

    I did visit Tonya's new blog...they did great on it! N.I.C.E. And I was her 12th follower! (So, I should be a charter member of sorts. LOL) Also, I loved the picture sweet.

    Glad your tomatoes are looking better.

    Talk to you later.

  4. Oh Linda this is such a moving post. We all need to praise God for watching over these folks...during such devastation.. What stories you shared with us... amazing....

    Thank you so much for this post.. I am praying for you and your family and especially for rain!

    xoxo Gert

  5. What amazing stories of God's protection and mercy, and my heart aches for those who have lost loved ones.

    "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." (Ps. 147:3)


  6. Dear Sweet Linda,

    I am so glad that you posted this post, all to often time goes by and we forget that the situation is still very much in need.

    I will be going through my home tomorrow and sending off a box!!!

    I am so moved.

    Love Carissa

    Always praying for your family still!!! Your page 34 in my prayer book! :-)

  7. Linda,

    Thanks for reminding us that we need to be ever thankful and not take anything for granted. All good things come from the Father above...big and small. Will continue to pray for Sherry, Jim, and the people of Joplin.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend :)


    Susan Montgomery

  8. Hello Heather,
    You had me smiling! I was thinking of you hanging upside down trying to get out the sheet in a dumpster. Isn't it amazing when the Lord put's it right in front us. I LOVE your story. Precious! You would like this toad. He was so fat!

    Hi Ruby Jean. I so agree. It really was such a horrible tornado. Huge! I guess they are the most grateful people there.

    Hi Prairiemaid, thank you for the kind words. I didn't here that about horrible! glad you got to comment! I am loving what Ton is doing. It will bless ladies. God has made them both into two precious people! Even if they are mine.

    Hello Miss Gert, I am glad you were encouraged. Thank you so much for praying for my family. You are such a sweet friend!

    Hi Thrifty, that verse is one of my most favorite verses!!!! I loved your preggy picture. You are adorable!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!

    Hello Carissa, How precious to see your name! I am so EXCITED that you are going to send something. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I love that we are on 34........that is precious!

    Hi enjoyed our phone conversation today. You are such a sweet prayer warrior. Sherry and Jim are blessed to have you praying.

    Hugs sweet ladies,

  9. I think God is sending a message loud and clear. He is not about to let this world go to hell! He is working overtime sending legions of angels out there to spread His word. These stories are tearing at my heart. I need to pray about this tonight. I have the fabric quarters and such ready to send to you Linda. Love is all around us. Good night and God Bless You and Yours! Anne


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