Tuesday, July 19, 2011

8th Building Our Homes Together!

Hello sweet ladies, 

This week on Building Our Homes Together with Jesus will be kind of a fun one for me and I hope you will like. Some time back my Tressa showed me Pinterest.......have you ever seen it? I didn't think much about it, but then Angie from A Berry Homespun Primitives emailed me and asked if she could pin some of my scripture pictures. I said sure.........not really knowing how it all worked. My first thought was........wow if even a few people saw the scripture verses and you know that the "word never returns void".......then it was worth it. Now as I am working on pictures I think more about the verses I want to share. 

So, I thought I would look into Pinterest myself. I have found that I want stay in my own little world........with like minded friends around me. I don't like some of the pic's on the main site, so I stay away. 

The way it works, is say I am on a blog and I see a recipe, the way someone decorated their home, gift tutorials, homemade cleaning supplies, the list goes on. I don't want to forget that idea so I do what is called pinning. What that means is I pin it on a board that I have designated Home and Garden or what ever else I have. I have different categories for each board.   I pin from other blogs or even my blog, if I don't want to forget it.  

So, if you want to sign up go to  Pinterest click on the name, it will say "Pinterest is a place to catalog the things you love", on the lefthand side. Then it will say Request an Invite click and enter your email. You will have to wait until you hear back from them. It can take up to 1/2 hour to an hour. . Just follow the instructions. It is easy to do. 

I am hooked. I don't lose things now, even my own things. 
Here are some I have pinned for my Home.

Country Sampler google images

My girls and I love the different vintage hair styles. I saw this and pinned it to my board in Hair category. When we want to fix their hair we have some fun ideas and we know where it is.

 It has helped organize my ideas for our home, kitchen, recipes, crafts, Grammie and Poppa Camps..... a little bit better. As I said when I do something on my blog and I want to save it on my board, I have it right there. I have also started putting recipes in my "college" board and it will help when we go to serve this fall. It will save me lots of time, by pinning the recipes now. The girls and I  find a lot of our recipes on the web now we are saving them to Pinterest, it has helped organize my life! 

If you want to see mine you can go here.

I try to not take a lot of my time doing this but I do treat myself at night or in at free moment. It is like doing a journal on my computer, instead of cutting out pictures from a magazine and gluing it in a notebook. I can't afford all the wonderful magazines that are out there, this costs me nothing.

Here is how to link up to

use the linky below in four easy steps.
Go to the bottom of my post and it will say
You are next click on
Click here to enter

Up will come this.
1. Enter a link to your blog post (this has to be the post you are wanting to show us)
2. Enter a caption
3. Enter your email
4. Upload a thumbnail (picture)

One more thing if you want to link all the linkys to your blog, there is a place that says GET THE CODE HERE.

Please put our 
Building Our Homes Together logo on your blog and have it link back to us! Thank you!

I needed to do something lite..... Ellianna's funeral will be at 10 mountain time Thursday the 21st . If you could please remember Hannah, Mark and their precious little family,  it would be so appreciated. God has been right there for  them, showing that He is ever so near. You ladies have been a blessing. 

God bless your day..........He does mine all the time.......... 
by all of you!

Hugs from our farm, 



  1. Hello, Linda....

    Just sitting here trying to figure out what I should write about today. I think my brain is on vacation.

    Thank you for explaining how Pinterest works. I have only visited there once, and like you, wasn't too pleased with the opening page.

    I'll have to go back and take another look at the site.

    Praying for Hannah, Mark and family and for your family, also.

    Love you!

  2. I'm praying for the family today. I know God will use this in the lives of others, as He already has.

    Will look up Pintrest when the time allows. Thanks, Linda. Love you and yours.

  3. I just read something else about Pinterest -- I forget where -- maybe on Flylady, or maybe on someone else's blog. Sounds like it might be helpful. I will have to see about it once we get off dial-up. I'm not sure I should be spending any more time on line than I already am.

    Am definitely praying for Mark, Hannah, and the family and will pray today at the time for the funeral. Very, very sad, but God does not make mistakes and I know they are resting in the fact that their little one is with Him, completely healed now! No more limitations.

    God IS good -- all the time!

  4. Yes, YOU and Angie got me addicted to Pinterest :) I love collecting my favorite pics and grouping them.
    Hope you have a good evening.



  5. Those jars with doily paper and jute twine are so cute. I will definitely use that idea sometime in the future. Thanks for being here. Take care.

  6. Linda I have been praying since Ellianna was ill in the hospital. I can not stop praying for her family. Love to all. This project sounds wonderful Anne


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