Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yes, It's Wednesday!

......and you are at the right place!
Good morning, Ladies!

 This is Cheryl, the prairie maid.  I talked to Linda this morning and the Kansas wind has their internet service down.  It went down sometime yesterday evening, before she was able to do her

Building Our Homes Together With Jesus

They have talked to their ISP and they are working on the problem, but please pray that the wind will calm.
(Besides interfering with the internet, it takes moisture out of the ground.)

Linda has lots of news to share and prayerfully she will be able to post later today or tomorrow.  Please come back and link up, once she has posted.

Until then keep Linda in your thoughts,

because I know she is thinking of YOU!



  1. wow.satan has tried every trick in his book to keep this from happening....But we shall not be thwarted! Prayers are going up for you to get your service back soon so that we might be able to continue on with our link so that GOD MIGHT BE GLORIFIED thru the sharing of our post of BUILDING OUR HOMES THROUGH JESUS!.......praying.......

  2. Thank you for posting on her behalf.

    I wonder if Lynda can tell me where to find the cute tea bag in the photo. I had one of those at a hotel once and it was lovely.


  3. Just an after thought...

    Let's pray that the Kansas wind blows some rain Linda's way.

    Yes, Terry, satan seems to be on the attack every Wednesday (and Friday), as each week it has been something. But the fact he is trying so hard is a good indication God is wanting to use this time for HIS Glory. So we'll keep our eyes on HIM and keep moving toward the goal HE has set before us. (Besides, he's a liar anyway!)

    Hi Parsley! Did your husband decide on the job change? Sorry, I haven't been by. This summer has been a busy one.

    Hugs, everyone!

  4. Keeping Linda in thoughts and prayers ... and praying about the weather too, and that her internet will be restored soon.

    Looking forward to sharing Building Our Homes Together, whatever day it happens!

  5. Oh, thanks Cheryl/Prairie Maid...

    I'll be sure to pray that the internet service comes back on soon and the winds will die down. I didn't know that the winds take moisture from the ground.

    Yes, I agree, that this series is wonderful and I"ve noticed the spiritual attack, too. you know what? That just makes me want to pray even more ;) :) :) Have a lovely day :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon , Heather :)

  6. Oh my! Thanks for the update :) I'll pray that Kansas wind blows rain for Linda and other places where it needs to go. Right now, in Missouri.. we are among the rain-needy too. It's blowing crazy here today as well. -Tammy

  7. Thinking of you Linda!!!

    Imagining that we are having tea in your potter's shed along with some glorious sunflowers in a mason jar! :-)

    Take care dear.

  8. So luck to come across your excellent blog. Your blog brings me a great deal of fun.. Good luck with the site.

  9. Always praying for the Stubbs family. You are a kind friend. I love the vintage photo here. Have a wonderful week.


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