Monday, July 25, 2011

I Need Some Fun Today, So Please Join Me!

Good morning sweet ladies, 

We got a little rain last night. The girls and I went and let it fall on our faces. It smelled so good!!!!!!!! Not enough to do anything but get the leaves wet......that is okay........we are learning to trust. We also heard to our ears. We love storms......not bad ones though. 

I am needing a break today......going to treat myself and take some time to enjoy my day. Going to do a little sewing, baking.......... and get a little recharged. It has been a rough last few weeks with life! Please continue to pray for Hannah and  Mark after the loss of their little girl......everyone has gone they will learn how to live without her presence here on earth. Can't imagine the heartache. Thank you! Just heard from Hannah, Bella the little three year old is missing Ellianna. 

Started a little patty pan how you can put a seed in the ground, water it and He does what He does best.......a MIRACLE. Our garden is going through some is yours? It has been a tough year for so many. So thankful I can trust the Lord for His provisions. My tomatoes got such a late start, but we keep watering them and they are at least holding on. Mr. Honey said I have a few little tomatoes.........will go and check it out with camera when I am finished here! 

My girls said the other day the thing they have missed most this summer are the flowers we usually have. There are hardly any for our table. We have always enjoyed putting them all over our home........but not this year. 

Today I just need some sweet I hope you will join in with me!!!!! 

Pretend I have invited you to my little Potter's Shed for something sweet......... I set a table for you. As we are eating  I ask you a few questions, so we can get to know each other a little bit better. I have some questions that I would ask. Please copy the questions.......take off my answer and add yours. You can say as much as you would like on each question. Oh my if this was true that I could ask you to our farm..........what a treat! Right now it is so hot outside.........but we will ignore that!

1. Where were you born what was it like? Juneau, Alaska. My family homesteaded when I was 8. Our Daddy was a cat skinner.....heavy equipment operator. 48 acres right at the base of a mountain and close to a creek. We had to raise animals on your homestead. We had chickens, ducks, geese, a palomino horse named Sundown and a jersey cow named Suzy. We didn't have electricity for some time. My momma had a red handled hand pump in the kitchen. I would love to have that now.  

We used Coleman Kerosene Lanterns in the evenings......I can remember the sound. We had an outhouse......Momma would take us out.......always had to be careful of bears. They were always around. I loved this time of my life. I remember my Daddy making a huge swing with a log from tree to tree to attach the swing on. I remember being able to fly so high on that swing. I had a sister and brother  that I share our growing up with. Another sweet memory I have was when it snowed.  You would wake up and the ground was covered. In the moon light the little forest mice must have had a party on the top of the would see a line (the tail) and little feet marks on each side of the tail.......all over the top of the snow, no kidding there were so many little mouse trails.  

We had lots of blueberry bushes by our home, guess that is why I love blueberries so much. I could eat them in the summer thyme.........all I wanted. My girlfriend and I would build fires and cook blueberry syrup in a coffee can. Adding sugar to make the syrup.  Probably ate a lot of worms from the blueberries in my day! Smile! 

2. Do you have any favorite memories when you were young? When my family moved to Juneau my grandparents lived in a little log cabin..... not far from the 

Can you see the icebergs and the Mendenhall Glacier in the back?

Mendenhall Glacier. It was tucked in the woods and I loved it. On the back porch there was a old freezer that was not electric. In part of it Grandma kept the ice to keep things frozen. Our whole family would go together up to the glacier and get ice. Little icebergs we called them. I can just smell the woodsy smell and cold crisp water. We would always had to get some of the ice for ourselves to suck on.  

Nagoonberries  were one of my favorite berries that you would find at their place. You would ] find them on the ground in the moss in the woods. They were a real treat. I can taste the jam now. Grandma always had sourdough starter on her kitchen counter used for our sour dough pancakes. Can also remember Grandma Reid's Pendleton Woolen blankets on the beds.  Wish I had a day with my family like that again.

3. Would you take coffee or tea? I have been drinking a lot of sun tea these days.........with sugar........have to have sugar!

4. If you could have ANY wish.......what would it be? Mine would be that my sister and I could sit and talk with our Momma. Last night I went to see Momma at the nursing home. She can't talk, I don't think she is recognizing me anymore. I miss her........a lot! If you have your Momma with.......enjoy her. 

5. Favorite Pastime? Sewing, quilting, crafting! Oh and baking with my girls. Oh and driving around with my honey somewhere......checking fields and such! 

6. If you could ask me a question........what would it be? 

Okay lets pretend we are all introducing our selves out in the Potter's Shed. Wish it wasn't pretend!!!!!!!!! 

Today I am hooking up with Amy over at

Wow have we done that many? 
Love it! Wonderful place to visit!

Blessings from my farm sweet ladies.........hope you enjoy your day! I will be checking in and seeing if anyone has come to the Potter's Shed. Hope you enjoy each other's comments. If you can't comment just email me........I will put you up on the my blog comments for you!!!!!



  1. 1. Where were you born what was it like?
    My dad was US Navy - so I was born in Honalulu Hawaii. I was a premie and was in an incubator for a month. At 8 months we moved "home" to St. Pete, Florida and at 8 years old we moved to the Florida Keys (a chain of islands where I still live today) I grew up swimming in canals and living on an island that is only 1mile wide from Ocean to Bay.

    2. Do you have any favorite memories when you were young? I rode my bicycle from sun up to sun down in the summers and even rode them WITH my roller skates on! (me...with wheels :)
    I climbed trees like a monkey and swam like a fish :) (My mom's quote)

    3. Would you take coffee or tea? I try to always have some herbal tea for dinner but I am such a COFFEE lover!

    4. If you could have ANY wish.......what would it be? That our family would have the finances to adopt (and a larger house would be house everyone!)I am a momma with a full time job and I praise God for the provision - but I sure wish I could be home with my babes :( maybe someday soon....

    5. Favorite Pastime? Singing! I can't imagine NOT kids too sing all the time (my greatest legacy :)

    6. If you could ask me a question........what would it be?
    If you could write a letter to yourself from you now to you at say 17....what would you include? :)
    Blessings and love -
    Michelle G
    (google is playing hard to get along with so it makes me post as "anonymous"

  2. 1. Where were you born what was it like? Wausau, WI. Last of 6 kids, the oldest 15 when I was born. We lived in Schofield, WI. My dad worked for Acme Tree Surgery - cleared power lines, my mom was a homemaker. We spent almost every weekend spring - fall "up north" in Crandon, WI. My grandparents lived next to our "Jenny House as we called it" - like a cabin. My childhood is filled with wonderful memories of gospel singing, preaching - bible study, gardening, baking, sewinging and all types of handycrafting.
    2. Do you have any favorite memories when you were young? I have too many wonderful memories. I really had a blessed childhood. However, I did love listening to my grandpa Kincaid sing and play his bango. He was from Kentucky. We would sit and sing all kinds of gosepel hymns, along with prayers, speaking in tongues - oh, how the holy ghost would fill that humble old house!
    3. Would you take coffee or tea? Tea
    4. If you could have ANY wish.......what would it be? To be as good a mama as mine is.
    5. Favorite Pastime? crafting making stuff.
    6. If you could ask me a question........what would it be? What church group do you belong.
    This is DickyBirdsNest - Jacky

  3. Hello Linda and everyone!

    1. Where were you born what was it like?

    I was born in Ada, Oklahoma. Ada was a lot different then ~ it was a much smaller "community" compared to now. My parents owned the local cab company, which meant, we knew everyone and everyone knew me and my sister. Made it hard to "get away" with anything. LOL

    Living in town, we didn't have a lot of space, but we always had a backyard garden with lots of good things to eat. Mama canned and froze lots of our food.

    2. Do you have any favorite memories when you were young?

    My family loved to fish (or maybe we fished so we would have meat? Perhaps both.). I loved to go fishing. Mom said I learned to crawl in the bottom of the boat. I still remember Daddy's old boat.

    My grandparent "figures", were my great aunt and uncle. They had raised my mother and her sister. Aunt Sula and Uncle John lived about 60 miles away on a huge farm. I loved that place and that is where I spent nearly every summer until Uncle John passed away and later Aunt Sula had to move to town. That is where I learned to ride and learned to drive. There are certain "smells" that instantly transport me back to Aunt Sula's kitchen or walking by the pond. I miss that place....I miss the people who occupied that place even more.

    3. Would you take coffee or tea?

    I am both a coffee drinker (especially in the winter) and a tea drinker. Right now, iced tea is my drink of choice, along with lemonade. This fall, I'll switch to hot cinnamon.

    4. If you could have ANY wish.......what would it be?

    That somehow, someway, the people of my past could be present with the people of my present. Daddy passed away, before any of his great-grandkids were born. He would have enjoyed them so much! And the same is true for many in both dh's and my familes....and the grands would have benefited from knowing the "characters" of our past. will be HEAVEN!

    5. Favorite Pastime?

    Reading what my bloggy friends write, the garden, writing, studying my Bible, crafts ~ but mostly, spending time with my family, sitting outside with Honey-hunk and just enjoying life.

    6. If you could ask me a question........what would it be?

    Where do your sister and brother live?

    Do you get to see them often?

    What is your favorite sandwich? LOL, okay, that's three....just wanted to keep you busy.;) Glad we had this little chat.


  4. BTW, go by and read my Saturday post. You'll get to know me a lot better.

  5. 1. Where were you born what was it like?

    I was born in rural New Hampshire just outside of a small town. My family lived next door to my grandparents' farm. Back then life seemed so much safer. I was able to roam all over the farm, which covered a good many acres.

    2. Do you have any favorite memories when you were young?

    Oh, I have many wonderful memories. To read about some of them, please visit my blog and click on the "memories" label. This time of year I think about a couple of different family cottages. My parents owned a little place out in the woods near a lake (but not quite near enough!). There really wasn't a lot to do there except play outdoors or read. There was an outhouse and, in summer, we had cold running water in the kitchen with a gravity feed pipeline my dad had devised. My best memories of this place are reading in front of an open window on a stifling summer afternoon, and the meals my mom would make there which featured lots of fresh vegetables. There was a farm stand on the way to this place, and we always stopped there en route to buy some veggies. We would often hear whip-poor-wills singing in the evening.

    The second place was my grandmother's camp on a pond. This was more of a house -- had a real bathroom and a full kitchen, plus bedrooms, a living/dining room with fireplace, and a sleeping porch. There was always lots to do here. The pond wasn't good to swim in, but there was always wildlife to see -- deer and moose -- and freshwater mussels which we could scoop up by the pail full and then return to the pond. No one seemed to want to eat them. There was a rocky waterfall nearby and a little cemetery to explore and wild strawberries to pick. On a rainy day we could lie on cots on the porch and read. At night we would hear the bullfrogs singing us to sleep.

    3. Would you take coffee or tea?

    Iced tea, please... no sugar. Or, if it happens to be cool outside, I'll take some hazelnut coffee with fat-free half & half.

    4. If you could have ANY wish.......what would it be?

    Wow, what a question. I guess I would say for my hubby and I to have our own little summer getaway place like the ones I have mentioned. We dream about this every time we visit our favorite lake up north.

    5. Favorite Pastime?

    Crafting of all kinds, without a doubt. But I also love cooking and baking, blogging, etc. And when we are able to get away, once or twice a year, I love to sit on a dock by a lake and just soak up the sun as I read, write, or craft.

    6. If you could ask me a question........what would it be?

    Hmmmm .... How do you manage to find time to do everything that you do?

    And I too wish this sweet visit wasn't pretend!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love hearing about your life story, Linda.

    1. I was born in Monroe, La. and raised in a small town in northern La. My Daddy worked for the gas company mostly laying gas lines to businesses and homes sometimes. He worked from before sunrise to sundown to provide for his family, wife and 4 daughters. He would play softball with us kids and our cousins on Saturdays. We would have fish frys and bbq's with our cousins and aunts, uncles and Papa. All the cousins would play hide and seek and chase and whatever other games we could think up. So much fun. My grandmother's sister lived next door to us and we loved her like a grandmother since both our grandmothers died when I was a little girl. Aunt Z could make the best pies in the whole world and we would all hang out at her house. Sometimes the grown ups would talk about God and the Bible and Heaven. I especially loved those times.

    2. My favorite memories include going to cut bean poles for his garden with my Daddy. Also swimming in Green's Creek and Daddy and the men fishing and Mother and the women cooking on an open fire on the creekbank. Also coasting down the hill on our bikes with my girlfriends.

    3.I prefer iced tea in the summer or hot tea on cold days.

    4.My wish would be that my Aunt Z and Papa and my Daddy and Mother could be here at my house now and visit with us.

    5. My favorite pasttimes are cooking for my family, making those special meals and Christmastime watching the grandkids open their gifts. Also gardening and canning or putting up vegetables, fruit in the freezer.

    6. If I could ask you any question, I would ask about your childhood in Alaska.

    I enjoyed this visit with you. Thank you Linda.

    Camille in Tx. xoxoxo

  7. 1. Where were you born and what was it like.
    I was born in a small rural town in Wisconsin. My parents were farmers, we had cows, pigs, chickens and a horse. Our farm was on sand land so weather was always a concern for dad, it didn't take much for the crops to burn up. I always loved being on the farm. The summer I started high school dad bought a farm about 20 miles away. We were all so excited, this farm was not sandy, everything grew so much better. Dad put in a bathroom for mom on the new farm, what a treat.

    2. Do you have any favorite memories when you were young.

    There are so many things that I remember, life was hard on the farm but good. I remember helping my dad grease the baler, thought I was pretty important. Also remember my dad trying to teach me how to drive the tractor, didn't go to well knocked him right off the wagon. Never did learn!

    3. Take coffee or tea. Neither, but I do like a White Chocolate Carmel cappuccino once in a while.

    4. If you had any wish what would it be.
    To be able to sit and talk with mom. She has been with her Lord 15 years. She was a special lady.

    5. Favorite pastime. Baking, cooking, sewing,gardening and quilting. Spending time with my family.

    6. If you could ask me any question what would it be. Where is your favorite place to visit.

    I also wish this visit didn't have to be pretend!!!!! It would be so fun to get together!!!!!!

  8. Where was I born- lincoln park, michgan. in the city.. It was like other cities I suppose. Houses to close together and neighbors to close. hehehehe I always felt in my heart, I did not belong in the city. I loved going barefoot and I would have loved not having houses so close by. I have that now.

    Favorite memory as a kid. that is really a good question, I consider myself as having a good childhood , I had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. But they were all a lot older than me, so sometimes I feel like I was an only child but I really don't have a lot of memories that stick out..

    coffee or tea? I am not a coffee drinker at all so it would have to be tea.

    Any wish at all? I wish all the time my mom and sister were still here on earth so I could talk to them and give them a hug.

    Fun pastimes for me are doing crafts but I just love to visit with my grandkids even if we are just sitting and watching tv, while I hold them and play with their hair!!! hehehehe

    What would I ask you? I do wonder sometimes how you do all you do!!! You are one busy lady!!!

  9. I was born in South Chicago. We lived in a four room apartment until I was eleven, when we moved to a suburb of Chicago. It was wonderful! Lots of room to roam, ride bikes, and play. I was always a country girl at heart. My paternal grandparents lived in a little rural town in central Illinois. My brother and I would spent two weeks with them each summer. What freedom! We had friends there, and would be outside all day. My maternal grandparents had a log cabin, on a lake, in Michigan. It was fantastic being there for a week or two each summer. My grandmother was the most wonderful woman on the planet! Being with her was magical.

    My favorite memories always include being with my grandparents, in the country.

    When I got married, I wanted to rear my children away from any big city. We moved to northern Colorado when my oldest (of three) was only four. We ended up buying a few acres and had horses for the children. Those years were wonderful. The kids are all grown now, and I have seven grandchildren. One recently left us, at the age of three, to live in Heaven, but I'm sure he is having a wonderful time there, and some day, we will be together again.

    I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I love spiced tea.

    I wish I lived closer to my grandchildren, ages 2 months to 13 years.

    I like to cook good, nutritious meals from scratch, like to bake and love to re-purpose items I find at thrift shops. I say that it is fun to "make a silk purse out of a sow's ear".

    I would love to have tea with you in your little Potter's Shed!

  10. Talk about a fun day. Thank you for leaving comments.I so enjoyed getting to know you better. I will treasure the things you shared!

    Michelle, To love my family more. I lived in a sad home......lots of alcohol. Later on in high school my parents divorced. It seemed like there was such turmoil in our home all the time. My siblings and myself fought. I wish I could have been more of an example for the Lord, I was a babe in the Lord at that time. We are all close now. We are all CHRISTians. Wonderful.

    Dicky Bird,
    We are attending a Home Fellowship that teaches the Word of God. It will possibly be a church plant if the Lord wills it. Thank you for asking!!!!!!!! Our family loves Jesus with all our hearts and want to make a difference in the lives the Lord puts across our path!

    Prairie Maid, My sister is in Sheridan, Wyoming right now. My brother lives in Reno, Nevada. We do get to see each other every few years. We do talk on the phone. Oh how fun, my favorite sandwich is homemade pita bread, stuffed with lettuce, tuna salad and sliced avocado. It is so good!

    Mrs. T. I have had that asked to me before. Living on a farm there is lots to do in the summer. I do have 2 daughters that help me a lot in the home and on the farm. We work together and enjoy it. I get up early and go to be late? I have been told that I am an energy bunny. Smile!

    Camile, I think I need to write a letter and have it along the side bar in pdf form. I have thought about it before, but need to just do it. Most of my growing up years my Momma was a stay at home mom. I loved that. I think that is why I love to be home myself.

    Cheryl, oh that is easy!!!!!! Alaska, I miss it so much sometimes. It has been 17 years since I have been home. When I see pictures I wish I could be there!!!!!!!!!! I love the ocean and mountains. Such a beautiful place. I love Kansas also........if I could live 6 months one place and 6 months in the other place, that would be wonderful.

    Thank you for making my day sweet! You are precious!

  11. Hi Linda,
    This is such a sweet idea. I am too tired to think straight to put my answers down. We had to put our cat to sleep today. My husband had her for 19 1/2 years and me only 6 of those years. It was so hard to let go. Thank you for sharing, it is very special.

  12. Hi, Linda - This is so much fun "gathering" at the Potter's Shed! So here is my contribution -
    1. Where were you born what was it like? I was born in a small town in Kansas. A very "Norman Rockwell" kind of place - so pretty, and full of happy memories!

    2. Do you have any favorite memories when you were young? One of my favorite memories was of our last day of Kindergarten - we took a field trip I never forgot! We rode on an old-fashioned steam locomotive train down to the banks of the Solomon River - where we had a wonderful picnic, games, amd tons of fun before boarding the old train and heading back to town! What a treat!

    3. Would you take coffee or tea? I'm a coffee-lovin' gal through and through! Black, or flavored - usually with real cream - yummm!!

    4. If you could have ANY wish.......what would it be? To never have to walk with a cane again - and actually that is slowly coming true, praise Jesus! I have been walking with a cane for over 10 years, but recently have been able to walk without it more around my home - yay!! Progress!!

    5. Favorite Pastime? Definitely crafts! I love sewing, knitting, crochet, and decorative painting!

    6. If you could ask me a question........what would it be? I would like to ask you about how you learned to quilt so beautifully? You do such a beautiful job!

    Glad we got to "chat" today! :-)

    Blessings - Pauline

  13. Hi Linda, I am up for some fun, too..
    1. Where were you born what was it like? I am a city girl, born in Alhambra CA..just east of downtown Los Angeles..Have lived in Southern CA all my life except for brief stints in NorCal, southern Utah and Washington state..

    2.Do you have any favorite memories when you were young? I don't remember much except during the summers we spent all day outside, coming in when it was almost dark..the days before internet and electronic games..

    3.Would you take coffee or tea? Both! Coffee to start the day, iced tea or flavored teas later in the day.

    4.If you could have ANY wish.......what would it be? Right now, it would be to be able to move back to Northern CA and be closer in distance to our little granddaughter and her parents.

    5.Favorite Pastime? Aside from being online and blogging, that would be sewing.

    6. If you could ask me a question........what would it be? Where did you get your love of the land and all things country..I admire so your ability to cook and decorate! And your kind heart.

  14. Hello Mrs. Linda,
    When I read about visiting you in the potters shed. I felt a little peace. Kind of a relaxing peace.
    1. Where were you born what was it like? I was born in Leesville Louisiana. A small town. Not much to do. It is a military town made lots of friends over the years as I was growing up few 30 something years later I am still in contact with.

    2. Do you have any favorite memories when you were young? I have to say I had a lot of bad memories as a child. Then taken to live with my grandparents. Such loving people. I loved to watch my grandmother cook. I still use so much of her cooking today. Another wonderful memory I had was going to my great-grandmothers. Her blue hydrangeas and the slamming of that screen door. And church. I loved being there. I was abused when I was younger and when I was there I felt like nothing could touch me.
    3. Would you take coffee or tea? A cold mason jar of ice tea. I am from the south. I had a friend growing up. When she went back to Pennsylvania every one thought she was strange for drinking her tea cold.
    4. If you could have ANY wish.......what would it be? To walked where Jesus walked. Altho
    5. Favorite Pastime? Decorating my favorite. Along with that comes sewing, crafts, painting. Love recycling stuff into new stuff and repurposing things.

    6. If you could ask me a question........what would it be? I would think what makes you so strong. But to tell you the truth. I already know that answer. It would probably be about your children. Your oldest daughter reminds me alot of my oldest. I pray for mine constantly.

    Well I have to say I enjoyed the visit. I feel renewed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

    Love and Prayers always.


  15. Oh what fun this will be!

    1) I was born in Dayton, Ohio ~ a surviving twin after a Dr's accident. My twin, Kathy, was the "A" (1st) baby, if I had been 1st I would have been the one who died. It always makes me wonder what purpose does the Lord have for my life that I am the 1 who lived? Other than that, I had an idyllic childhood ~ loving parents & 1 brother; summer was for riding bikes & hiking w/my friends (or Gr-pa) ALL day & adding some scratch or scrape to my knees & shins everyday, playing w/our pets ~ at 1 time we had 2 dogs, 6 cats, 1 duck & 1 crow! We also camped often.

    2) I was close to my dad's dad (Gr-pa C) & my mom's mom (Bigmom) in particular. They were the best story-tellers & my Gr-pa took us hiking through the foothills of Southern Ohio, showed us Indian mounds, told us Indian lore, how to find eatables & herbs in the woods, he had shoe-boxes FULL of arrowheads; we would pick raspberries on the hill in their backyard (actually, the hill WAS their backyard!) & we'd sit on their porch swing & eat them.

    On my mom's side, we'd visit her oldest sister & her husband who were the only ones who hadn't left KY (my mom is the baby of 14 ~ 32 yrs between oldest & her!!!) & they didn't have electric or plumbing until I was a young adult, in the early '80s, as their grown children put the bathroom in for them & MADE them get electricity ~ they didn't miss what they'd never had, but their children were worried about them being so old & still living rather primitively ~ before that, going to their house was like visiting Laura Ingalls. We used an out-house, milked the cows every morning & she cooked on a wonderfully HUGE coal/wood-burning stove. Her biscuits were meals in themselves.

    3) I am a coffee person. My favorite is Folger's Vanilla Biscotti [sp?]. When I'm sick or just in the evening, I enjoy flavored hot teas.

    4) a) that ALL of my loved-ones would accept Jesus as their Savior; b) to have 1 whole day w/my Gr-pa C & Bigmom so that my family could meet them this side of Heaven. I have often thought of how much they would LOVE my husband & our girls.

    5) Family time ~ especially now that DD#1 has her own apt, busy job & a steady boyfriend, I'm lucky if I get to see her once every 2 wks. :-( I enjoy camping, singing &/or speaking engagements, writing, horse-back riding, sitting on our front porch swing w/my Sweetie, traveling w/my husband, going to Lakeside, Ohio to our friends' cottage...

    6) WHY, oh why, did you EVER leave Alaska?! It is a dream of my husband's & I to go there someday.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  16. Hi Linda..I was going to play..and I even wrote out my answers several times...I never knew how complicated putting my life down seemed.Wow what an eye opener for me. You see I was adopted...and I knew it most of my life...I also knew my parents loved me...but they didn't like my childhood is a mixed bag of emotions...and I thought I could just put it down..nope I couldn't.Dallas Tx born.

    I do love tea..never have been a coffee drinker.And of course with

    My have spent my childhood with my 1/2 sister in Oregon...and to see her more now.
    Also to be able to ride horses again. My horses were my life growing up..I felt loved by them and I did love them.To ride with speed again and to do the barrels again! I would love to be 18 in body like I am 18 in my

    My past times...I love blogging..I have made true friends here! I love to garden...but not in this heat. I want to start sewing again.. I use to make all my girls their clothes.I love to swim...and hit our pool any time I can. I just float and dream!!And my children and their little ones are attatched to all I do.
    And wishing for some vacation time with just my hubbie and no phones!!

    My questions to you...hmmmm...What are some of your favorite hymns. You know...the ones that make you bow on knee in your heart..and praise Him?
    My top one is "We are Standing on Holy Ground."
    and "Precious Memories"

    Thank you for doing this...Hugs and squeezes
    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  17. I was born in Pueblo, Colorado, the youngest if five. My daddy built our home in 1946 the year my older brother Ed was born. It broke my heart that my other brother sold the house outside the phamily after my mom passed away. My dad played semi pro baseball before I was born. He catch behind home plate when Babe Ruth was up to bat and had a autographed ball signed by him. He worked for 47 years in the Colorado Fuel and Iron Corp (steel mill) as a head roller in the rail mill.
    My favorite memories always included my folks and my maternal grandmother who lost her sight when I was 7. I have so many beautiful memories I should fill a book My childhood was perfect.
    I love McDonald's vanilla iced coffee but I drink lots of tea too and in the cooler months we drink Folgers 1/2 caff.
    I would love to sit and talk to John the Baptist, after I meet Jesus on Heaven's side I think about that a lot. Although I am not the Christian John was I admire his fortitude and the fact that he gave his life for his faith. He was amazing.
    I love to walk with my Sweets. Although he is a runner and runs really fast I enjoy our private time together We walk/run around two small lakes near our home and the quiet time is just perfect. I am a simple girl.
    Linda how in the world did you come to love the Lord so completely? You are a role model to me. I have struggled with many things including difficulties at my job but you seem to be such an encouragement to others. I just don't know how you do everything you do. Love Anne


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