Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Weddings Where God Was Honored!

Good morning sweet ladies,

As you know we have been invited to witness two couples give promises unto "death do them part". Yesterday was so beautiful. Half the fun was going on a mini trip 2 hours away to eastern Kansas. They have been getting the rain and everything looked beautiful. We found the camp and as we drove through all the wooded area it looked like Colorado. Winding roads and beauty everywhere. We did pretend a little bit! We finally got into the camp itself and parked. We had to walk to where the ceremony was to be held. I am sorry but I didn't take pictures like I should have. It was absolutely breath taking as we walked. Wildflowers were everywhere. 

We came to the what I like, the girls and I knew that this was going to be one special day!

We turned the corner and came to a tent all decorated. Flowers in mason jars were everywhere.

This was two pieces of colored cardstock glued with a wood flat large craft stick in between. Use a decorative paper punch on all corners. Isn't this so cute?    
It was to a very very hot day......we forgot our umbrellas. They had these adorable fans. Why didn't I take a picture of all the fans in the basket? What was I thinking........I think I was feeling like a was so so pretty. Everything.

We moved to from the tent to the area where the wedding was to held. 
Right in the clearing on a tree stump was the unity candle. This was the day we would be witnesses to what only God can do with two people. He makes them ONE in marriage! I so love that about my marriage and every time we go to a wedding we are reminded of our promise to one another. Do you do that also?
We sat the was warm probably 100 by then. I was so glad to have my little fan. 
We waited..........the bumblebees (really, lots of them) were flying by, birds were singing  and it was so beautiful. Lots and lots of trees all around us in this beautiful field of wildflowers and tall grass. The chairs were placed on mowed grass. Really neat!

The ceremony was to begin. Josh brought in his Momma. 

Want you to see the little corsages that they all wore. Ladies had bits of lace the men were plain. 

He saw his bride!

Here Daddy you can see had the joy on his face.....and Melissa was so pretty. Her smile was beautiful and it didn't stop all day long!

After the vows were said each parent came and laid hands on their child. Each Father prayed blessing over them. Very very very precious.

His Daddy pronounced them Man and Wife.

The rest of the day was spent visiting. All of their college friends had a wonderful time. Some had not seen each other for some time, so it was a day that was really relaxing. Later in the afternoon before they left they had everyone come to worship for an hour in the chapel. I have to tell you it was a very special time. God was close.......we would sneak little peaks at the bride and groom. Their faces were radiant! Praise God and may He protect them in this Covenant between each of them and their Lord.

Before we left the camp site our family went down to the sit beside the lake. It was so peaceful. Some of our college girls came and sat with. My honey was taking pictures of a butterfly,  when one of the girls asked me how Mr. Philip (that's what the kids call him, it is on his name tag at where we serve) met. Now as some of you know our story is before Christ came and made it new. It was a very sweet time talking with them. Dee was with also who got married two weeks ago. I was able to emphasize  the importance of following the Lord and if you were a CHRISTian to only marry a CHRISTian man. I am a blessed lady today, but we started out on rocky ground. God is a God of mercy and will always meet you were you are and if you give permission........He will make you brand new in Christ

Before we left I had to take some pictures of the chairs that where by the lake where they had a sandy beach. I thought they would be so fun to make for the refuge cabin. 

We talked on the way home.........the part we loved was Jesus was invited to the day~

Hugs to your day


  1. So special. I'm happy you shared it here. I think our weddings tend to become so lavish we lose the spirit of Christ. Inviting God's presence is so important for the couple to look back on -- and know that God put His seal on the union.

  2. Oh, Linda that looks like it what a VERY beautiful Wedding Day...Not only for the Bride and Groom.. But the Guest as well...
    Have a wonderful week...

  3. Oh, I do love a good wedding. I really enjoyed hearing about the day. The bride and groom look GREAT :) :) I wish them every happiness as they walk together with Jesus :) :) You knw, now I'm inspired, because the day I get married, I think I'd love it to be an outdoor wedding, if possible...and make it an all-day affair...with picnic etc ;) :) I'm glady ou had a good time and could share with some younger ladies, too :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. A beautiful wedding...Marriage...Isn't it wonderful how God brings us together and joins us as one...
    simply wonderful...

    hugs shug

  5. What a blessing to hear that God was honored at two weddings while saturday satan was honored. God two Satan one. Go God!!!

  6. I love that they had the parents come up and pray for them. The wedding I went to in WA a couple of weeks ago where my husband officiated... they did the same thing. Loved it!

  7. So beautiful...what a blessing to have Jesus as the head of their new home.

  8. Beautiful wedding. Love how they had the parents pray for them. Glad you had a sweet time :) It looks like a gorgeous place for a wedding (or to live) :)


    Susan Montgomery

  9. Hi friend! I sure have enjoyed your blog this morning. I knew when I met you at the Encounter, you were an amazing Godly woman....turns out I was right! So glad to see you using this outlet to bring glory to God! Come see me over at 4 little Fergusons! Tonya

  10. How WONDERFUL my friend! What a lovely, lovely day! How precious that they wanted it to be a time of focus on the LORD...HE is so good, isn't HE?

    Many blessings to you!

  11. How beautiful. And it goes to show you, simple can be beautiful, you don't have to spend thousand on a wedding to be blessed like this young couple will be.

  12. Dear Linda,

    How beautiful!!! What blessings for sure. To be able to witness a Christian wedding is so very beautiful. I LOVE how the parents laid hands and prayed for their children. Precious! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    Love and hugs to you!


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