Monday, July 11, 2011

The E-pattern Apron IS is at sale price!

Dear sweet Ladies,

I  need to put LORD WILLING" behind everything I say I am going to do. That is biblical........and I will keep this at the forefront of my mind! This pattern was the longest pattern I have everrrrrr worked on in getting it into pattern form. The problem was when I made the first one for the drawing I took pictures for the tutorial pattern, so I would be ready to have it in pattern form soon. WRONG......I needed more pictures.  Ughhhhh! That meant I had to make another apron and shoot more pictures. Oh my, plus add Tay's horse accident, fundraiser, garden...... that needs more water than you can imagine. Plus............

"Life".........plain and simple"BUSYNESS"

I can't tell whether I am coming or going and it all "happens" right here on the farm!

But............guess what?

The E- Pattern 


Friends Are Like Flowers In My Garden
Apron E-Pattern

Also found on my Peace Creek Collections Store 

Thank you Jesus it is behind me!

The cost is 

$5.75 sale price
for the whole month of July
After July it will go up to $7.00.

This is a PDF download.

To buy simply click HERE 

If you want to pay with a check or money order. Email me (at top right of side bar) and put APRON SALE in the subject line. I will email you back with my addy! Hope that will help everyone who would like to buy!

Thank you so for all the pre-orders!!!!!! 
I will be contacting you today!

Blessings sweet ladies to your day..........tomorrow I have a 
fun surprise! Be ready! 

Hugs from my farm to your HOME!



  1. Isn't that SWEET... I Love the picture that you used for the front cover...Okay be sure to let me know if you are ever selling premade ones..As I would be the first to buy it... : )

  2. It is lovely, Linda and you have a great model!;)

    I am so happy it came together. I know you were ready for it to do so!!!

    Loved the pictures of the wedding yesterday.


  3. Hi Linda,

    Oh, this turned out so beautiful. I LOVE the red, of course :) :) Also the ruffles along the bottom are my favorite detail :) :) That's such a great price for the pattern :) :) Have a great day. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :)

  4. I love your apron! It really is very beautiful! I purchased your pattern, and can't wait to make it. All I need to do is get to the fabric store and find some cute fabric. :-)


  5. You are doing a beautiful job!! I'm STILL waiting for the day I can make my Miss Clarice apron. How bad is that??
    Love you,

  6. lovely flowers at

  7. You are such a doll and that apron is so darling! Love to you! Anne

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